632 Cubic-Inch Chevrolet Crate Motor Makes 1000 Horsepower


At SEMA in October, Chevrolet revealed its latest crate engine called the ZZ632/1000 Deluxe. The engine is part number 19432060, and it’s fuel-injected, running on 93 octane pump gas. It produces 1004 horsepower at 6600 RPM and 876 pound-foot of torque.

The engine is a long block meaning it’s essentially complete and ready to work, needing only a few accessories added to function. Chevrolet uses a forged steel crankshaft, forged steel connecting rods, and forged aluminum pistons.

It comes complete with a billet steel hydraulic roller camshaft and 86 pound/hour fuel injectors. The engine is a competition part likely intended for drag racing applications.

The MSRP for the engine is right at $38,000, but it can be found online for under $30,000. The engine can be preordered now and is expected to ship sometime in Q1 2022.