NASA Rolls Artemis 1 Rocket Back To Launch Pad


The last time the Artemis 1 rocket was on the launchpad for necessary tests before it could go into orbit, things didn’t go so well. There were three failed attempts for the wet dress rehearsal for the rocket to be fueled and taken to within a few seconds of actually launching.

After failing the tests, the rocket was rolled back to the assembly facility for troubleshooting and repair. NASA has now moved Artemis 1 back out of the Vehicle Assembly Building to the launchpad. The trek to the launchpad started at about 12:10 AM EDT on June 6.

The trip from the assembly building to the launchpad is four miles. The trip happened overnight and took 10 hours to complete, with Artemis 1 arriving at the launch pad at about 10 AM EDT. The next step will see the team fuel the rocket and simulate a launch.

NASA expects to begin the wet dress rehearsal on June 19. NASA is working to ensure the test goes smoothly to prepare the rocket for its actual mission.