Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Tipped for MWC Launch

MWC will be here before you know it, and rumors about what will turn up at the show are flying. The latest rumor comes from Samsung, and it appears that the Galaxy Fold 2 could be here much sooner than expected. A leak claims that the Galaxy Fold 2 will launch alongside the Galaxy S11 …more

Specs for alleged AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT leak

ASRock has accidentally confirmed specifications for an unannounced video card called the RX 5600 XT. The specifications were leaked in a product listing that has since been deleted. The card is said to be similar to the RX5700 with reduced memory. The specifications were for a 6GB AIB Challenger D version of the video card. …more

SpaceX Starlink Satellites Cause a Stir in Montana

Earlier this year, SpaceX launched the first satellites in its StarLink constellation. The second launch put 60 satellites into space in a straight line last month. Every now and again, the string of satellites is visible over populated areas, and they tend to freak people out. This happened recently in some parts of Montana people …more

Steam Announces Best Selling Games of 2019

Steam has announced the games that sold the best during 2019 breaking them down into Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze rankings. The full list of games can be seen at the source link at the bottom story. It’s not clear if the games are listed in any sort of rank. The games are listed by …more

Sony PS4 Dominated The Xbox One This Holiday Season

Each Christmas game consoles are one of the big gift items that any people want. Sony and Microsoft have been fighting it out for the dollars of gamers for years. This Christmas season, the Sony PS4 sold many more units than the Xbox One did. Details on sales numbers come from the VGChartz. In the …more

Pokemon Tower Battle Hits Facebook

Pokemon fans looking for something to do on Christmas break can hop over to Facebook and enjoy a new game. The game is called Pokemon Tower Battle, and it’s playable in English globally. The game is free to play a competitive game that allows players to battle against friends or random players. People take turns …more

Stranger Things Pinball Machine From Stern Debuts

Fans of Stranger Things know that the series is one of the best on TV. Fans that want to spend time in an arcade-like the kids on the show sometimes do will soon be able to find a Stren Pinball Inc pinball game in some locations. The game comes in Pro, Limited Edition, and Premium …more

You Can Still Get This Deal On the Xbox One X NBA 2K19 Bundle

It’s Christmas Eve, and if you waited this long to do your Christmas shopping, you can still pull out a win. GameStop has a deal going right now on the XboxOne X NBA 2K19 bundle with 1TB of storage. The deal will cost $249.99. The best news is that the console may be in stock …more

Galaxy S11 Rumors Hint at Impressive Specs

Rumors are going around about the upcoming Galaxy S11 smartphone from Samsung. If the rumors prove to be true, the device will be a powerhouse. The smartphone is expected to be the first 5G device from Samsung that delivers on the 5G promise. The S11 family is rumored to include the S11, S11 Plus, and …more

Netflix’s The Witcher Show Sends Players Back To Play Witcher 3

Netflix debuted its long-anticipated TV series The Witcher last week, and the series has proven popular so far. The series has spurred people to get back into playing the latest game in The Witcher franchise. Metrics show that around 30,000 people are playing the Witcher 3 on Steam, with peak players of approximately 50,000. To …more

Xbox Games with Gold for January 2020 Announced

Xbox gamers with an Xbox Live Gold or Game Pass Ultimate subscription are eligible for new free games each month. The first games for the new decade have been announced and will land on January 1, 2020. The new games include some classics from the Xbox 360 generation. The games include Styx: Shards of Darkness …more

Facebook to Stop Using 2-factor phone numbers to suggest friends

It’s hard to trust Facebook for many users as the company can’t seem to do right when it comes to using private information or keeping the details it has secure. This week Facebook has promised to stop using the phone numbers that are provided to it as part of the two-factor authentication security tool to …more

DualShock 4 Back Button Attachment Lands January 23

PS4 gamers can get some new buttons for their DualShock 4 controllers starting on January 23. The new controller accessory adds a pair of back buttons to the rear of the controller between the handles. Sony says that the controller accessory maintains the look and feel of the DualShock 4. The back buttons can be …more

Apple Mac Pro is its Most Repairable Machine

Apple has a long history of making computers and other devices that are near impossible to repair and upgrade. The cynic in most people assumes this is done out of a desire to force people to spend more for upgrades at notoriously high Apple prices and to force them to buy a new device rather …more