NASA Confirms Three Missions To The Moon

NASA recently confirmed that it has plans for multiple commercial deliveries to the moon’s surface each year, with three new scientific investigation payloads chosen recently. Two of those payload suites will land on the moon’s far side, which is a first for NASA. All three missions are part of the NASA Commercial Lunar Payload Services …more

Ferrari J50 Anniversary Special Is Available To Purchase In Japan

Typically when you buy a new car, they depreciate in value quickly, but that’s not always true. There are some iconic sports car brands that appreciate in value, such as Ferrari. One example of appreciation in an extremely rare Ferrari model is this 2016 Ferrari J50. The car is based on the 488 Spider and …more

Astronaut Shares Suez Canal Collage Made of 100 Images

ISS astronaut Thomas Pesquet has shared a collage that he made of the Suez Canal. The collage is made up of 100 images combined, showing the canal in its entire length. He took the images using a digital camera at maximum zoom and then stitched them together to make the collage. Pesquet is an ESA …more

ABT The Johann Is A More Powerful Audi RS6

ABT has been making special vehicles better for 125 years, and to celebrate its anniversary, it has revealed an awesome modified Audi RS6 called The Johann. It will build 64 examples, and they are very powerful. The stock RS6 makes 592 bhp and 590 pound-foot of torque from its 4.0-liter turbo V8 engine. ABT adds …more

ESA Announces Its Own Venus Mission

After decades with no attention, Venus is finally getting its day in the sun. Not long ago, NASA announced that it was sending missions to Venus, and now the ESA has made its own announcement. The ESA has announced a probe called Envision that will go to Venus. Interestingly, there would be cooperation between Europe …more

BFP Retro F-150 Looks Like The 1980s

One of the most iconic hallmarks of the Ford F-150 pickup line during the 1980s was a wide range of two-tone body colors. It seemed like every other F-150 of an 80s vintage was red with white two-tone. Modern F-150 trucks are always single colors on the outside, but a dealership from Cincinnati can change …more

Perseverance Rover’s First Science Endeavors Start On Mars

The Perseverance rover has been on the surface of the Red Planet for a while now. It’s been busy observing the Ingenuity Mars helicopter during its test flights and getting into position to begin its science operations. NASA has announced that on June 1, the Perseverance rover begins the science phase of its mission by …more

Life-Sized Lamborghini Sian FKP 37 Is Made From 400,000 Legos

Lamborghini and Lego have teamed up to build a life-sized 1:1 ratio Lamborghini Sian FKP 37. The life-sized replica is an exact scale model of the real car. The chassis is identical at 4980 millimeters long, 2101 millimeters wide, and 1133 millimeters high. The Lego model is made from over 400,000 Lego Technica elements, including …more

Juno Sent Back The First Close Up Images Of Ganymede In Decades

Recently, the NASA spacecraft Juno swung by the largest moon in the entire solar system, Ganymede. Ganymede orbits Jupiter and the last time a close flyby of the moon was made was by Galileo in 2000. “This is the closest any spacecraft has come to this mammoth moon in a generation,” Scott Bolton, the Juno …more

Talks Between Apple And Battery Makers Are Underway Says Report

For months, rumors have swirled that Apple is hard at work to develop an electric vehicle using its own battery and autonomous technologies. Early on, it was unclear if Apple was looking to enter the automotive market with its own branded vehicle or simply sell technology to other manufacturers. A new report has surfaced the …more

Asteroid 16 Psyche Is Insanely Valuable

NASA and astronomers have been observing an asteroid named 16 Psyche that is completely made of metal. The most common metal on the asteroid is an enormous amount of gold. In fact, reports indicate that there’s enough gold inside the massive asteroid to make every person on Earth a billionaire. The flip side is that …more

Ford Maverick Compact Truck Surprises With Price And Fuel Economy

Yesterday we mentioned that Ford was gearing up to officially reveal its new compact pickup called the Maverick. The 2022 Ford Maverick has now been announced, and the price may come as a shock. Maverick will start an MSRP of $19,995 with standard hybrid power. One of the most impressive facts about the truck, next …more

SpaceX Successfully Launches SiriusXM-8 Satellite

Overnight, SpaceX successfully launched a new satellite into orbit. This time out, the satellite wasn’t one of SpaceX’s own Starlink satellites. This launch put a new satellite into orbit for radio and entertainment provider SiriusXM. The satellite was SiriusXM-8, and it will relay audio content to users around the world. Sirius hasn’t had great luck …more

Ford Maverick Compact Truck Reveal Set For Tomorrow

Ford has confirmed that it is reviving a classic name. The last time a Ford with the Maverick name on its body was produced, the vehicle was a car that could be considered a muscle car in some trims. The returning Maverick nameplate isn’t a car, it’s a new compact pickup. The 2022 Maverick truck …more