Asus Republic Of Gamers ROG Phone 5 Debuts

Asus has a new gaming phone that has launched called the ROG Phone 5 Series. The series includes the ROG Phone 5, ROG Phone 5 Pro, and ROG Phone 5 Ultimate. The series is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G mobile platform. The line is equipped with Samsung 144 hertz, 1 ms AMOLED HDR10+ …more

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings Of Ruin Launches For PC Gamers This Summer

Fans of the Monster Hunter Stories franchise will be glad to hear that Capcom has announced the launch month for the franchise’s next game. Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin will launch for PC gamers in July alongside the Nintendo Switch launch. Rather than hunting giant monsters, this game will have players befriending them. …more

Super Nintendo World Opens March 18 In Japan

Nintendo and Mario fans have been waiting in anticipation for Super Nintendo World to open at Universal Studios in Japan. The launch of the new Nintendo-themed park was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The opening of the area will start the Universal Japan 20th anniversary celebration. For Americans feeling sad that Japan is getting …more

Microsoft Edge Testing Begins On Xbox Consoles

A new rumor is going around that Microsoft started testing a version of Edge on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. Participants in the Alpha Skip-Head testing ring have the opportunity to try the Edge browser on their game console. However, the browser is said to be buggy and doesn’t include mouse or keyboard …more

Rumor Suggests Target Will Restock The PlayStation 5

Gamers out there who’ve been trying to get their hands on the PlayStation 5 since the console launched should be excited to hear that rumors suggest Target stores are gearing up for new stock this week. Reports indicate that photos of target locations readying PlayStation 5 and Xbox stock for the shelves have been coming …more

The Ax Drops On Valve’s Artifact 2.0 Card Game

Valve has been talking about Artifact, the Dota 2 card game that first shipped in 2018. Valve says despite the initial success of the game, the player account fell off dramatically. That decline in player numbers led to a full reevaluation of game mechanics and economy. Valve says it’s been about a year and a …more

Razer Anzu Smart Glasses Combine Eye Protection And Open-Ear Audio

Razer has been making computer peripherals and accessories for gamers for many years now and has announced a brand-new product segment. The company has unveiled the Razer Anzu Smart Glasses, which is its first eyewear product. The glasses come with 35 percent blue light filtering lenses, 99 percent UVA/UVB protective polarized sunglass lenses, and feature …more

Doom 3 VR Edition Announced

Doom fans will be thrilled to hear that a new version of the game called Doom 3 VR Edition has been announced for the PlayStation 4 and PS VR headset. The game is backward-compatible on the PlayStation 5 as well. Players will fight for their life is a survivor left on a UAC facility overrun …more

Rumor Claims New Nintendo Switch With Larger OLED May Launch This Year

Rumors are going around that claim a new Nintendo Switch is in the works and could launch later this year in time for the holiday season. Rumors about new versions of the Switch have swirled for a while now, and it is about time for Nintendo to update its popular console. According to the rumor, …more

AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT Coming March 18th For $479

The AMD Radeon RX 6800 series currently consists of the RX 6800, RX 6800 XT and RX 6900 XT graphics cards and is a pretty strong lineup. Pricing for these cards is $579, $649 and $999, respectively. If you are looking for something a little less expensive we have some good news! AMD just introduced …more

Apple And Epic Games Trial Kicks Off May 3rd

Apple and Epic Games are getting their literal day in court, with the trial kicking off in person on May 3. Judge Yvonne Gonzalez met with lawyers from both sides of the case this week to talk about the trial’s specifics focused on deciding if the Apple App Store practices are monopolistic and anti-competitive. The …more

Epic Games Purchases Fall Guys Studio

Epic Games has announced that it has purchased Tonic Games Group, the parent company of studio Mediatonic, known best for the popular game Fall Guys. The purchase also includes Irregular Corporation and Fortitude Games. The purchase brings all of the development houses and games under the same roof. Epic Games has made announcements to soothe …more

PlayStation Now March Games Line Up Announced

Each month subscribers to PlayStation Now get to look forward to new, free video games available for download. The March lineup of free games has been announced, and there are four for players to enjoy. Games are playable on-demand starting today and include World War Z, InFamous: Second Son, Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, and …more

Nintendo Plans To Stop Selling 35th Anniversary Mario Games

Nintendo is making a strange decision to pull some popular video games for the Switch from the market. The gaming company plans to stop selling games tied to the 35th anniversary of the iconic character Mario. This means both physical and digital copies of games like Super Mario 3D All-Stars. Nintendo has warned Switch fans …more