NZXT IU01 USB 2.0 Internal Expansion Hub Review

Many older motherboards only have two USB ports and if you want to run more than two USB devices you can’t without the help of a USB expansion hub. Most of these hubs are external, but NZXT has come up with an internal USB expansion device that makes sure you have enough ports for all your USB devices. Read on to see what we think of the NZXT IU01 internal USB expansion hub!

By Nathan Kirsch

QNAP NMP-1000 Network Media Player Review

The QNAP NMP-1000 network multimedia player is a home networked appliance for playing the videos, photos, and music from either the internal SATA hard drive or other PCs or NAS devices on your home network. The player can be seamlessly integrated with your TV and stereo system for playing your digital collections in the living room or anywhere at home.

By Ken Brown

Corsair Voyager GTR 32GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive Review

When it comes to USB Flash drives there are a dizzying array of sizes, colors and shapes with performance that generally runs from downright atrocious to decent. Corsair would like to sit a top of the performance end of things and are making a bid to do so with their line of Flash Voyager GTR thumb drives. Read on to see how their flagship USB 2.0 drive does in the benchmarks!

By Joe Evans

Cool Tech For Your Pet: Dog-e-Minder Review

Dog-e-Minder was created to assist pet owners keep track of everyday tasks. unleashes the Dog-e-Minder. With just the push of a button, this device records when your dog was last walked, fed and received medication. Read on to see what comes with the Dog-e-Minder and to see how it works on our pet!

By Legit Staff

OnTop TurboJet Whisper 4GB USB Flash Drive Review

OnTop Technologies has attempted to combine a wearable, jewelry-like USB Flash drive with ample capacity and speedy data transfer rates with their Turbojet Whisper flash drive. The question is, have they succeeded? We take a look at the 4GB TurboJet Whisper and see how it performs and looks when you wear it!

By Joe Evans

Plantronics .Audio 476 DSP Foldable Headset Review

The Plantronics .Audio 476 DSP headset is a foldable USB 2.0 powered stereo headset that offers digital signal processing to enhance the sound quality. The noise cancelling microphone uses a wideband acoustic echo cancellation to get natural sounding voice audio. Read on to find out how the Plantronics .Audio 476 DSP headset handled our day to day grind.

By jw

NZXT Sentry 2 Performance Touch Screen Fan Controller Review

The NZXT Sentry 2 is a full system fan controller with an advanced touch screen interface. The Sentry 2 easily installs in a 5.25-inch drive bay and is compatible with any fan that uses voltage control. The innovative touch screen features ultra fast selection and response time and displays all pertinent info including temperature readout in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.

By Legit Staff

Masscool MP-1370S ‘Media Mate’ Media Player

Masscool has introduced an economical high-definition portable multimedia player that you can use to stream your video, photos, and music to your home theater. Not only does the MP-1370S play multimedia, it can record to an optional 3.5” HDD or connected USB drive. Read on to see if the MP-1370S media server is the most complete player/recorder on the market.

By Ken Brown

Gunnar Optiks Wi-FIVE Digital Performance Eyewear

Gunnar Optiks claims reduction of eye fatigue, added clarity and mitigation of dry eye with their stylish digital performance eyewear. We test drive the Wi-FIVE model eyewear to see if they can deliver on these claims or if it’s all hype.

By Joe Evans

Gigabyte GHOST M8000X Gaming Mouse Review

The GIGABYTE M8000X (Xtreme) is a mouse that has been designed specially for gamers. Equipped with a 6000dpi pro-laser engine, the mouse easily supports high-speed movement with great precision. The on-board GHOST Engine memory is capable of 45 button assignments with macro editing that lets you bring your unique settings wherever you go as you can use them on other PCs without software.

By austin

Energizer EnergiStick AP250MN Mini-USB Blackberry Battery Booster

The Energizer EnergiStick is a simple portable charger and backup battery for common Mini-USB devices like your BlackBerry, Motorola and HTC smart phones! The compact size and slim shape make it convenient to carry on your key ring and take it anywhere, and use it anytime! Read on to see what it is all about!

By Nathan Kirsch

Tritton AX 180 Universal Gaming Headset Review

The TRITTON Technologies AX 180 was designed specifically for the XBOX and PS3 gaming consoles and has balanced speakers to provide rich, full stereo audio while the removable microphone ensures superior voice communication. The convenient inline audio controller features independent voice and game volume controls so you can clearly hear your teammates during those crucial gaming moments.

By Legit Staff

BudgetGadgets Review: USB Cooling Cooler 2 Fan Pad

It’s Christmas time, and budgets are tight. Enter – A site full of gadgets for those on a budget! In this review, we look at a laptop cooler to find out if budget pricing equals budget cooling.

By jeff

ASUS Xonar HDAV 1.3 Slim HDMI Audio Card

PCs have limitations when you play back Blu-ray discs, as they can only bitstream DVD quality audio formats (48kHz sample rate) due to the lack of content protection and HDMI 1.3 interface! With the ASUS Xonar HDAV 1.3 Slim HDMI audio card you can get true Blu-ray bitstreaming with sample rates of up to 192/96kHz. Read on to what we think of this sound card!

By brian

Rosewill RNA-7700 Silent 220mm Notebook Cooling Stand

Keep your laptop from overheating with the Rosewill RNA-7700 Notebook Cooling Stand. This innovative laptop accessory features a silent 220mm fan that circulates the air around the hottest area of your laptop. The powerful fan is rated at 100CFM and can spin up to 550RPM. Best of all, your experience won’t be spoiled by sound since the fan operates at a quiet 16dBA.

By jason