Fortnite Servers Are Running Again

Yesterday Fortnite players found that they were unable to log into the game. The servers were taken down on Monday to allow engineers to troubleshoot issues related to logins and forced logouts. Many players thought that they had perhaps been banned from the game. Fortnite tweeted, “Players who see a message saying ‘You do not …more

Microsoft Announces Official Xbox Series X Pricing

One of the last big details that gamers have been waiting on when it comes to the next-generation Xbox game console is pricing. We learned a while ago that the Xbox Series S would sell for $299. Microsoft has now officially announced Xbox Series X pricing, and as expected, it’s $499. Both consoles will launch …more

Ninja Lands On Twitch With Exclusive Multi-Year Deal

Ninja famously left the platform that made him a household name in the gaming community, Twitch, for a deal with Mixer. When Mixer was shuttered, Ninja needed a place to go, and fans wondered if that would be Twitch, Facebook, or YouTube. It looked as if Ninja would be streaming on YouTube for a while, …more

Fortnite Bans Clout Farming And More

Epic Games has issued an official ban in Fortnite for phenomenon known as Clout Farming. For those who don’t know what Clout Farming is, Epic Games considers it to be any player who falsely promotes themselves as banned or cheating. Epic says that claims such as those require it to spend resources determining if the …more

Far Cry VR Is Heading To VR Arcades Next Year

Far Cry is a long-running game franchise that has stuck to gaming PCs and consoles. That’s changing with the announcement that Far Cry VR is coming to Zero Latency VR arcades exclusively next year. The game will have players teaming up to fight on a tropical island. The official trailer can be seen below. Zero …more

Prince Of Persia Sands Of Time Remake Is Coming

After over a decade, Ubisoft is working on a full remake of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. The game was one of the first action titles, and many regarded it as one of the best games ever made. The announcement of the remake came this week at the Ubisoft Forward event. The game …more

Fortnite Nintendo Switch Announced For Europe

Nintendo is launching a new Fortnite-themed Switch console next month in Europe. The special bundle will ship with yellow and blue Joy-Con controllers. The blue controller has a Battle Bus etched around the home button. The special bundle has well-known Fortnite skins etched on the dock in black. The console itself also has Fortnite characters …more

Xbox Game Pass For PC Price Increase Is Coming

Microsoft recently confirmed the PC version of Xbox Game Pass will see a significant price increase soon. Currently, Xbox Game Pass for PC costs $4.99 monthly. The price increase will see gamers paying $9.99 per month. That’s still not a lot of money but is essentially double the price. With the service being in beta, …more

Nintendo Is Asking Game Developers To Design 4K-Ready Games

A new report is going around that claims Nintendo has been asking developers to make 4K-ready games. That would suggest that Nintendo has a new game console on the way. The Nintendo Switch is unable to handle 4K resolution in its current form. This report surfaced after a rumor in the past that suggested Nintendo …more

Microsoft Confirms $299 MSRP For Xbox Series S

Microsoft has finally confirmed pricing for the Xbox Series S, its budget-priced next-Gen game console coming around the holiday season. Microsoft confirmed via a tweet that the Series S would cost $299 in the US and £250 in the UK. The console will launch on November 10. Microsoft also says that the Series S will …more

Fall Guys To Implement Anti-Cheat Software Used In Fortnite

Gamers can’t have nice things because cheaters ruin everything. It doesn’t matter how popular a videogame is, there are always players who get a thrill out of winning even when they have to cheat to do so. The developers behind Fall Guys recently tweeted that they were sorry about the cheating problem. While no details …more

PUBG Season 8 Key Art

PUBG Won’t Be Published By Tencent Games In India

The developers behind PUBG have been monitoring the recent bans of PUBG Mobile Light and the Livik map in India. The developer says it understands and respects the measures taken by the government in India as the privacy and security of player data is a top priority. Apparently, the reason the game was banned in …more

EA Removes Controversial Ads In UFC 4 Game

EA did something not long ago in its UFC 4 video game that made players angry. After the game had been out for about a month, EA made a change that put a commercial into the game during gameplay. EA caught so much flack it removed the ad. You can see the game playing the …more

Epic Games Asks Courts To Restrain Apple

Epic Games has filed an injunction against Apple, trying to get the court overseeing the case to “restrain” Apple from any adverse action against it. Epic has petitioned the courts to force Apple to allow Fortnite to return to the App Store. This isn’t the first time epic has sought the court’s help, in the …more