Razer Diamondback Precision Gaming Mouse Review

Highly regarded as some of the best gaming devices on the market, Razer has released a new version of their popular Diamondback Mouse – this time in killer Acid Green. Is it worth an upgrade? With an optical engine powered by Razer Precision and 1600 DPI it just might be if your current mouse isn’t any better. Read onto find out if your mouse is in need of an update!

By Legit Staff

Kingston 2GB K-PEX 100 Portable Media Player Review

The Kingston K-PEX 100 portable media player gives you the ability to make sure that your favorite music videos, recorded TV shows, photos, music or FM radio show is with you all the time. With a 2″ brilliant TFT color LCD screen and a high speed USB 2.0 connection for drag-and-drop file moving could the K-PEX be your own personal theater? Read on to find out!

By ben

Logitech Cordless Desktop MX 3200 Laser Review

Logitech has been one of the first names you think about when you look for a solid keyboard and mouse combination. Today, we look at their latest offering to immediately satisfy Vista users who want to go cordless. Will their latest effort be worth it for those still deciding on Vista? Read on to find out what LR thinks of this Logitech combo!

By Ken Brown

Super Talent 2GB Mega Screen MP3 Player Review

Today we look at the Super Talent 2GB Mega Screen MP3 Player, which is Super Talents first attempt at the MP3 player market. Is this the MP3 Player for the iPod craver on a budget? With a built in FM tuner, OLED color display, lithium battery and simple button layout it just might be! Read on as we take a look at the 2GB white version to see if this is the MP3 Player is right for you.

By dicecca112

Everglide Gaming Products – Christmas Roundup

Legit Reviews has all of the latest products from Everglide on the test bench and have spent a number of hours with their group of gaming products. The s-500 Headphones, The g-1000 Gaming Mouse and the TITAN Mouse pad are designed for hardcore gamers, but do they make the cut? We look and see if they are worthy of hitting the battlefield at full force. Read on to see if Ben was turned into one Ubar LEET gamer that owns all!

By ben

Bigfoot Networks Killer Nic Card Seen For The First Time

I’m sure you’ve heard about it. I’m sure that you have seen the software rendered pictures. And I’m pretty sure you’ve seen people saying that the Killer NIC by Bigfoot Networks is nothing more than vaporware. Today Legit Reviews has the exclusive on the first pictures of the card. If you’ve been waiting to see what the real product will look like this is your chance!

By Nathan Kirsch

Ideazon Fang Gamepad Review

From the gamers that brought you Zboard comes the worlds fist military grade PC gamepad. The Fang was initially developed as a tactical military training device for the U.S. Armed Forces and is now available to civilian gamers who demand only the best in high-performance precision gaming tools. Read on as Ken Brown from Legit Reviews takes the Fang for a test drive to see if it can improve his gaming skills.

By Ken Brown

Oakley Thump 2 512MB Sunglasses Review

The Oakley Thump Sunglasses were the world?s first digital music eyewear and the Oakley Thump 2 series have a new design with the option of even greater memory capacity. Today Legit Reviews takes the Oakley Thump 2’s out for a test drive in Sanata Monica and escape from behind the desk for a bit!

By Ken Brown

Upgrading The Dell e1705 Notebook Graphics Card

Ever wish you could upgrade you video card in a laptop like you can your desktop? Well, you can… sort of! Take a look and see what we did with the Dell e1705 Laptop. Jason Petermann took his personal laptop and opened it up to show you how to upgrade to an NVIDIA 7800Go graphics solution. A must read for Dell e1705 notebook users.

By jason

HighSpeed PC Tech Station Review

HighSpeed PC has created the Techstation to help enthusiasts keep their hardware easy to access and swap out parts, as well as give a little more security and saftey to the hardware. Is this a product that you need for your bench? Take a read of this article and find out, but beware this one is aimed at enthusiasts!

By jason

Playing DVD Movies On Your Treo 650 Smartphone

Do you ever look at your phone and wonder why you spent so much money on a phone with a million features, but only use a few of them? I had one of those evenings the other night with my Treo 650 and figured I’d try and do something new with my Treo 650 smartphone – I wanted to play DVD movies on it! Read on to see how do to it!

By Nathan Kirsch

The Booq Python XL Laptop Backpack Review

Tired of breaking notebooks or looking cheap with the free bag that came with your notebook purchase? If you want large capacity and lots of pockets, a rugged design and solid laptop protection, Python may just be the backpack solution for you. Read on to see if it is!

By Ken Brown

Altec Lansing AHS302USB Headset Review

We evaluate another entry-level PC headset on the market today, the Altec Lansing AHS302usb. Have we finally found a legitimate low-cost headphone and microphone combo? With a behind-the-neck headband and noise-canceling microphone it might just be an option! Read on for the answer.

By Ken Brown

WD SecureConnect Serial ATA Cable Review

The Western Digital SecureConnect SATA cable technology is designed to keep your cable in place and strengthens the drive-cable connection by more than 500%. We take a quick look at the SecureConnect, which is something that might make your life easier for under $10! Read on to see if you are using the right SATA cable.

By Nathan Kirsch

Logitech Precision PC Gaming Headset Review

Today we look at what seems to be a very popular headset for PC Gaming ? the Logitech Precision PC Gaming Headset. At a very affordable price, is this the set that will make you truly L337 when in use? With 40mm neodymium stereo drivers and in-line volume controls they look great on paper!

By Ken Brown