ATI Explains Their Warranty Reduction

ATI silently lowered its warranty from three years down to a single year on the majority of their desktop graphics cards, which has created some upset and confused consumers. We talk with ATI on the changes and examine how they will impact consumers.

By Nathan Kirsch

Cool Clicks Talking Label Maker Review

We got our hands on the DYMO Cool Clicks Talking Labelmaker and gave it a look on our weekend off. Dymo claims it combines the learning aspect of spelling with the creative outputs of labels that kids love, so they can personalize all their stuff. We just find it fun to label things!

By Legit Staff

AOpen’s Pandora Box Makes it to the Market

The AOpen Pandora may look like the Mac Mini, but it certainly is not. AOpen and their reseller partners are going to have these Mini PC’s available this Christmas, but are they going to be worth it? With complete system prices at $399 for Linux and $499 for Windows they are worth a look.

By Nathan Kirsch

Future Look: The Optimus Organic LED keyboard

The Optimus is the first keyboard that we have run across that is made with organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) on every key. Never heard of OLEDs? You are going to hear the term more often as they are brighter and more colorful than both LCD and Plasma screens. Read on to see what keyboards will become.

By Nathan Kirsch

ECS Elitegroup 2005 Editor’s Day

Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) is the world’s leading producer of motherboards, but is just now starting to build products aimed at the enthusiast community. We went out to San Jose last week to discuss their new image and we dig deep to figure out why they are entering a new market right now.

By Nathan Kirsch

IDF 2005: Enthusiast Memory Update

Last week we got to stop by the booths of the two leading North American enthusiast companies and take a look at their product lines. We got to look at Kingston’s engineering samples of DDR2 800MHz ValueRAM and take some Corsair XPERT modules out for a test drive.

By Nathan Kirsch

Fall IDF 2005: Day 1 Highlights

The Intel Developer Forum has started and the information that is flowing out of the Intel camp is coming faster than we can type it up. LR covers all the first day highlights in an easy to read bullet list. We also go into detail on the new Intel micro-architecture and cover the public CPU roadmap up to 2007.

By Nathan Kirsch

Quakecon 2005: Day 2

Quakecon 2005 is now rolling smoothly and the lack of sleep is no longer having an impact on any of the gamers. With the help of Bawls water and of course pizza many gamers have proven all they need is a seat at the BYOC to be happy 24 hours a day.

By Legit Staff

Quakecon 2005: Day 1

Day one of Quakecon has already brought with it many memorable moments! The vendor booths are open and giving away massive swag. NVIDIA had some lucky ladies shave their heads for hardware, and the tournaments have started! If you couldn’t make Quakecon 2005 take a look and see what you are missing.

By jw

Quakecon 2005: Day 0

The day before the launch of Quakecon is often busier than the actual event. Vendors are setting up, the BYOC network is getting the final touches, and hundreds of gamers are waiting in line.

By jw

The Apple iMAC G5 Case Cooling Mod

Although the sleek all-in-one design on the Apple iMac G5 is pretty on the eyes many consumers are seeing 170+ Degrees Fahrenheit CPU temperatures and systems locking under load. Today LR posts up the thoughts of one of our readers and what he did to cool his iMac G5 down to keep it from locking up.

By Legit Staff

Motorola HS-850 Bluetooth Headset

The Motorola HS-810 bluetooth was a very popular headset with a slick design and good performance. The HS-850 represents a natural evolution of the HS-810 by offering bluetooth 1.2 and even longer batter life. Today we take the Motorola HS-850 for a test drive with the Motorola RAZR V3 and Treo 650 phones.

By Ken Brown

Skyhawk PSU ATX12V & EPS12V Compliance

When you buy a power supply you check the specifications that it meets right? Many people make sure it is compliant on the box and think nothing more of it. Legit Reviews discovered that SkyHawk PowerOne Power Supplies don’t meet the specifications listed on the box. This is a must read article.

By Nathan Kirsch

Thermaltake Silent Purepower 680W

With consumers needing bigger power supplies to power their new high end systems we are starting to see massive PSU’s hit the market. Today Legit Reviews takes a look at the Thermaltake Silent Purepower 680W PSU and checks out how it performs on our DFI nF4 Ultra board and AMD A64 3500+ CPU overclocked to 2.53GHz.

By Legit Staff

SkyHawk PowerONE 620w Review **UPDATE 3/26**

SkyHawk?s new PowerONE power supply strives to take on OCZ, Antec, and Fortron with a high wattage low cost solution. The best part is that saving money may not mean sacrificing quality. What can you get from this spanking new design? Well your going to have to read the review duh!

By yves