Video Captures Starlink Satellite Disintegrating In The Sky Over Puerto Rico


Earlier this week, we mentioned that a geomagnetic storm pummeled the Earth only a day after SpaceX launched 49 Starlink satellites. Unfortunately for SpaceX, the geomagnetic storm caused an increase in atmospheric resistance, and about 40 of those satellites will fall back into the atmosphere, where they will be destroyed.

A video has turned up on YouTube that shows one of a pair of events recorded on February 7 over Puerto Rico. The video shows what is reportedly a Starlink satellite as it reenters the atmosphere and disintegrates over the island nation.

The camera is one operated by a nonprofit organization called SAC. The organization has cameras around Puerto Rico for professionals, students, and others interested in astronomy.

The video captured two objects that appeared about one minute apart, entering the atmosphere and breaking apart. According to astronomers who viewed the video, the two reentry events could be from a single object that broke up previously or two separate objects close together in the orbital plane.