Carbon Fiber Shelby Cobra Is For The Racetrack Only


Shelby American has licensed Classic Recreations to build a run of 10 carbon fiber bodied Shall be Cobra racing cars. Each car has an all carbon fiber body that weighs only 88 pounds with all body components fitted. Each of the vehicles will sell at a price starting at $1.2 million.

Underneath the carbon fiber body is a custom chassis and suspension built by Classic Recreations. The “Diamond Edition” carbon fiber cobras will have special badges that are diamond encrusted and unique serial numbers spanning CSX4521 to CSX4530.

Power will come from a Ford Performance Coyote V8 engine that can be fitted with an optional supercharger. With the optional VMP Supercharger added, the engine makes over 800 horsepower.

The engine is paired with a T56 Magnum Tremec transmission. Other features include Willwood 6 piston brakes for the front and rear and a custom tubular chassis. It’s too bad these cars aren’t street legal.