Ideazon Fang Gamepad Review


Introducing the Fang Gamepad

Our friends at Ideazon sent over their Fang Gamepad for LR to take for a test drive during our many sessions of gaming. They know that the Legit Staff are serious gamers and need legit gaming hardware. See if this dedicated game pad ? originally designed for military training combat ? makes the grade as we put it through its paces!

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Based in Ontario Canada, Ideazon Inc has been bringing us some very cool peripheral technology for many years after its creator, Oren Kramer, an avid gamer wanted to better master tricky commands in his favorite game StarCraft. Oren was an intense Quake player as well and found himself designing and building modded keyboards and game pads exclusively for the gaming community. He and his company, Ideazon, built the first gaming keyboard ? the Zboard ? and since then the company has been trying to build the most bullet-proof, hard-core gaming devices. Today we look at one of their newest creations, the $35 Fang Gamepad!

Fang Features:

  • 41 tactically placed keys including four thumb-specific keys and 11 weapon keys surrounding a lethal central butterfly layout.
  • Military training feedback has echoed the sentiments of the gaming community to develop a weapon that is left and right hand compatible.
  • Compact design provides enhanced portability for mobile gaming.
  • Allows up to 7 simultaneous keystrokes while employing phantom keystroke elimination capabilities.
  • Z Engine technology gives gamers pre-defined key layouts for over 100 PC game titles.

I am what you call a n00b when it comes to today?s modern games. Don?t get me wrong, in my day, I was kick-ass ? just ask Nate about our days playing Aliens versus Predator (who was your daddy, Nate?) Alas, those days are long gone and the majority of my day is looking at spreadsheets, design models and e-mail. But, when I get home, I love to hop on to the net and load one of my favorite games to pass the time. My current favorite is Battlefield 2 in which I truly sux0r. I don?t exactly know what it is, but I can never switch weapons fast enough, or call for help or find that damn parachute button?.Maybe it?s old age, but I?m thinking that a dedicated gamepad is what I need to raise my game ? and save my fingers from gamer?s wrist.

Fang Gamepad

The cool thing about the Fang is that it?s just not designed for first-person shooters, its design is ergonomic and built for maximum performance for the majority of games on the market today. Fang features something called Z Engine technology, which provides key layouts for over 100 PC titles and can switch between these profiles very easily.

Will the Fang make a n00b l337? Will it dramatically elevate the play of a veteran? Read on.

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