NVIDIA GeForce 353.38 Hotfix Drivers Fix Chrome Browser Bugs

NVIDIA has just released GeForce Hotfix driver version 353.38, that addresses a number of issues that users have been complaining about. The largest fix is for those that have been having some trouble with Google Chrome crashing or freezing up on their system when using the browser. NVIDIA GeForce Hot Driver Version 353.38 Fixed Issues: Chrome …more

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Guys Cuddling With Video Cards Movement Takes Off #GuysCuddlingWithVideoCards

Did you know that Guys Cuddling With Video Cards has started to become a thing on social media? Over the past 24 hours the #GuysCuddlingWithVideoCards movement has begun to take off. The images below include a Sapphire marketing manager, tech writers and AMD Red Team Plus members. We’ll just leave this one at that as there is nothing else we can …more

Matt Buck Radeon R9 Fury X CrossFire

AMD Radeon R9 Fury X 4-Way CrossFire Setup Benchmarked

What happens when the performance of one AMD Radeon R9 Fury X video card isn’t enough? You somehow acquire four of them and stuff them into your full tower chassis to create a gaming monster! We ran across Matt Buck that managed to do just that and crammed four Sapphire Radeon R9 Fury X video cards …more

Intel Skylake CPU Cooler

Intel Core i7-6700K Skylake Processor Won’t Come With CPU Cooler

XFastest published a slide that shows Intel’s Skylake-S Enthusiast ‘K’ SKU Strategy that shows what Intel is planning to do with CPU cooler for Skylake-S processors. It appears that Intel will not be including a cooler with the unlocked ‘K’ series processors. The slide shows that the standard performance air cooler used for Haswell was rated …more

ecs elitegroup logo

ECS Not Exiting Consumer Motherboard Market Despite Rumors

Digitimes reported yesterday that Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) was going to be shifting away from the DIY motherboard market. The news of ECS doing a gradual withdrawal from the consumer motherboard market doesn’t sound too far fetched, but the president of ECS sent out a letter today saying that isn’t true.  The grammar in the …more

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Batman: Arkham Knight PC Game Sales Suspended Due To Performance Issues

Batman: Arkham Knight has gotten off to a bad start for PC players, but some will be happy to learn when they wake up this morning that sales of Batman: Arkham Knight have been temporarily suspended while Warner Brothers works to address performance issues. The game has received mostly negative feedback since being released on …more

AMD Catalyst 15.6 Beta Video Card Driver Released for Batman: Arkham Knight

AMD Catalyst 15.6 Beta Video Card Driver Released for Batman: Arkham Knight

AMD has released Catalyst 15.6 video card drivers that are the drivers you’ll want to be using for Batman: Arkham Knight as they have all the optimizations for this new game title. From what we gather, this beta driver will work on Radeon R9 200 series, Radeon HD 7000 series, and Radeon HD 6000 series …more


Blue Microphones Makes Surprise First E3 Appearance With Blackout Yeti USB Mic and Mo-Fi Headphones

Have you always wondered what microphone the biggest gaming personalities on YouTube and Twitch were using to capture their voice? Some of them record on a Blue Microphone, who not only deliver some of the best industry recording equipment, but also some of the best USB microphones out there. It shouldn’t be a surprise that …more


Final Hours of Steam’s Monster Summer Sale!

You only have a few hours remaining in Steam’s Monster Summer Sale to take advantage of big bargains offered to gamers. The Encore Monster Summer Sale ends today at 10am PST with many titles slashed 80% off which means you can get titles like Assassins Creed, Elder Scrolls, or something from the Lego franchise for as …more

AMD Logo

Rumor: AMD Considering Breakup

Thomson Reuters is reporting that AMD is in the initial stage of reviewing if it would be a good idea to split itself up or spin off a business to remain competitive in the current market. The news was sourced from three people that are said to be familiar with the situation. AMD has asked …more


EA Impresses at E3 2015 with SW Battlefront, Mirror’s Edge, NBA Live

EA’s showing at this year’s E3 was absolutely amazing as they showed everything that was expected and then some.  First is the return of their classic series Need For Speed.  EA’s goal for this new installment was to take from what they learned in their most popular previous Need For Speed Games and apply it …more

corsair giveaway coolers

Giveaway: Win 1 of 2 Corsair Water Coolers

Legit Reviews has worked with Corsair to bring you a chance to win not one, but two of the best CPU water coolers that they make! The grand prize for this giveaway will be the Corsair H100i GTX Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler ($111.99 Shipped at Amazon) that has a beefy 240mm radiator and dual Corsair SP120L PWM …more

Intel Logo

Rumor: Intel Skylake Processors Launching At Gamescom In August

Digitimes is under the impression that Intel’s 14nm Skylake processors and 100-series chipsets for desktops are going to be unveiled at Gamescom in Germany. Gamescom takes place in the first week of August, so it appears that is when Intel could be unveiling their new platform and processors. Intel’s 14nm Skylake processors and 100-series chipsets …more

Radeon R9 Fury X Video Card

AMD Radeon R9 Fury X Complete Teardown

The AMD Radeon R9 Fury X was announced earlier this week and  and even the benchmark numbers by AMD have been published. One of the last things left to do is to tear down the card and show you what makes up the latest flagship card from AMD. The PCB for the AMD Radeon R9 Fury …more