Doom Eternal Announced at E3

Bethesda has announced a new game at E3 that Doom fans will really like. The game is called Doom Eternal and this time out the game is set on Earth, or at least it certainly looks like Earth in the trailer. A really jacked up and destroyed Earth with dead people everywhere and demons all …more

summit supercomputer

Summit Supercomputer Fastest In World – NVIDIA Volta Inside

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory has announced the development of a new 200-petaflops supercomputer called Summit that is roughly eight times more powerful than the 27-petaflops Titan supercomputer that was introduced in 2012. That makes it the world’s most powerful supercomputer and for certain scientific applications it is said to be capable of more than …more


Crackdown 3 Launch Pushed to February 2019

Sumo Digital has been working on the development of the open world shooter called Crackdown 3 for a while now. If you have been waiting in anticipation with hopes that the game would launch later this year you are out of luck. Microsoft has confirmed that the launch for Crackdown 3 will be in February …more


Gamers Will Want to Checkout the Biggest Xbox Sale of the Year

As Computex winds down E3 is set to take off and that means lots of news and deals for gamers. Microsoft is gearing up for its E3 news with the kickoff of what it calls “The biggest Xbox sale of the year.” If you need to renew your Xbox Live Gold membership you can currently …more

AT&T Unlimited Plan Rate Increase

AT&T Raises Prices on Grandfathered Unlimited Data Plans

AT&T is sending customers that still have the old grandfathered unlimited data plans that their rates will be going up by $5 per month. That will take the price from $40 per month to $45 per month. AT&T says consumers are using mobile data at record levels and the $5 price hike will help them keep …more


GIGABYTE SKL-SP1S Prototype Motherboard & The Chiller Used To Get 5GHz on 28-Cores

When Intel showed their 28-core processor running at 5.0GHz during Computex 2018 they had two demo units on stage and they were running prototype ‘desktop’ boards from ASUS and Gigabyte. We were able to get a picture of the Gigabyte board that was used for the demo as it was pulled from the system shortly …more


MSI’s Prestige Laptop Aims at MacBook Users

Normally when MSI rolls out a new laptop we are talking about a massive gaming beast. At Computex 2018 MSI has rolled out a new laptop called Prestige and this machine is clearly aiming at another type of laptop user. Prestige looks more like a machine that might lure Mac users back to Windows machines. …more

asus precog

ASUS Precog Dual-Screen Laptop Ditches the Physical Keyboard

ASUS’ wildest notebook that was shown off at Computex 2018 was the Precog dual-screen job that is very similar looking to the Lenovo Yoga Book 2 that we talked about before. The Precog notebook ditches a traditional keyboard in favor of a machine with two screens and AI power. The idea is that the bottom …more


Der8auer and CaseKing Phase-Shift Cooler Coming To Market

CPU cooling hasn’t seen too much innovation in recent years, but  CaseKing and Der8auer are showing off a prototype at Computex 2018 that shows new things can be done. Der8auer built a phase-shift cooler that uses a new phase change coolant that isn’t banned around the world. Using Novec or Fluorinert for phase change cooling is something we’ve seen before, but …more

Intel Core i7 8086K Overclocked by der8auer

Intel Core i7-8086K Delidded and Overclocked to 7244MHz by der8auer

der8auer had a chance to overclock an Intel Core i7-8086K processor at the G.Skill booth at Computex 2018 and got pretty impressive results. He started out by delidding the 8086K with his own Delid Die Mate 2 (DDM2) and discovered that Intel is not using solder. It has conventional thermal paste between the integrated heat …more

G.SKill DDR4 5066MHz Memory Kit

G.Skill Shows Off DDR4-5066MHz Memory Kits At Computex

When it comes to having the fastest memory kit on the market it seems like Corsair and G.SKILL are the only two companies battling it out. G.Skill is once again pushing the limits of DDR4 memory by announcing the 16GB (2x8GB) Trident Z RGB DDR4-5066MHz extreme dual-channel kit built with Samsung 8Gb ICs. G.Skill claims that …more

cm wraith ripper

Cooler Master Wraith Ripper HSF Will Air Cool 32-Core Ryzen Threadripper CPUs

What happens when the AMD thermal engineering team and Cooler Master team up to create an air cooling solution for the 2nd Gen Ryzen Threadripper? You get the behemoth known as the “Wraith Ripper”, that will be available to purchase from Cooler Master when the new Threadrippers come to market in Q3 2018. This CPU …more

Lian Li Strimer

Lian Li Creates PSU Cable Extensions With RGB Lighting – Strimer RGB

Most computer builds these day have some components that have RGB LED lighting, but Lian Li is showing off something at Computex 2018 that will help your RGB-lit enthusiast system reach the next level. Lian Li noticed that power supply cables are not RGB-lit, so why not come out with some cable extensions that have …more


ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 10Gbps Router Debuts at Computex 2018

Asus has rolled out all sorts of cool stuff at Computex this year including that ROG Phone for mobile gamers. ASUS has also rolled out a new WiFi router that is claimed to be the first 10Gbps wireless router in the world. That router is called the ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 and if you want the …more