Galaxy Fold Torture Test Ends in Device Failure

Samsung has not had a smooth road with its Galaxy Fold smartphone. The original device failed quickly in many reviewer hands. The device was redesigned and relaunched. Samsung claims the device will last 200,000 folds before the hinge breaks. CNET was live-streaming a robot that was folding the Galaxy Fold over and over to see …more


Surface Duo Phone Has Two Screens

Microsoft has rightly stayed away from folding devices with a single screen. Samsung’s Galaxy Fold has not fared well as the first folding screen smartphone on the market. Microsoft unveiled the Surface Duo at its hardware event this month; it has a dual-screen form factor. The two separate screens fold back and, when opened, give …more


Untitled Goose Game Coming To PS4, Xbox, and Possibly Mobile

When the devs behind the Untilted Goose Game launched on the Nintendo Switch and PC, they likely didn’t expect the success they received with the slick little game. The devs behind the game have been talking about bringing the title to additional consoles. The devs said that they would bring the game to Xbox and …more


AMD Ryzen “Equipped to Win” Game Bundle For CPU Buyers

AMD Ryzen 3000 Series processors seem to be selling really well right now around the globe. In fact, if you look at the Amazon Best Sellers for Computer CPU Processors, you’ll see that 8 of the 10 spots are held by AMD. Three of those are AMD Ryzen 3000 series parts. If you’ve been considering …more


Call of Duty: Mobile Hits iOS and Android

Mobile gamers looking for something to play can now download Call of Duty: Mobile for both Android and iOS. The game is a free download and brings aspects of traditional multiplayer along with a battle royale experience. The battle royale mode has up to 100 players on the same map at once. As players compete …more


PS4 Cross-Play Leaves Beta

Gamers have long wanted to be able to play their friends no matter if those friends were on an Xbox, PS4, or PC in the same title. Microsoft was on board, but Sony dragged its feet. Sony has announced that PS4 cross-play has exited beta and is now a feature for developers to enjoy. It’s …more

Intel X-Series Pricing 2019

Intel Cascade Lake-X CPUs Launching Under $1000 For Up To 18 Cores

Another website that we shall not name has leaked information on the upcoming Intel X-series processor before we could even return from being briefed on it. Intel was gracious enough to lift the embargo on some of the information that we were briefed on as a result. The partial embargo lift means that we can …more

Dell Alienware aw5520qf gaming monitor

Alienware 55-inch 4K OLED Gaming Monitor With FreeSync Now Available

The Alienware 55-inch OLED gaming monitor (part number ) has been made available to purchase directly from Dell for those willing to spend $3999.99. At first glance it looks like a Ultra HD TV, but this is most certainly a gaming monitor that has some appealing features. For example the 55-inch 4K OLED panel has …more


Atari VCS Will Offer Thousands of Retro Games

The Atari VCS is still a way from launching, and Atari has announced a video game streaming service. Atari has a deal with Antstream Arcade game subscription service that will be exclusive to the VCS when it launches. The service will have a full library of over 300 games and thousands of more titles from …more


Sony Chops PSNow Price in Half

Sony has made a move to get fans of the PlayStaiton to buy the PlayStation Now game streaming service. When the service launched, it was at $19.99 monthly; with the price cut, the service will now cost $9.99 monthly. Sony has stated that it is making the price cut to keep up with the competition. …more

Dell Precision Tower 5820

Cascade Lake-X Looking Good – Intel Core i9 10940X and 10920X Benchmarks Leaked

Intel Cascade Lake-X processors are getting close to launching and high-end desktop users are more than ready to see how the Skylake-X successor is going to perform. Intel announced during IFA 2019 that Cascade Lake-X twice the performance per dollar of their Skylake-X predecessors. Finally, some @Intel Cascade Lake-X info! Relative performance per dollar is 1.74x – …more

Radeon Image Sharpening

AMD Adds RIS Support for Radeon Cards With Vega GPUs

Over two weeks ago, AMD added its brand new Radeon Image Sharpening (RIS) feature to the Radeon RX 570, RX 580, RX 590, RX 470, and RX 480 graphics cards. Today, AMD has expanded RIS support to the Radeon VII, RX Vega 64, RX Vega 56 and Vega Frontier Edition graphics cards. RIS uses an contrast-adaptive sharpening …more


Intel Tiger Lake CPUs with Gen12 Xe Graphics Will Have Up To 96 EUs

Just two months ago we were visiting with Intel to benchmark Ice Lake 10nm processors for the very first time. We were impressed with how Intel has been progressing, but now the leaks about Tiger Lake 10nm CPUs are coming on strong. Tiger Lake will be the successor to Ice Lake on laptops and it …more


Mutha! Samuel L. Jackson’s Voice Comes to Alexa

Amazon Echo owners have a new celebrity voice that they can soon swap out for the default Alexa voice. Samuel L. Jackson’s voice will be coming to the Echo devices. To add the voice, ask Alexa to “introduce me to Samuel L. Jackson.” The new voice will cost 99 cents for a while, eventually going …more