Test Systems For Top Steam Game Article

Best CPU For Gaming – Top 50 Steam Games Benchmarked

Finding the Best Desktop CPU For Gaming – Sponsored by Intel As Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads around the globe it has forced millions to stay home. Online gaming has seen a massive spike in popularity over the past month or so, with gaming platform Steam breaking its concurrent player records numerous times. Steam smashed its all-time record …more

Corsair Office - Building Front

The Legit Reviews Corsair Headquarters Tour

A Quick Tour Of The Corsair California HQ California-based Corsair is one of the most well known manufacturers of components and peripherals for the PC enthusiast market. Corsair and Legit Reviews have been working together for over fifteen years, but surprisingly, none of our staff had made a visit to their newer HQ building in …more

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 4K Displays

Make your Rig a True 4K Gaming PC for the Holidays

The holiday shopping season is in full effect and thankfully Black Friday and Cyber Monday are both behind us. The vast majority of holiday season shopping will occur over the next four weeks and now that you’ve got your loved ones covered you can look around for some deals for yourself. There are a bunch …more

Best PC Hardware Sales For Black Friday

The Best PC Hardware Sales For Thanksgiving and Black Friday Week 2017

Looking to build a new PC this holiday or just looking to upgrade the one you have? We looked around and came up with a list of what thought some of the best Black Friday deals around for PC gaming enthusiasts! Processors The AMD Ryzen 5 1600 6-core processor with the AMD Wraith Spire CPU …more

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Quick Review – Sequels Aren’t Always Worse

Destiny 2 Quick Review – Sequels Aren’t Always Worse No burying the lead:  Destiny 2 delivers and it does so beautifully! I’m always fairly skeptical when it comes to playing a sequel.  Looking at the franchise titles that have come out recently, the follow-up seems to deliver more of the same whenever a game developer …more

AMD Ryzen 7 Air vs. Liquid Cooling Performance Testing

Ryzen CPU Cooler vs. Performance Testing Ryzen has been a massive hit amongst the PC enthusiast and it’s pretty clear why – cost per performance is pretty dang low!  You can get a ton of computing power for a fraction of the price of the competition, and most people will be attracted to this.  Sure …more


AMD Ryzen Motherboards Explained – What AMD AM4 Chipset To Buy

X370, B350 or A320 – Finding The Right AMD AM4 Chipset For Your Needs Tomorrow, AMD will be launching the Ryzen 7 processor series and this is a hard launch with product availability happening that day. That means tens of thousands of the pre-ordered and newly released processors will be headed out or picked up by the …more

Under $25 Holiday Gift Guide For PC Gamers

You only have two weeks to get all your holiday shopping done  if you have a Christmas deadline. At this point in the holiday shopping season your bank account might be getting low, so we came up with ten gift ideas aimed at PC gamers that cost under $25! Hopefully our list of worthy and …more

oculus touch

Are You Ready for Virtual Reality Gaming?

Its only the first month into the year of 2016, and Virtual Reality is already taking the technology sector by storm. Manufacturers from all backgrounds are working on their own versions of a head mounted display with motion tracking capabilities. Sony, Oculus, HTC/Valve, and Samsung are the major players that have been working on the …more

AMD FreeSync Display Driver

AMD FreeSync Drivers and Monitors Are Finally Available in America

AMD Freesync is the next step in the evolution of AMD graphics technology. Today AMD is launching the drivers that will enable AMD Freesync on the compatible product stacks. In short, AMD FreeSync is an open standard product that is designed to enhance gameplay by dynamically changing the refresh rates of the monitor. Dynamically changing …more

Thermaltake X1

CES 2015 – Thermaltake Shows New Cases, Coolers and More

CES 2015 – Thermaltake We have been seeing little pieces of Thermaltakes new line of cases and custom liquid cooling systems.  Today, we were able to meet up with Thermaltake to take a close look at their latest innovation for the demanding enthusiasts.  As the new hardware becomes available, Legit Reviews will work hard to …more

BlizzCon 2014 Event Coverage

BlizzCon 2014 Final Day Wrap-Up

Another Successful BlizzCon The electric atmosphere of 20,000 gamers and the smell of thousands of computers blazing away is gone. BlizzCon 2014 came and went and our heads are still spinning with all of the announcements! The second day of BlizzCon 2014 gave us a live raid between two of the best PvE guilds in …more

Kahlelah Goodine

Editorial: The Search for Booth Babes at E3 2014

This was E3?? E3 2014 has certainly been a unique experience.  Maybe it’s just age or cynicism, but there are many reporters walking around the halls of the Los Angeles Convention Center saying the same thing: “E3 isn’t what it used to be…”  It could be that the E3 organizers changed the expo’s layout with …more

In-House Streaming

Trying Out Steam In-Home Streaming With Hamachi For Remote Play

Giving Steam In-Home Streaming The Good Old Gamers Try Steam’s in-home streaming service just had its official launch, and with some configuration, it has the technical capability to be run as a users personal cloud gaming service. The premise is simple enough, rent a VPS (virtual private server), install Steam, create a VPN (virtual private …more