CES 2011: SanDisk SSD, nPower PEG and House of Marley

The Legit Reviews crew arrived in Las Vegas, NV for CES 2011 yesterday and hit the ground running with many press events a full two days before the show floor even opens! Outside of the Las Vegas Convention Center, many vendors are working on their outdoor booths. This year is going to be another great year for CES and we look forward to bringing you coverage throughout the week! Until then, enjoy this coverage of products by SanDisk, Motion Computing, Withings, nPower and House of Marley.

By jw

CES 2011: ASUS Announces Four Tablet PCs

ASUS held a press conference before the official start of CES to unveil their new tablet PC’s. Legit Reviews was there to get the first look and learn if Apple should be worried about their tablet market share.

By Joe Evans

BlizzBabes – Booth Babes and Cosplay Sweethearts at BlizzCon 2010

We encountered not only Booth Babes, but more CosBabes and even CosDudes in costume at BlizzCon 2010. In fact there were so many CosPeople that it was hard for us to just narrow down the top ones that we saw, so we gathered over 25 CosBabes and a few CosDudes for you to take a peak at if you couldn’t make the show.

By Legit Staff

BlizzCon 2010 – Final Day Coverage

Blizzard Entertainment brought its gamers a fifth Blizzcon this past weekend and Legit Reviews was there to check out the celebration the Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo PC games. The 2 day convention was held at Anaheim CA and lasted from Oct. 22nd until the 23rd. This year Blizzcon drew in thousands of Blizzard enthusiasts from across the country and all over the world. Read on to see what happened and even watch some videos that we took!

By Legit Staff

BlizzCon 2010 – Opening Day Coverage

Legit Reviews brings you floor coverage of Blizzard Entertainment’s BlizzCon Gaming Convention in Anaheim, California. There are even more Blizzard fans than ever celebrating the latest Diablo, Warcraft, and StarCraft. Check out our coverage as we span the convention floor to show the best of what the show has to offer.

By Ken Brown

WCG 2010 Grand Final: Gamers, Hardware, and Booth Babes

The World Cyber Games 2010 Grand Final has ended and Legit Reviews wanted to give our readers a peek at what was going on when we were there over the weekend. Billed as the World’s Largest Computer and Video Game Festival we couldn’t pass this event up. Read on to see our coverage and we have some walk-through videos of the event itself, some product highlights and of course a ton of booth babe shots for you to take a closer look at!

By Ken Brown

Glasses-Free 3D Screen for Smart Phones At NVIDIA GTC 2010

Legit Reviews hit the floor NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference showcase last night and found some rather interesting autostereoscopic 3D LCD technology for mobile devices that was too good to pass up. Hitachi’s Wooo H001 mobile phone has an autostereoscopic 3.1″ screen that gives you glasses free 3D watching and we got a chance to try one out and look at the company behind the magical screen – MASTERIMAGE.

By Nathan Kirsch

IDF 2010: SandForce Using Intel 25nm MLC Flash On SSDs

While walking around the IDF 2010 technology showcase we stopped by the SandForce booth to see what new SSD (Solid State Drive) technology that they were showing off. SandForce didn’t disappoint us as we quickly saw several very cool SSD products sitting around the booth. The first thing that caught our attention was an SSD running the latest Intel 25nm MLC TSOP NAND Flash!

By Nathan Kirsch

Gigabyte GO OC 2010 North America Overclocking Championships

The 2010 North American Gigabyte Open Overclocking Championship features 12 of the best overclockers from North America, so you know it will be a good time to get them all in the same room. Read on to see what happens as we’ll be updating this article as the day goes on. Think of it as a live blog this time around!

By Nathan Kirsch

The Hottest Booth Babes of E3 2010

Many of our readers have been giving very positive feedback on our coverage of this years Electronic Entertainment Expo and today we conclude it with booth babes! To keep up with the demand of our readers, we would not be giving proper coverage without showing what many would consider the best part, the booth babes! Look on to check out the hottest booth babes that we could locate on the show floor!

By Legit Staff

E3 Expo 2010: Day 2 Coverage

This year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo – or E3 – had more hardware vendors than normal trying to get the attention of your average gamer. We stopped by a few notable booths to find out what kind of technology they had lined up for 2010. Read on to find out what Dell, Alienware, Bigfoot Networks, Razer, Gunnar, SteelSeries, Nyko and more were showing off at the 2010 E3 Expo.

By Ken Brown

ECS Computex 2010 Booth Coverage – Intel P67 Motherboards

At Computex 2010 we managed to find ECS Elitegroups booth by keeping our eyes open and finding a booth back to help guide us to our destination. Once there we found that ECS was showing off everything from new tablets to 3D touch screen systems. It turns out that ECS has also updated their Black Edition motherboard series and now feature more of and black and gray motif.

By Nathan Kirsch

Computex 2010 Day 1: Thermaltake Updates It’s Popular Products

Day 1 was a busy one with lots of walking and learning the two different halls of display at Computex. Along the way we managed to get some time with Thermaltake and look at a few of their new products. Thermaltake continues to evolve their existing product line without making drastic price changes.

By brian

Computex 2010 Day 1: Gigabyte shows off X58A-UD9, Notebooks, Tablets

One of the major forces at Computex is Gigabyte as they are heavily invested in this show. We took a few minutes today to take a look at a few of their products on display at their booth. The recently launched GA-X58A-UD9, and 5870 Overclock were on hand to back up Gigabyte’s devotion to gamers and enthusiats, with a few laptops and tablets to keep mobile users happy.

By brian

Computex 2010: ASUS R.O.G. CG8490, Eee Pad’s, ARES, A10

ASUS is one of the dominant forces in the computer industry and today we were given a preview of what’s to come from them this summer. Get a glimpse of their first foray into the world of boutique gaming PC’s, extreme high-end graphics cards, and their high performance and thin and light Windows based portable tablets.

By brian