About Us

Legit Reviews was created in the summer of 2002 by Nathan Kirsch to give computer users around the world an inside view into the current computer industry and a peek into what the future holds for all of us. After running and starting a successful series of LAN parties at Truman State University and co-founding the school-charted TSU Counter-Strike League (later renamed Computer Gaming Association), he became aware that many gamers did not fully understand what computer hardware was best for gaming and that a large number of the online reviews were biased. Since he already worked very closely with the companies who design and create the products, as many of them sponsored the LAN parties, he began doing independent product reviews. By early 2009 the site is being frequented by more than 500,000 visitors a month looking for the honest truth in our product reviews. Legit Reviews has also become known for its flame free forums that the you just can’t get on other sites.

Our name expresses our mission statement fairly well. We are legit! No filler and lies will be hosted on this site. We don’t care about having the highest 3dmark scores or the coolest running processor around. We care about how the products actually work in the real world. Our numbers may not be the highest, but they should be close to what you get when you buy the products and you use them.

The reviewers on this web site bring man years of computer use and knowledge into each review that is published. We pride ourselves on what we offer our readers. Many of us do this as a hobby only so this is our chance to express ourselves and our abilities to hundreds of thousands of readers every month.

Do you have something you want published on the internet? We do screen and allow some articles by our followers to be published on our site. May it be a behind the scenes company party or a product you got that you want to show off, please send it to us and if it is a quality piece that we find relevant we will post it online, and you can show off your goods.

History of the Site

  • November 2002 – Site Launched
  • February 2003 – Changed web host & Improved Site Server
  • April 2003 – 1st site revision made
  • May 2003 – increased staff size
  • October 2003 – Changed web host, Improved Site Server, and launched community forums
  • September 2004 – 2nd site revision made
  • October 2004 – Changed web host & went to a dual Intel Xeon servers
  • October 2004 – Site Overhaul Completed — Moved to a PHP backend
  • November 2004 – Staff Re-Structured & Improved (from 4 editors to 11 editors)
  • November 2004 – Legit Reviews apparel created
  • December 2006 – Legit Reviews moved to their own AMD Opteron 2P dual-core servers at a colocation center
  • January 2009 – Site redesigned and a new logo introduced
  • June 2009 – Updated infrastructure to Intel Xeon Quad-Core Servers To Power The Site
  • May 2010 – Installed new RAID cards and moved to SSD RAID Arrays
  • May 2013 – Brand new site and CMS backend implemented
  • April 2015 – LR Theme updated to become responsive for mobile devices