Gigabyte eSport LAN 2012 Wrap Up Coverage

Gigabyte hosted the inaugural Gigabyte eSports LAN tournament last week and we were there to take in the scenes as more than 30 professional eSports gamers and their teams competed for $21,000 in prize money. The GESL features professional gaming tournaments for games such as StarCraft 2 and League of Legends. Read on to find out more about this years GESL!

E3 Expo 2012 – Razer Taipan, Project Artemis, BlackShark 2.0

This year’s E3 Expo turned out to be surprisingly good for new hardware announcements and manufacturer partnerships. At the Razer booth, we saw an example of both – the new Taipan ambidextrous gaming mouse, new Battlefield 3 Edition BlackShark gaming headset, and MechWarrior Online tie-in Project Artemis controller. Read on to get a taste of what Razer has in store for gamers this summer.

E3 Expo 2012 – Our Annual Booth Babe Special

E3 Expo 2012 – Our Annual Booth Babe Special

Many of our readers have been giving very positive feedback on our coverage of this years Electronic Entertainment Expo and today we conclude it with booth babes! To keep up with the demand of our readers, we would not be giving proper coverage without showing what many would consider the best part, the booth babes! We’ve compiled more than 60 pictures of the hottest booth models to grace the Los Angeles Convention Center this week and they are all in this article!

E3 Expo 2012 – SteelSeries Shows Off New Gaming Mice & Headsets

SteelSeries was at the E3 Expo this week showing off a number of new gaming peripherals that should appeal to our audience. The big push for E3 are peripherals for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Inside the SteelSeries booth we were shown a co-branded SteelSeries Siberia v2 Headset, SteelSeries Kana Gaming Mouse and SteelSeries QcK mousepad. We also got to see the SteelSeries Sensei & Kana Dota 2 and World of Warcraft Wireless gaming mice.

AMD Trinity APU Notebooks at E3 – MSI GX60 & Samsung Series 5

MSI is rolling out the GT60, GT70, GE60, GX60 and GE70, its latest generation of gaming notebook computers, at Computex 2012. We happened to bump into the MSI GX60 notebook at E3 this week and got a change to look at this gaming notebook in person. Read on to see what you can expect from an AMD Trinity APU powered gaming notebook!

E3 Expo 2012 – NVIDIA GeForce Cloud Grid & Tegra 3 Demos

Having the ability to play your favorite video games instantly over the internet with out the need of high-end hardware or discs is possible with cloud gaming. NVIDIA recently entered this market with the GeForce Cloud Grid and is showing it off at E3 on smart TVs from Samsung. Read on to learn more about cloud-based gaming and to see the demos that we were shown on the show floor.

E3 Expo 2012 Opening Day – Innovation Unveiled!

It’s that time again for wall-to-wall news coverage of gaming news coming out of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, better known as E3. Legit Reviews is once again on the ground bringing you coverage from Los Angeles. Will it be the same boring convention as in the past few years? Something tells us that we are in for some treats this year. Read on for a preview of what is at this years show as we expect innovation to be unveiled!

The AMD & [H]ardOCP FX GamExperience Day 2012

The AMD & [H]ardOCP FX GamExperience Day 2012

Yesterday roughly 600 people headed to Eddie Deen’s Ranch in downtown Dallas, Texas to attend the AMD and HardOCP FX GamExperience. The FX GamExperience was a a free event that showcased the AMD gaming technologies available for PC gamers and to make it really special over $50,000 worth of prizes were given away from 21 sponsors during the eight hour event! Read on to take a quick peak at the event!

AMD Reality Check at FX GamExperience

AMD Reality Check at FX GamExperience

AMD conducted a reality check for gamers down in Dallas, Texas for the FX GamExperience today that we were able to watch and tally up the results with them. For the challenge AMD setup up an area of the FX GamExperience venue with four test systems for two heads up tests. One system was powered by an Intel platform and the other by AMD and gamers had to pick which system played games the best.

ioSafe Zaps Rugged Portable Thunderbolt Drive with Tesla Coil at CES 2012

ioSafe has created a reputation for attempting to creatively destroy one of their rugged external storage enclosures. Since Thunderbolt was very popular in the external storage markets for CES 2012, ioSafe decided their new Thunderbolt Rugged Portable drive should be put to the ultimate test of its name. So the guys over at ioSafe justifiably used a tesla coil to generate nearly one million volts and zapped the drive to see if it could take a direct lightening strike.

Seagate Thunderbolt & 4G LTE Wireless Demo at CES 2012

Seagate was showing off the companies pair of Thunderbolt solutions at CES 2012 this week in Las Vegas. The storage devices on display were a pair the Thunderbolt adapters for the GoFlex Desk and GoFlex Satellite product lines. This means that any owners of those existing product line can now get Thunderbolt capabilities should they choose to. Read on to see what these Thunderbolt products due and to see the new Seagate 4G LTE mobile wireless storage device.

CES 2012: Motorola – Droid 4, Droid Razr Max, and Xyboards

Motorola gave us a tour of their latest mobile devices. The Droid 4 and Droid Razr Maxx are expected to be out in the coming weeks. While they don’t have Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich yet, we were told to expect updates to get pushed out for these devices in the next few months. Check out the videos with Motorola giving us a hands-on demo of each of these superphones and the new Xyboard tablets.

CES 2012: ASUS Shows off Two New ROG Intel X79 Motherboards

ASUS was on hand in Las Vegas, NV. for CES 2012 and were showing off their latest Intel X79 chipset motherboards. These aren’t just any run of the mill motherboard, they are the latest additions to the infamous Republic of Gamers product line up! The ASUS Rampage IV Formula is the latest enthusiast motherboard in a full ATX solution, while the Rampage IV Gene is a small form factor solution that packs just as much punch! Join us as we preview the latest ASUS Republic of Gamers X79 motherboards!

AMD Shows Off Trinity APUs at CES 2012

While at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas we stopped by the AMD suite and checked out what they were showing off for the show. This year the company was showing off the upcoming ‘Trinity’ APU, Lighting Bolt I/O technology, AMD powered tablets, and both desktop and mobile Radeon HD 7000 series video cards. They started off our tour by showing us a little demo that you have to watch!