Assassins Creed Edge Gel

Assassin’s Creed Unity Shaving Gel Now Available From Edge

This is No Shave November and it looks like the folks over at Edge really want your business. They have come out with limited edition Edge Shave Gel cans featuring Assassin’s Creed Unity and with the purchase of a can you’ll be able to unlock exclusive in-game DLC. Downloadable game content from your shaving cream? What …more


Reported Fraud By Moneual Executives Brings Zalman Tech To Bankruptcy

Legit Reviews just leaned that Zalman Tech Co. Ltd recently had trading of their stock shares halted and it looks like they have filed for bankruptcy protections in the Seoul Central District Court on November 3, 2014. We did some digging and it appears that a former employee of Moneual told officials that the company’s top executives were …more

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare logo

NVIDIA GeForce 344.60 WHQL Video Card Drivers – Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Ready

NVIDIA has released GeForce 344.60 WHQL, which are the latest GeForce Game Ready drivers. These drivers will ensure that you have the best gaming experience for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. In addition to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare support, the new drivers include all of the optimizations and improvements from the recently released GeForce Game Ready 344.48 WHQL drivers, …more


Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo Is Lost During Test Flight – 1 Pilot Dead

At least one person is dead and another injured after Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo spacecraft crashed somewhere in the Mohave desert in California. The craft was flying a manned test when it experienced what the company described as “a serious anomaly”. The altitude at which the failure happened it unknown, but SpaceShipTwo is released at an …more

BlizzCon 2014 Event Coverage

Blizzard Teases the Collectible Card Game (CCG) World with Possible Hearthstone Demolisher Update

As BlizzCon 2014 approaches, we are starting to hear more and more rumors about what will be presented from the folks at Blizzard.  We always hope for a new software title or add-in content, but we can also appreciate little things like a nice little “Easter egg” from the BlizzCon organizers to members of the …more

NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet Lollipop Cover and Candy

Lollipop Coming to the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet Soon – We Have Lollipops To Prove It!

NVIDIA has been busy updating the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet this month. Last week the NVIDIA SHIELD Team rolled out the v1.2.1 update that fixed a few issues that owners were complaining about. For example the October 20th update improved WiFi performance on the 5GHz band, fixed an intermittent charging issue and provided performance performance optimizations …more

Xbox One_Box Shot

Microsoft Plans to Cut Xbox One Prices in Time for Holidays

Microsoft has announced that it will offer a $50 price reduction to its entire family of a Xbox One next-generation gaming consoles.  Microsoft newest price points have a little something for most gamers as their Xbox One model that comes with the Kinect motion camera will retail for $449 – a $50 reduction from its …more

ASUS X99-Deluxe Motherboard Layout

ASUS Releases Important UEFI Update For X99 Deluxe Motherboard Owners

ASUS released UEFI 1004 for the ASUS X99 Deluxe motherboard overnight and  and we have been told that this update includes an EC (Embedded Controller) Firmware update that fixes something discovered by our board failing here at Legit Reviews. Legit Reviews highly suggests that all ASUS X99 Deluxe owners update to UEFI build 1004 due to …more

AMD Ruby

AMD Releases Catalyst 14.9.2 Beta Video Card Drivers

AMD just released Catalyst 14.9.2 Beta video card drivers. This is the AMD Game Ready driver for Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth, so be sure you download and install this beta driver if you want to have the best gaming experience on that new science-fiction themed strategy game title.  Civilization: Beyond Earth is also an …more

TPU GPUz 0.8.0 Release

TPU Releases GPU-Z version 0.8.0

TPU has released the latest and greatest version of GPU-Z, 0.8.0! If you want it grab it here! GPU-Z version 0.8.0 introduces full support for for the NVIDIA GeForct GTX 970/980 graphics cards as well as fixing the BIOS saving on Maxwell GPUs. Along the AMD front, GPU-Z 0.8.0 is adding support for the AMD …more


Apple Air 2 Impresses Users with Three Core A8X Processor

    Although only released to the public for a short time, Apple’s newest processor, the A8X, is impressing many with its improved performance over the last-generation A7 processor.  The A8X can currently be found powering the new Apple Air 2 and is step up in performance over the older iPad Air, but also a …more


NVIDIA Releases GeForce 344.48 WHQL Drivers – Brings DSR To Kepler and Fermi Owners

NVIDIA today released GeForce 344.48 WHQL drivers (download link) that adds support for some of the latest new game titles like Lords of the Fallen, Civilization: Beyond Earth, and Elite: Dangerous. The driver also brings new functionality to GeForce Kepler and Fermi GPU owners as it supports Dynamic Super Resolution (DSR). Dynamic Super Resolution renders …more

BlizzCon 2014 Event Coverage

BlizzCon 2014 Announces Metallica as Headliner

Metallica Live at BlizzCon(R) 2014 Crank up the volume and watch the concert live with the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket IRVINE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Metallica is coming to BlizzCon® 2014! On November 8, Blizzard Entertainment’s two-day Warcraft®,StarCraft®, and Diablo® community celebration will culminate with Metallica performing to a sold-out convention crowd, broadcast worldwide through the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket. Metallica is performing live at BlizzCon 2014 …more


Android 5.0 ‘Lollipop’ Coming To NVIDIA SHEILD Tablet

NVIDIA Announced today that Android 5.0 ‘Lollipop’ and more will be coming to NVIDIA SHIELD tablet that is powered that the Tegra K1 SoC. We are not sure what they meant by more, but there are many original SHIELD ‘portable’ owners out there that are hoping that the loyal NVIDIA fans and early adopters aren’t …more