Call Of Duty Franchise Earned $3 Billion In The Last Year

Call of Duty is one of the most popular game franchises in the world, and its earnings show it. A report has surfaced that the franchise earned more than $3 billion in the last 12 months alone. The pandemic certainly helped those earnings as more people were stuck at home with nothing to do but …more

A 60 FPS Update For Xbox Series X And S Is Coming For The Division 2

Fans of the videogame The Division 2 haven’t been pleased with developer Massive Entertainment as there were no plans for the game on next-generation consoles. Massive Entertainment is giving fans a little with a new announcement that the game will get a 60 FPS update for the next-gen systems. The update will come with a …more

Razer Tomahawk Small Form Factor Gaming PC Debuts

Back in January at CES 2020, Razer showed off the Tomahawk small form factor gaming desktop. While it’s certainly not the first small form factor gaming desktop to be produced, it was notable for its simple style and supporting full-sized video cards. The chassis is only 10-liters in size and is designed to fit on …more

God Of War Kratos Becomes Playable Character In Fortnite

Fortnite fans have a new and iconic character from the PlayStation God of War franchise they can now use in the popular Battle Royale game. PlayStation has announced that the Zero Point has exposed help from realities outside the Loop and one of the first figures to arrive is Kratos. PlayStation has offered a brief …more

Xbox Game Pass Loses Seven Cool Games

Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate offer a bunch of videogames that cover multiple genres. The services are available on Xbox consoles and the PC along with Android devices. Subscribers to the service will be sad to hear that it just lost seven games in a single day. These games aren’t super popular …more

Cyberpunk 2077 Apparently Does Not Have A Massive Day One Patch

There are some copies of Cyberpunk 2077 in the wild despite the fact that the game is about a week from launch. One of the people who received an early copy of Cyberpunk 2077 posted an image on Reddit to prove they had the game. While that image has been removed, it is still floating …more

Rocket League Season 2 Launches December 9

Rocket League isn’t a new videogame; it’s been out for half a decade now. Publishers behind the game are trying something new and have announced that Rocket League Season 2 will launch on December 9. The new season will bring a new arena, Rocket Pass, more customization options, and new original music. New music-themed features …more

The Mandalorian And The Child Will Hit Fortnite In Season 5

Rumors had surfaced in the past that everyone’s favorite Star Wars characters, The Mandalorian and The Child, would be part of the next season of Fortnite. It seems that their participation in Season 5, dubbed “zero point,” has been confirmed. In Season 5, players will fight a common foe known as “the loop.” Since Grogu …more

December PlayStation Plus Games Revealed

One of the most significant benefits of being a PlayStation Plus member is free video games available for download each month. PlayStation has announced the PlayStation Plus free game downloads for December, and there are three exciting titles to choose from. One of the games is the multiplayer Worms Rumble came as a real-time, 32-player …more

New Nintendo Switch Update Adds Screenshot Transfer Feature

Yesterday Nintendo released a software update for the Switch game console. Several new features and changes come to the game console with the update. One of the biggest is the ability to transfer screenshots and videos from the Switch Album to a smartphone or tablet. Users are now able to wirelessly connect smart devices to …more

Grab A Solid Deal On A HP Omen Gaming Desktop

Last Friday was Black Friday, which means today is Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is a good day to grab some discounts on all manner of items online. Anyone in the market for a new gaming PC will want to check out the HP Omen 30L GT13-0255st gaming desktop that’s available directly from HP with a …more

Beware Of PlayStation 5 Scams On eBay

It’s bad enough that scalpers have gotten their hands on so many of the PlayStation 5 consoles that were built and available for gamers this holiday season. That means the scalpers returned to places like eBay to sell the highly desired consoles at significantly inflated prices. To make matters worse, a number of scammers have …more

NZXT H1 Mini-ITX Case

NZXT H1 Mini-ITX Computer Case Has Safety Issues – Fix Coming

Sales of the NZXT H1 Mini-ITX computer case has been halted globally over what appears to be fire concerns. It looks like it has been linked to 1 wrong screw being used and a repair kit has been developed to replace said screw. This alert was issued after one customer had sparks and flames shoot …more

M1 Apple Mac Mini Is On Sale For Black Friday

Apple recently rolled out its new MacBook and Mac Mini featuring the Apple-designed M1 processor. Apple hardware is famously rarely discounted, and with Black Friday here, some might be surprised to learn that the brand-new Mac Mini is being offered with a solid black Friday discount by Adorama. You have to take discounts with a …more