Alienware Displays New Alpha Compact Desktop PC at E3 2016

At E3 2016 Alienware has models of their new Alpha Compact Desktop up for display for enthusiasts to test. The new Alpha starts at $599.99 USD and features the 6th Generation Intel Core i3 processor, Windows 10 Home, and 8GB Memory. For $350 ($949.99) enthusiasts have the selection of the Alpha Compact Desktop with the …more

Nyko Charge Block Duo E3 2016

Nyko Displays New Charge Block Duo at E3 2016

Nyko’s new Charge Block Duo (displayed at E3 2016) features two charging stations within one device. Each station is designed for either an Xbox One or PS4 controller but can be connected to each other to create a charge block for both consoles. The Charge Block Duo can also be separated for individual use. The …more

Nyko Charge Block Solo E3 2016

Nyko Displays New Charge Block Solo at E3 2016

Nyko’s New Charge Block Solo is on display at their E3 2016 booth. The Charge Block Solo is sold individually as opposed to its counterpart (Nyko Charge Block Duo) which allows for an easy plug and charge for individual controllers. The Charge Block Solo’s front panel can be removed to connect to the back of …more

Alienware Gaming E3 2016

Alienware Shows Off New Aurora Desktop PC at E3 2016

Alienware Shows of New Aurora Desktops on E3 Floor Alienware puts their new Aurora Desktop PC up for display at E3 2016. The line of desktop PCs starts at $799.99 USD and the higher end model sells for $1,949.99 USD. The $799.99 USD Aurora Desktop features the 6th Generation Intel Core i3 processor, Windows 10 …more

Nyko VR Guardian E3 2016

Nyko Displays VR Guardian at E3 2016

Nyko’s VR Guardian utilizes space to provide safety for VR (virtual reality) users for $99.99 USD (to be shipped in Fall 2016). The user creates boundaries with the guardian which creates a safe space in which the user may move around freely knowing they have placed the VR Guardian in positions that will keep the …more


Platinum Games Scalebound Debuts at E3 2016

Platinum Games Scalebound Debuts at E3 2016 The first time we saw Platinum Games Scalebound was at E3 2014. We then got to see a little more about the game for Microsoft Xbox One at Gamescom in 2015. Now its E3 2016 and Microsoft is throwing more bait for us to get hook on this game, I …more

Days Gone Logo

Sony Brings Motorcycles and Zombies to Days Gone

Motorcycles and Zombies…All in a Days Work! Along with the debut of Resident Evil VII, Sony has shown its’ grip on the zombie genre with Days Gone. Days Gone is Bend Studios post-apocalyptic zombie survival game captured from a third person view. Here the players will take on the role of Deacon St. John, a …more


Kratos Returns as God Slayer in New God of War

The Return of the God Slayer Sony has definitely aimed to take the show this year with a slew of new titles for the PS4 and Playstation VR. Out of all of the titles showcased, none took the audiences by surprise more than the new installment of God of War. The series had seemed to …more

SteelSeries Logo

SteelSeries Shares Plan on Upcoming Gaming Headsets at E3 2016

SteelSeries gave us the scoop during a private meeting at E3 2016 on a new gaming headset lineup in development that takes inspiration from the functional aspects of sports equipment such as ski goggles and skateboard decks. Codenamed “Alaska”, the trio of upcoming headsets step away from the forced edginess of what a gaming headset should …more


Plantronics Unveils Three New RIG Gaming Headset Lines

Plantronics came to E3 2016 prepared with several new gaming audio products across a wide range of price point. First off is a pair of new wireless RIG Gaming Headsets which together comprise the RIG 800 Series. The RIG 800 headsets feature a 24-hour battery life with just a 2-hour charge while maintaining a lightweight …more

Turtle Beach E3 2016 elite pro

Turtle Beach Elite Pro Headsets Promoted at E3 2016

The Turtle Beach booth at E3 2016 featured a number of products to promote their position in the competitive market of gaming peripherals. Turtle Beach grabbed the attention of the crowd immediately after starting the t-shirt giveaway while they announced the winners of the raffle (the winner was given the new Turtle Beach Elite Pro …more


Nintendo Steps Towards Immersion at E3 Treehouse Conference 2016

At Nintendo’s E3 2016 Treehouse Conference at, Nintendo introduced and went in depth on its two new titles Pokémon: Sun/Moon and Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Starting with Pokémon, Nintendo opened up Treehouse showcasing new Pokémon’s new design, the new region Nintendo’s Treehouse Conference, and even a revamped interface for new and old players to …more


Time to Set Sail with Sea of Thieves Me Hearties!

Time to Set Sail with Sea of Thieves Me Hearties During the Microsoft E3 Press Conference, we learned we can live the life of a pirate with our friends. Microsoft along with developer Rare Announced Sea of Thieves a pirate game that was actually announced at last year’s E3. The Trailer Microsoft played showed us …more

Sony psvr

Next Generation of Sony Games on Display at E3 2016

Next Generation of Sony on Display at E3 2016 Sony opened their conference with an epic orchestra bringing in the return of the brutal hack and slash epic we know as God of War. The gameplay footage shows an aged Kratos mentoring a young man as they hunt a sizable deer. Through their hunt Kratos …more