ColcaSac Macbook Pro Notebook Case Sleeve

Everyone wants to be different and inspiring! That is what ColcaSac is counting on with their ColcaSac line of laptop sleeves for the Macbook and Macbook pro line. With security and protection in mind, they deliver a product that is quite different and unique than any other sleeve we have seen!

By jason

Patriot Box Office HD Media Player Firmware Update

The Patriot Box Office is a media player that frees your digital media library from the constraints of a PC and bridges digital media to your home entertainment system. The Box Office also supports the most popular media formats (H.264, ISO, VOB, DivX, xVid, MKV, MOV, MPEG and more) and recently came out with a firmware update to play Blu-Ray ISO files. Check it out!

By Ken Brown

Tritton AX 720 Dolby Digital Surround Gaming Headset

Specifically designed for the XBox and PS3 systems, the AX 720 delivers precision audio and superior voice communication. Utilizing Dolby Digital and Dolby Headphone technology, the AX720 sets a new benchmark for 2-Channel surround sound headsets. The included Dolby Digital decoder will take games to new levels creating an impressive 3D audio environment.

By Legit Staff

Shattered Horizon PC Game Review

Futuremark Games Studio will later today release their first ever PC game called Shattered Horizon. Shattered Horizon is a multiplayer first-person shooter that immerses you in the cold reality of zero-gravity combat in near-Earth space. The game uses FutureMark’s very own DirectX 10 graphics engine with NVIDIA PhysX technology for a more realistic look and feel.

By austin

Western Digital WD TV Live HD Media Player

The WD TV HD Media Player turns your NAS or external storage drive into an HD media player. Connect your USB hard drive to this device and you can instantly play crisp HD movies, listen to high-quality digital music, and watch slideshows of your family photos on your TV. No need to figure out complicated home networking or reconnect AV and power cables. What could be simpler?

By Ken Brown

VidaBox Wireless HTPC Media Keyboard with Laser Trackball

The 4th generation Premium Wireless HTPC Media Center Keyboard with Laser Trackball from VidaBox comes with all the features of its previous models, and more! The most significant new addition is the 2000 dpi laser trackball that has been included for more precise, accurate control. Read on to see how this wireless HTPC media keyboard performs!

By Legit Staff

Eagle Arion 2.1 Speaker System Review

The Eagle Arion ET-AR504LR-BK 2.1 Speakers with Subwoofer are a sleek looking, solid set of speakers that look to deliver good sound in a small package. This article aims to see if the $49.99 speakers sound as good as they look.

By jeff

Turtle Beach Ear Force P21 Gaming Headset

The Ear Force P21 gaming headset pushes your Playstation 3 or PC gaming experience to a new level with superior stereo sound and crystal-clear communication on the PlayStation Network (PSN) through a USB connection. The P21 gives you a competitive advantage by bringing out sound cues in the game that are difficult to hear with speakers—such as the footsteps of an enemy sneaking up on you!

By Legit Staff

Gameskulls GS-1 Tactical Gaming Helmet Headphones

Three things are very important when you enter the virtual battlefield; the ability to hear your enemy’s foot steps, the ability to communicate with your fellow combatants, and protection from a flying energy drink can when you frag the guy two rows away from you. Read on to see if the Gameskulls GS-1 Tactical Gaming Helmet can help you both of those areas.

By bgiacoletti

OtterBox Impact Series Sleeve For The iPhone 3GS

The Impact Series line of cases by OtterBox provides effective protection against bump and shocks that your Apple iPhone 3G S might experience during an average day. The case has specially designed inner corners that help dissipate the force of an impact away from the iPhone 3G S for added protection.

By Legit Staff

NVIDIA Ion mini-ITX System Build Guide

Building a mini-ITX computer system is a popular topic these days and for good reason. The form factor is very small, a wide selection of platforms is available and the component pricing is fairly decent. This build guide will quickly go through the steps of building a mini-ITX build from out of the box to completion.

By Nathan Kirsch

BenQ Joybee GP1 Mini Projector Review

The BenQ Joybee GP1 Mini Projector is a palm-sized pocket projector designed to keep you entertained wherever you go. This mini projector is LED-lit and can display images up to 80 inches with a resolution of 858 x 600. It also comes with an integrated 2W speaker, so it really is portable.

By Legit Staff

Warpia Wireless USB Display Adapter Review

The Warpia Wireless USB Display Adapter is one of the few wireless USB devices on the market, and promises to send your computer’s display to a TV or projector up to 30 feet over wireless USB.

By jeff

AeroCool Touch-2000 LCD Fan Controller Review

AeroCool has released a very stylish LCD touch screen fan controller and temperature monitor with some additional features thrown into the mix. We take a closer look at the Touch-2000 to see if its performance matches its elegance.

By Joe Evans

ASUS My Cinema EHD3-100 Dual Hybrid TV Card Review

Don’t have a TiVo? Cable DVR just doesn’t cut it? Is the ASUS My Cinema-EHD3-100 card your answer? The ability to watch and record both digital (ATSC/QAM) and analog (NTSC) TV channels at the same time, along with an embedded MPEG2 hardware encoder on the card to reduce CPU load while recording, all add up to an attractive package.

By jeff