Everglide Gaming Products – Christmas Roundup


Are EverGlide Gaming Products Worthy?

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People know you cant be an ubar leet gamer without the right hardware to back you. Sure people say its all in the hands and eyes of the one in front of the monitor and their skill has nothing to do with what they use. But we all know thats not entirely true. How many of us have gotten better at fragging with an upgrade to our computer or input device. Companies big to small, like EverGlide, are creating peripherals to help each of us strive to be the very best gamer we can be. Today we look at a series of products from EverGlide aimed at the gamer. Those of you unfamiliar with EverGlide, they started in 1997 designing gaming parts like hard surface mouse pads.


Their current spotlight is the s-500 headphones, g-1000 mouse, and EverGlide TITAN mouse pad which are intended for Dastardly accuracy and Comfort and extended Wear while in the heat of battle on any game. When put together, will you truly be a Leet gamer and own the battlefield?

Today Legit Reviews takes a look at all of Everglides current products to see how they perform in the hands of a gamer. While the name Everglide has been around for years their products are still hard to come by as retailers like Newegg do not carry their products. To order Everglide product it is still best to order them direct and links and pricing for all the pieces we are looking at today can be found below.

Pieces Covered In This Article:

  • Everglide S-500 Gaming Headphones – $99.99
  • Everglide g-1000 Professional Gaming Mouse – $29.99
  • Everglide Mouseglidez – $9.99
  • Everglide Titan MonsterMat – $19.99

Enough talk about Everglide and pricing! Let’s move on and take a look at their products.

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