Cooler Master Choiix Power Fort USB Battery Pack Review

The Choiix Power Fort is a very handy device, and with seemingly infinite battery life as a flashlight (70 hours per charge, and 500 charges before it only charges up to ~85% means about 35,000 hours of flashlight time) it is simply a great buy. Even at its steep $49.99 price tag for the standard models I have to say the Choiix Power Fort is well worth the money, and if you travel frequently I would have to consider it a necessity.

By austin

NZXT Premium Sleeved Power Supply Cable Review

Sometimes the inside of your case is so ugly that it just needs a makeover. Why try to look through a tangle of knotted wires when you can hook yourself up with some of NZXT’s new Premium Cables? Then, everyone can take a look at the inside of your “killer” case and see nothing but sexy, individually sleeved cables!

By bgiacoletti

The $99 Apple TV Wireless HD Digital Media Player Preview

Apple TV streams movies, TV shows, music, podcasts, and other media to your HDTV and retails for just $99. The second generation Apple TV is designed for streaming and can do so from the iTunes Store, the Internet, your other computers and popular online services YouTube and Netflix. The player runs iOS and has already been jailbroken, so read on to check out our unboxing video and first impression on this new HD media player

By Ken Brown

Genaudio AstoundSound Audio Expander 3.0 Review

AstoundSound Expander 3.0 is a software audio application that runs on your Macintosh or PC. Expander 3.0 runs in the background processing audio from all applications and takes any stereo audio as input and produces a significantly wider stereo image, while preserving center information, in real time. The result is said to be a wider, fuller and richer listening experience that can be easily heard. Read on to see if that is true.

By bgiacoletti

Corsair HS1 USB Circumaural Gaming Headset Review

The Corsair HS1 USB Gaming Headset is designed for gamers who are serious about audio. The HS1 uses massive 50mm drivers deliver serious gaming punch, without sacrificing the sparkling sound quality you need to enjoy music and movies. The headphones are topped of with a noise-canceling microphone that ensures that your teammates and opponents hear you loud and clear.

By Nathan Kirsch

Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex TV HD Media Player Review

The Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Media Player makes navigating and accessing your digital media files easy and lets you stream media directly from the Internet, your computer and your USB devices. This means you can easily watch, share and play your movies, music, and photos on your TV in seconds. The Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Media Player can also stream data from Netflix, Youtube, Paramount, and Flickr straight to your TV.

By Ken Brown

Cooler Master Choiix BoomBoom Notebook Travel Speaker Review

The Cooler Master C-PA01-KK Choiix Boom Boom Speaker is a compact USB-powered external speaker that can help improve laptop sound experience by providing a fuller, richer, and room-filling sound. The Cooler Master C-PA01-KK Choiix Boom Boom Speaker works with and device that has a 3.5mm jack and is entirely plug and play with no software required to function.

By bgiacoletti

SoundRacer V10 Engine Sound Effects Review

Imagine starting up your modern, boringly silent car and the interior is filled with the thrilling sound of a powerful Super Sports Car engine. SoundRacer makes almost any car sound like a super sports car. No installation, no tuning, just plug into the cigarette lighter socket, select a frequency for the car stereo receiver and turn up the volume.

By bgiacoletti

Nox Audio Specialist Gaming Headset Review

Nox, a brand new company in the crowded world of headset gaming introduced their flagship product at this year’s E3 Expo. The Nox Specialist is an $80 gaming headset that is compatible with your PC and favorite mobile device. How well can this new-kid-on-the block hang with the more established headset companies? Read on to see what we thought.

By Ken Brown

Wicked Audio’s Wicked Empire – Lucky Headphone Review

Empire Brands, manufacturers of aesthetically appealing headphones, recently unveiled four new lines of ground-breaking earbuds. Today we are taking a look at the Wicked Empire ‘Lucky’ ear buds. The Wicked Empire line is punk-inspired, offering a multitude of designs including a skull, eight ball, ace of spades, star and knight symbol that all have an MSRP of $34.99.

By bgiacoletti

Arctic Sound E352 Wood Enclosed Headphone Review

The ARCTIC SOUND E352 wooden chassis headphones are said to have warm sound definition which is ideal for those who prefer natural audio performance. Read on to see what E352 headphones come with and if they are comfortable and sound as good as Arctic Cooling says they are after we try them out for a few weeks. Will the use of real wood make the audio experience that much better?

By Nathan Kirsch

SRS Labs HD Audio Lab – The Ultimate PC Audio Software

SRS HD Audio Lab is said to provide the ultimate audio experience for music, movies and games. Utilizing patented audio technologies, SRS HD Audio Lab delivers amazing audio depth and immersive surround sound, allowing for the multimedia experience to be enjoyed across any speaker configuration with the ability to fine tune listening preferences. Read on to see what we think of it.

By bgiacoletti

Western Digital TV Live Plus Media Player with Netflix Streaming

WD recently launched the TV Live Plus HD media player, which makes it easy for Netflix members to instantly watch thousands of TV episodes and movies on the biggest screen in their home from their HD television set. The new Netflix interface enables members to browse and add movies to their instant Queue on the Netflix Website right from their TV. Read on to see how this player compares to the WD TV Live HD and to see if it is worth the extra $15.

By Ken Brown

Motormouse 2.4GHz Wireless Car Mouse Review

Fast cars and computer enthusiasts seem to go together quite nicely, so when we were given the chance to take a look at ‘motor mouse’ we couldn’t say no. How can you go wrong with a 2.4GHz wireless mouse that is based on an iconic sports car? Read on to see what you get for $50 with the Motormouse!

By Nathan Kirsch

ASRock ION 330HT-BD 1080P Blu-Ray HTPC System Review

Anyone who has put together a HTPC knows that finding the right balance of performance, power, and noise can be a difficult task. Today we look at a system that finds a balance between the three. Looking for the perfect platform for your HTPC? This barebones system might just be the ticket if you don’t mind installing the operating system!

By brian