Rosewill RNA-7700 Silent 220mm Notebook Cooling Stand


The Rosewill RNA-7700

Rosewill RNA-7700 Notebook Cooler Review

With more and more people turning to laptops and notebooks to replace their desktop systems, there is a need to create workable space on desk tops to be able to handle the space a notebook takes up. From docks to multi-level desks, there are a number of ways to handle some of this. Of course, one thing remains constant… heat! Rosewill has designed a notebook cooling stand that is not only simple in design, but is very efficient at dissipating heat. How efficient? What is what we want to show you today!

The Rosewill RNA-7700 Notebook Cooler is the newest in the line of coolers from Rosewill. Here are the specs directly from their website:

Model No. RNA-7700
Accessory Type Cooler
Application 12″ – 15.4” Notebook
Bearing Type Sleeve Bearing
Speed Range 350~550 RPM
Rated Voltage 5V
Air Flow 100 CFM
Noise Level 16 dBA
Power by USB
Weight 4.4 lbs. (2Kg)
Cooling Pad Material Aluminum 6063 & Engineering plastic
Outline Dimensions 320 x 395 x 58~260mm
Fan Dimensions
220 x 220 x 30 mm
Fan Life Expectance 30,000 hours
Resting Area 320 x 350mm
Warranty 1Year

As you can see, the fan is not very loud at all, which will make for a comfortable working environment. Also, the Rosewill RNA-7700 comes with a one year product warranty. Lets take a look at it up close!

Rosewill RNA-7700 Notebook Cooler Review

The box was plain and simple. No flash here!
Rosewill RNA-7700 Notebook Cooler Review

The cooler comes packed very well.

Rosewill RNA-7700 Notebook Cooler Review

There was very little setup. A rubber strip comes with the package to put on the wrist wrest where the notebook sits against it to protect it. You also get a user manual, a USB connector to power the fan on the cooler. 2 pins to keep the legs of the stand in place and two corner pieces to give more support to wider notebooks. That is all that comes with it. There is really nothing to do to set the cooler up other than plug in the USB cable to the cooler and to your notebook for power.

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