Interview: AMD’s Terry Makedon A.K.A. CatalystMaker

Legit Reviews recently had the chance to interview Terry Makedon, Manager of Software Product Management for discrete GPU’s, from AMD and talked about a number of topics when it comes to AMD video cards. Over his tenure at AMD he has become synonymous with Catalyst drivers and rightly so as he was there when the name was thought up and when the first release took place way back in 2002. With that much experience you know he will have some interesting things to say!

By Nathan Kirsch

Interview: Chris Morley on Maingear’s Shift PC

MAINGEAR recently launched the Shift computer series with the goal of bucking the trend of plastic, bloated, commodity PCs. Shift’s aluminum skin provides clean, elegant lines while housing a tank-like steel skeleton. Will Shift be enough to change things in the industry? Read on as we talk with the CTO of Maingear to see what they are up to!

By Joe Evans

Interviewing Palit Microsystem’s Darren Polkowski

Palit is one of the largest graphics card manufacturers worldwide, yet very few people have heard the name before. Palit has the ability to produce 2 million video cards per month, which is a huge number considering not all systems have discrete graphics cards in them. To better understand Palit we sit down with the Public Relations Manager for Palit Multimedia in a candid interview.

By Legit Staff

Interview: John Beekley of Corsair Memory in 2007

It has been a over a year since we sat down and did an interview John Beekley from Corsair Memory, but all that changes today. We talk about Corsair’s ever popular power supply series and dive into some DDR3 memory questions. John Beekley even breaks the news on a new product line called the NANOMATOR right here on Legit Reviews! Be sure to check it out!

By Nathan Kirsch

Corsair DHX Technology ‘Dominator’ Overview and Interview

Legit Reviews has been briefed by Corsair on the new Dominator series and today brings a number of the presentation slides to give you a better understanding of what this new high performance memory line is all about. We also get a chance to interview John Beekley and ask him some more questions to dig a little deeper. Sit back, relax and enjoy this fine read!

By Nathan Kirsch

AAC On Their PureXS Conroe Powered Gaming PC

While entering in the doors of The World Series of Video Games we walked right into the booth of ATI and saw some Conroe systems up and running with Intel E6700 processors. We sat down with the builder of one of those systems and see what All American Computer has to say about their PureXS Conroe PC systems.

By Nathan Kirsch

Interview: John Beekley of Corsair Memory

For the first interview of the month we bring you one of co-founders of Corsair Memory — John Beekley. We have known John for nearly five years now and just recently interviewed him to see his perspectives on Corsair and the memory industry in general. John Speaks about everything from Corsair’s updated website to FB-DIMM’s and DDR3 memory!

By Nathan Kirsch

A Few Minutes With Vivian Lien of DFI

Legit Reviews recently had the opportunity to speak with Vivian Lien, Director of Marketing for DFI, San Jose. We ask what is going on at the motherboard monster and what can we expect from DFI in 2005. Vivian gives us her take on SLI, NForce 4, and talks about DFI possibly expanding their product line beyond high quality motherboards!

By Legit Staff

Kingston Interview: Heather Skinner

Today we talk with Kingston Technology the sales leader in SDRAM technology and Digital Media storage industries , as to their upcoming plans for 2005. We sit down with Heather Skinner, Kingston’s Public Relations Mananger and get insight from someone that has been in the memory industry for 13+ years. Read on to see what Heather has to say!

By Legit Staff