CES 2012: Razer ‘Project Fiona’ Gaming Tablet and Blade Gaming Laptop

Razer is showing off a tablet called ‘Project Fiona’ that managed to catch our attention at CES this year. The tablet is expected to be powered by Intel’s 3rd generation Core i7 Ivy Bridge Processor if it goes to market and is aimed at gamers. This Windows 7 tablet is said to be enough for hardcore PC Gaming made and an ideal solution for gamers that travel. Read on to see some pictures and video of a true gaming tablet.

CES 2012: EVGA SR-X Dual Socket  2011 Motherboard & Power Supplies

CES 2012: EVGA SR-X Dual Socket 2011 Motherboard & Power Supplies

We had a chance to meet with EVGA this morning and they had most of their usual stuff on display. What caught our eyes were the latest version of the EVGA Classified SR-2, the SR-X. The EVGA SR-X is a Dual Intel LGA2011 socket motherboard and it will support nearly 100 Gb of memory! The other EVGA Products that caught our eyes were a series of power supplies that EVGA is going to be releasing in 2012!

CES 2012: Corsair Announces Obsidian Case, Carbide 300R & Accelerate SSD Caching

CES 2012: Corsair Announces Obsidian Case, Carbide 300R & Accelerate SSD Caching

Last night Legit Reviews had the opportunity to spend some time with Corsair. While mainly known for their Memory and Power Supplies, their cases are also hitting the market like a ton of bricks! The Corsair Obsidian 550D and the Corsair Carbide 300R are Corsair’s latest entries into the PC case market. After spending a few minutes with them last night, once again it seems that Corsair hit the nail on the head! Cases aren’t the only thing that they showed off; they are also announcing the Corsair Accelerate SSD Caching!

CES 2012: Thermaltake Launches New Products & Shows a Case Mod

Thermaltake had a room full of interesting products here at CES 2012 and Legit Reviews stopped by to take a look and see what the hot products are going to be for 2012. Thermaltake their Snow Edition product lines and also had an impressive Level 10 GT case mod called ‘Aztec’ that was done by Dan McGrath that you have to see!

CES 2012: New Asus Eee PC Netbooks Revealed

At CES 2012, amongst other announcements, ASUS laid out the goods for their new netbook lineup consisting of four new models that are eager for your desire. They come in a variety of color and there are Intel and AMD based hardware. We put together some videos to showcase them so have a look and see!

CES Unveiled 2012 – A Sneak Peek At The Hot Products of CES 2012

CES Unveiled is the official press event of the 2012 International CES and Legit Reviews was in attendance trying to find some interesting and innovative products to show to our readers tonight. CES Unveiled is attended by more than 1,500 media and analysts from around the world. We fought the hoard of journalists for a glimpse of what the highlights of the CES 2012 would be and we think we have assembled a good look at those products in this article.

Storage Visions 2012 – OCZ, Crucial, ioSafe and Intel

We are still a few days away from CES 2012, but the eleventh annual Storage Visions Conference is well underway. We were able to take a look at some unreleased products from Intel, Crucial, OCZ and ioSafe that are worth a look if you are interested in storage. The next generation of SSDs promise more performance with additional focus on reliability. Read on to see what the highlights of the show were for us.

BlizzCon 2011 – Hardware Vender Booths

Thought our BlizzCon 2011 coverage was done? Well, guess again! Today, we conclude our coverage from Anaheim by featuring the hardware vendors who were present. We look at ASUS’s X79 LGA 2011 Gaming Rig, LG’s 3D desktop monitor that turns everything into 3D, SteelSeries’ Diablo III Gaming Headsets and much, much more.

BlizzCon 2011: BlizzBabes & Cosplay Characters

BlizzCon 2011: BlizzBabes & Cosplay Characters

Here is our annual coverage of the top Babes and Cosplayers at the yearly BlizzCon Convention in Anaheim. BlizzCon had a bunch of exciting news and announcements throughout the two-days, but the community of gamers is really what makes the show. Read on to see what we thought were the top BlizzBabes and cosplay characters at this year’s show.

BlizzCon 2011: Blizzard Announces Big Things for Diablo, World of Warcraft, and StarCraft

Close to 26,000 Blizzard Fans gathered in Anaheim, California to celebrate the latest announcements for Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo Game Universes. BlizzCon once again featured Costume and Dance Contests hosted by Jay Mohr, a $300,000 eSports Tournament, and a rocking performance to close the show by Foo Fighters. Read on for a report from ground-zero of this epic annual event.

NVIDIA GeForce LAN 6 – The LAN Party on an Aircraft Carrier

NVIDIA GeForce LAN 6 is well under way and the event is taking place on the retired USS Hornet Aircraft carrier in Alameda, CA. NVIDIA has come a long way since the original GeForce LAN that was held in downtown San Fransico in 2004! This LAN party is huge and with 620 people that have registered for 48 hours of intense LAN gaming!

Adobe MAX 2011: Wrap-Up Coverage

Legit Reviews was on hand at the 2011 Adobe MAX conference in Los Angeles, California where designers, developers, and business leaders come together to experience first-hand how Adobe is attempting to transform the creative process across mobile devices, PCs and Cloud-based systems. There were thousands of participants gathered at MAX to help gain a competitive edge through training and networking. Read on to find out what was there.

Intel Industrial Control in Concert Demo at IDF 2011

Do you remember the ‘Pipe Dream’ video from 2001? It was done back in by an animation company called Animusic. Intel hired on a company called SISU Devices to help them bring an animators vision to life! It took the company just under 90 days of work and roughly $160,000 to design and develop something in real life that could mimic the original animated video.

Intel IDF 2011 Closing Keynote – Intel CTO Justin Rattner

Intel IDF 2011 Closing Keynote – Intel CTO Justin Rattner

What does the real future of computing look like? How will the research and technology advancements today shape and accelerate our tomorrow? Justin Rattner, Intel’s chief technology officer, revealed the latest advances in multi-core and many-core, two hardware architectures that can be used to solve a wide range of computational problems and tasks today during the last keynote of IDF 2011!