Colonial Pipeline Co. Paid Hackers To Resume Operations

In some parts of the country, there is a fuel shortage right now with people stockpiling fuel after an issue with a pipeline owned by Colonial Pipeline Co. being hacked forced the pipeline offline. A new report has surfaced that claims the pipeline company has now paid nearly $5 million to hackers based in Eastern …more

Porsche Increases Pricing For The 2022 Cayman and Boxster

One thing is a certainty in the automotive industry that you can almost always count on; prices increase each year. It’s very rare for pricing to go down between model years. Porsche has announced the pricing for its 2022 Boxster and Cayman models, and they’re all between $600 and $2500 more expensive than 2021. The …more

2021 Ford Bronco Fuel Economy Isn’t That Great

Fuel economy numbers have surfaced for the 2021 Ford Bronco, and while we doubt many were expecting high fuel economy, the actual numbers may be disappointing. The 2021 Bronco base model with the 2.3-liter engine and 10-speed automatic gets 20 MPG city, 22 MPG Highway, and 21 MPG combined. Other trim levels may see different …more

China Will Attempt To Land Its Rover On Mars Tomorrow

China is aiming to become the third nation to land on Mars successfully. The China National Space Administration will attempt to land the Zhurong rover on Mars on Friday. The rover is currently tucked away in the Tianwen-1 spacecraft that was launched in July 2020. That spacecraft contains three major components, including the orbiter currently …more

NASA’s James Webb Telescope Opens Its Primary Mirror For The Last Time Before Launch

NASA has been working on a new space-based telescope called the James Webb Space Telescope for a long time now. It’s the most powerful and largest space telescope ever created. NASA says that the telescope opened its iconic primary mirror for the last time ever on earth. The massive mirror has a gold hue and …more

This Custom Car Was Inspired By A Ferrari 250 GT SWB

RML Group has announced that it has reached the end of the development process for its incredibly beautiful RML Short Wheelbase. The 1959 Ferrari 250 GT SWB inspired the vehicle, but the RML car is physically larger. It maintains the classic lines of the Ferrari. The RML Short Wheelbase is powered by a Ferrari V …more

NASA And Axiom Space Reach An Agreement On The First Private ISS Mission

NASA has been working hard to commercialize space travel and has done very well with companies like SpaceX and others providing commercial resupply services to the ISS and putting astronauts in space. NASA and Axiom Space have reached an agreement that will see the first civilians head to the ISS. The mission will be called …more

Ford Confirms F-150 Lightning Electric Pickup Reveal For May 19

Ford hasn’t made it a secret that it’s working on a fully electric version of its F-150 pickup. Recently, there were rumors floating around that the automaker might be attaching the Lightning name to the electric F-150, and Ford has now confirmed that is the case. There will certainly be F-150 enthusiasts that remember the …more

Ferrari 812 Competizione and 812 Competizione A Feature V12 Power

Ferrari has revealed new limited Edition sports cars that are derived from the 812 Superfast. The new vehicles unveiled include the 812 Competizione and 812 Competizione A. The 812 Competizione A has a Targa top and is meant to pay homage to Ferrari’s open-top tradition. Both cars using naturally aspirated V12 engine and are aimed …more

NASA Shares Details On Mars Ingenuity Helicopter’s Next Flight

Things have been going very well on Mars for NASA and the Ingenuity helicopter. The Ingenuity helicopter hitched a ride to Mars along with the Perseverance rover, and the flying machine has conducted four successful test flights so far. The fifth test flight for Ingenuity will be different than the previous four. NASA plans on …more

The Volkswagen GTI Clubsport 45 Isn’t Coming To The US

Many automakers have been pulling their cars out of the US as more and more Americans tend to prefer trucks and SUVs. VW still offers its sporty cars, the Golf GTI and Golf R in the States, but Europe gets an even cooler version we can’t get our hands on stateside. That cooler version is …more

Researchers create holograms that can be seen from any angle

Researchers from BYU have been working on a new projection system that is able to project holograms that aren’t computer-generated. Lead researcher Dan Smalley says his team’s holograms aren’t like in the movies where the projections never existed in physical space. The team’s projections can be seen from any angle and are seen as existing …more

Apps Used By Students Are Leaking Personal Data Finds Study

Researchers from a nonprofit organization called the Me2ba Alliance recently looked at a large number of apps used by schools all around the country. The researchers were concerned that these apps, based on readily available software development kits, might be leaking data on children to third parties and advertisers. The study looked at 73 apps …more

Ford Explorer Timberline Is Ready To Go Off-Road

Ford has announced a new version of its popular Explorer SUV called the Timberline. The automaker says the Explorer Timberline is the most rugged Explorer model it has ever produced. Timberline has a ride height that is 0.8 inches higher than other models and uses off-road-capable heavy-duty shocks that were originally developed for the Explorer …more