Cooler Master N400 Case Review – Lots of Features For $50

The Cooler Master N Series of computer cases were designed to be compact and fully featured budget cases. The CM N400 can be purchased for right around $50 shipped and can support 8 fans, liquid cooling radiators up to 240mm and video cards that are up to 320mm (12.6-inches) in length. Read on to see if this affordable yet fully featured chassis is right for your next build!

By Legit Staff

Corsair Carbide 300R Mid-Tower Case Review

As much as we’d all love to own the most expensive of everything, it’s only when you come back to reality that you realize that most people cannot. Today we have Corsair’s Carbide 300R in the house, which is supposed to be built and designed for those who have a tighter budget, but can spend closer to a Benjamin on a case. We will take a look and see what kind of features this case has, and see if spending a few bucks less will be worth it to you.

By Brian Nyhuis

Fractal Design Arc Midi R2 Mid Tower Case Review

The Arc Midi R2 is developed from the ground up with high-performance computer systems in mind. Featuring three high performance Silent Series R2 fans and ample water cooling options, the Arc Midi R2 layout maximizes airflow throughout the case and keeps even the most demanding systems at cool temperatures. Read on to see what we thought of this case!

By Legit Staff

Corsair Carbide Air 540 ATX Cube Case Review

Over the years, Corsair has been coming out with new products in their lineup, and one of those products that they’ve added to their lineup in the recent years is computer cases. They have made standard sized and styled cases and they have also braved making cases with different features. Today, we will take a look at Corsair’s Carbide Air 540, which falls along that different category. Jump in and see what we thought about Corsair’s latest creation!

By Brian Nyhuis

Fractal Design Define XL R2 Case Review

Full tower PC cases are quite abundant in the PC enthusiast market; each manufacturer trying to make that perfect case with not only features and functionality, but also style. Sweden based Fractal Design is no stranger with making good looking cases that are easy to work with, so today we are going to take a look at the Define XL R2 Full Tower Chassis.

By Brian Nyhuis

Fractal Design Node 605 Silent HTPC Case Review

Today we take a look at Fractal Design’s latest silent home theater computer case, the Node 605. This is a large HTPC case and offers a ton of flexibility in terms of configuration options. It also fits a standard ATX power supply, but you have to use a slim optical drive. Dive in to see if this case is worthy of being a showcase item in your personal home theater setup!

By Brian Nyhuis

Corsair Obsidian 900D ‘Godzilla’ Full Tower PC Case Review

There were some quiet rumors at CES 2012 about the successor to the Obsidian 800D, nothing concrete though. just a few whispers. At CES 2013 I was able to see the new Obsidian 900D and even snap a few shots of it. Today Corsair is launching the Obsidian 900D and it looks to be even more impressive than I thought it would be! We’re gonna take a closer look at the latest and greatest Obsidian 900D from Corsair, throw some parts into it and see how it looks! Join us for our journey and let us know what you think!

By Dan Stoltz