Sony Offers Details On-Generation VR System For PlayStation 5

Sony has published an official blog post that outlines some of the first details on the next-generation virtual reality system that will come to the PlayStation 5 console. Sony says that the next-generation VR system will land for the PlayStation 5 and enable the “ultimate entertainment experience.” Sony senior vice president of platform planning and …more

Fortnite Players Will Get Free V-Bucks To Settle Loot Box Lawsuit

Players of Fortnite: Save the World who purchased random loot boxes when they were previously available can expect to get some free V-Bucks as part of the settlement for the class-action lawsuit against Epic Games. The settlement will see players get 1000 V-Bucks added to their account as the approved settlement by the Superior Court …more

Security Researchers Warn Of Widespread Mac Malware Called Silver Sparrow

For a long time, there was a thought by many fans of the Mac computer that they were essentially invulnerable to malware and viruses. This has proven false in recent years, and security researchers have now spotted a new malware specifically targeting Mac computers. The stealthy malware has already infected nearly 30,000 systems and is …more

Crazy $3500 Sony Vaio Z Is Made From Carbon Fiber

Sony has unveiled a new laptop that it claims to be the world’s first made from contoured carbon fiber. The machine is called the Vaio Z, and it weighs under 2.3 pounds. It rings up $3579 for starters, making it an extremely expensive notebook. Sony says contoured carbon fiber is made using a process that …more

World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Leak Shows What Fans Can Expect

Now and again, a game developer makes a mistake that results in details of games they’re working on coming to light before they are ready. Blizzard Entertainment is gearing up to host a virtual BlizzCon show this weekend, and one of the surprises was released mistakenly. The Blizzard press site listed all information about an …more

Mario Golf: Super Rush Tees Off June 25

Nintendo Switch gamers who like Mario and golf will be excited to hear the new game is landing for the system on June 25. The game is called Mario Golf: Super Rush and is designed to be played with a single Joy-Con controller. The game supports play through both normal button controls or motion controls. …more

Apple Macs Were Outsold By Chromebooks in 2020

Data from IDC has been revealed showing the most popular computer operating systems for the full year of 2020. As you would expect, Windows PCs dominated the market, though Microsoft did see its market share with Windows decline somewhat during the year. The decline Microsoft saw came at the benefit of Chrome OS. Over the …more

Lawsuit Filed Against Sony Over Failed PlayStation 5 Controllers

A class-action lawsuit has been filed against Sony because it has reportedly failed to honor any warranty agreements on defective PlayStation 5 controllers. The alleged defects in the controllers are reportedly tied to controller drift issues. The suit was filed in the Southern District of New York on February 12. The lawsuit accuses Sony of …more

Xbox Game Pass PC Titles For February Revealed

It’s easy to overlook the new videogames coming to the PC for subscribers to Xbox Game Pass. The new games coming to PC gamers this month have been announced, and they will start landing this week. One of the games is a racing title called Wreckfest, and another is a role-playing game called Code Vein. …more

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Update Lands Today

Fans of the Ubisoft title Assassin’s Creed Valhalla have a big update landing today to look forward to. The update brings the ability to raid rivers for loot with a river raids mode and new skills and abilities. The update is free for everyone who owns the game. The patch will be made available for …more

Enhanced PC Version Of Metro Exodus Gets Ray Traced Lighting

The developer of the videogame Metro Exodus, 4A Games, has announced that it’s planning to update its shooter with new features this spring. The updates will bring an enhanced PC version of the game with improved visuals and lighting along with expanded ray tracing capabilities. The game will also gain higher resolution textures and other …more

Valheim Hits Over 350,000 Concurrent Players On Steam

A new videogame has climbed to the top of the Steam charts called Valheim. It’s one of the biggest games of all time on the Steam platform, hitting a peak of over 350,000 concurrent players. The player numbers push the game into the top 10 ever for concurrent player count. Valheim hit early access on …more

Xbox Cloud Gaming For PC Inches Towards Launch

Cloud gaming is something that many PC and console gamers are big fans of. While cloud gaming is a reality on some console platforms, PC gamers are still waiting for Cloud Gaming from Xbox. Microsoft confirmed in December 2020 that both iOS and PC would be added to the xCloud gaming experience this spring. Microsoft …more

Fortnite Tron Crossover Adds Light Cycles And More

One of the best classic Disney movies from the 80s was the original Tron. A second movie in the franchise was made decades later, and while it wasn’t as good, it was nice to get back into the Tron world. Fans of the franchise might not know that a third movie is in the works, …more