Morgan Super 3 Will Come To The US


Morgan has revealed its latest three-wheel vehicle called the Super 3. The Super 3 is highly customizable, including exterior racks to hold panniers for longer touring. Super 3 is the most powerful three-wheeler Morgan has produced in its over 100 years of operation.

Super 3 uses a 1.5-liter Ford three-cylinder engine producing 118 horsepower and 110 pound-foot of torque. Since it has only a single skinny rear tire, all that power packed inside of a 635-kilogram vehicle only gets you to 62 mph in seven seconds.

Morgan expects the vehicle to be rated for 40 MPG when its final certification comes in. Morgan designed the vehicle as a new product family with the design language inspired by the jet age.

Lots of time was spent in engineering to make the vehicle durable. While the vehicle will launch first in the UK in June, it will be available in the US and other parts of Europe. Pricing starts at 41,995 in the UK, plus on the road costs.