Crucial MX500 2.5-inch SATA SSDs

Crucial MX500 500GB and 1TB SATA SSD Reviews

Crucial MX500 Arrives With 64-Layer 3D TLC NAND When the Crucial MX300 series came out back in June 2016 it was a big deal as it was their first drive with Micron 3D TLC NAND Flash memory. We reviewed the 750GB and 1TB capacities last year and found them to be pretty solid drives. Crucial …more


G.SKILL RIPJAWS KM570 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

G.SKILL RIPJAWS KM570 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Are you looking for an inexpensive mechanical gaming keyboard with RGB lighting but don’t want to cheap out and go with a brand you’ve never heard of, with a board containing switches of questionable quality? G.SKILL, a Taiwanese manufacturer best known for producing high quality DRAM for the …more

WD Blue 3D NAND and SanDisk Ultra 2D SSD

WD Blue 3D NAND and SanDisk Ultra 3D 1TB SSD Reviews

Two Different Brands With Same Internals Featuring BiCS 3D NAND Are you wanting to purchase a brand new SATA SSD with the latest in 3D NAND technology, capacities up to 2TB and sequential speeds up to 560MB/s?  Look no further than the WD Blue 3D NAND and Sandisk Ultra 3D SSD series. These two series …more

Cougar Revenger S 12000 dpi Gaming Mouse

Cougar Revenger S Optical Gaming Mouse Review

Cougar Revenger S Optical Gaming Mouse Cougar Gaming was founded in 2008 with the goal of manufacturing peripherals and components for PC enthusiasts who are passionate about gaming. My most recent experience with Cougar Gaming was with the Minos X5, a lightweight, well-built gaming mouse that earned a Legit Reviews Recommended award. With so many …more

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X

Mining On The AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X Processor With Nicehash

The cryptocurrency market might be down 50% from all-time highs due to tougher regulation in a handful of countries, but miners are still making profits by processing outstanding transactions into blocks and adding them to the blockchain. Now that everyone knows about cryptocurrency, due to all the news coverage, the run on computer hardware has …more

Crucial BX300 SSD Retail Box

Crucial BX300 480GB SSD Review

Crucial BX300 Features 3D MLC NAND With Budget Prices If you are looking for a budget 2.5-inch SATA SSD you’ll quickly find that many are using TLC NAND Flash memory. TLC NAND has come a long way in recent years, but after a number of poorly implemented solutions have come to market it has some …more


HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless Gaming Headset Review

HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless Gaming Headset HyperX is a California-based manufacturer of computer peripherals and components designed to meet the needs of PC enthusiasts. Legit Reviews has been reviewing HyperX products for over fifteen years and the company has earned a reputation for producing quality products at competitive prices. HyperX are perhaps best known for …more

EK-M.2 NVME Heatsink

EKWB EK-M.2 NVMe Heatsink Review

EK-M.2 NVMe Heatsink – Visually Pleasing M.2 Cooling EKWB is a Slovenian manufacturer of high performance water cooling parts and accessories designed to meet the needs of the most discerning PC enthusiasts. EK gets their name from the initials of their founder, Edvard Konig, who began designing and manufacturing water blocks back in the late …more

Samsung SSD 860 PRO Retail Box

Samsung 860 PRO SSD Review – 2TB Drive Tested

Samsung SSD 860 PRO Arrives With New 64-Layer MLC NAND and MJX Controller Samsung released the 850 PRO way back in July 2014 (our review) and the series was quickly found to be an ideal drive for PC gamers, enthusiasts and storage snobs needing a SATA SSD. We’ve pretty much saturated the SATA III interface …more

Cougar Minos X5 Gaming Mouse

Cougar Minos X5 Optical Gaming Mouse Review

Cougar Minos X5 Optical Gaming Mouse Cougar Gaming was founded in 2008 with the goal of manufacturing peripherals and components for PC enthusiasts who are passionate about gaming. My most recent experience with Cougar was with their Puri TKL keyboard, which I found to be a solid, well manufactured unit that presented excellent value. Today, …more

NVIDIA Titan V - Ethereum Mining

Ethereum Mining On The NVIDIA Titan V Graphics Card

Legit Reviews finally managed to pick up an NVIDIA TITAN V graphics card and have been putting it through a number of tests in recent days. NVIDIA says that this $2,999 graphics card is capable of reaching 110 teraflops of compute performance from its 21.1 billion transistors, 5120 CUDA cores and 12GB of HBM2 memory. …more

Corsair Carbide SPEC-04 Mid-Tower Gaming Case

Corsair Spec-04 Tempered Glass Mid-Tower Case Review

Corsair Carbide Spec-04 Updated with Tempered Glass In the middle of 2017, Corsair released the Carbide Spec-04 case, it is a low cost mid-tower geared at the budget builders while still providing a solid foundation for the latest hardware.   Initially it had a retail price of $49.99, it featured an angular design to the front …more


Ducky Pocket RGB Mechanical Number Pad Calculator Review

Ducky Pocket RGB Mechanical Calculator A Taiwanese manufacturer known for their lineup of well-built, high quality keyboards, such as the One and Shine 6, Ducky may not carry the name recognition of a Logitech or Corsair among PC users, but those who have had the opportunity to use Ducky products will tell you that they are built to …more

AMD Radeon VEGA FE Mining XMR

Mining XMR Monero With AMD Radeon Vega Frontier Edition Cards – Over 2050 H/s

AMD Radeon RX Vega graphics cards do very well on the CryptoNight proof-of-work algorithm and miners are using them to mine Monero, Electroneum, Sumokoin, Bytecoin and Karbo. This is because the profitability is better on those coins than Ethereum that uses the Ethash proof-of-work algorithm. It’s tough to find an AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 or AMD …more

Dream Machines DM3 Gaming Mouse

Dream Machines DM3 Mini Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse Review

Dream Machines DM3 Mini – Who Is The New Guy? Dream Machines is a Polish company that has been around for a couple of years now, starting off producing gaming laptops and expanding into other territories like speakers and gaming mice. The team at Dream Machines has a real focus on PC gaming and I …more