Lian Li PC-N1 Intel NUC Replacement Case Review

The PC-N1 from Lian Li is an aftermarket case for Intel’s Next Level of Computing (NUC) that was first shown at CES 2013. Lian Li got a bunch of feedback on the PC-N1 NUC case during the show and have sent us a newer revision of this chassis to try out. The Lian Li PC-N1 still is not finalized yet, but you are about to see the February 2013 revision of the PC-N1 case in silver!

By Nathan Kirsch

Cougar Spike Micro-ATX PC Case Review

The average selling price on a PC case today in North America is right around $80, but today we are going well below that price point. The Cougar Spike micro-ATX chassis has an MSRP of $39.99, but it is available right now from Newegg for $24.99 shipped after a $5 rebate! For $24.99 you might be wondering what you get and to be honest, it’s not half bad!

By Nathan Kirsch

NZXT Phantom 820 Full Tower Case Review

NZXT came out with the Phantom mid-tower case to much praise and then released the very popular Switch 810 full tower. What do you do next after these two fantastic case releases? Why make a full tower version of the Phantom that uses the best of both cases and call it a Phantom 820 of course. Legit sniffs around the latest from NZXT to see if it really is the best of the best.

By Bill Hentschell

Thermaltake New Soprano Case Review

Thermaltake recently announced the ‘New Soprano’ PC case, which is the latest revision of the companies long standing Soprano case series. This case has simple lines and brushed metal accents that keep it just classy enough for a professional office or modern home environment. Read on to see if the Thermaltake New Soprano has the look and features that you desire!

By Legit Staff

Cooler Master HAF XB Lan Box and Test Bench Case Review

The HAF Xb LAN Box Chassis is the newest addition to the Cooler Master line of enthusiast PC cases. The CM HAF Xb was designed with transportation and open bench testing in mind and the end result is a new form factor! The HAF Xb can look like a normal case one second and then be quickly converted into an open air test bench with the removal of the side and top panels. Read on to see if this $99.99 case has the features you need!

By Legit Staff

Thermaltake Armor Revo Gene Mid Tower Case Review

Thermaltake recently launched the ARMOR REVO GENE – a mid-tower version of ARMOR REVO that is primed with full-tower features for gamers. The other great thing about this case is that is affordable! The Thermaltake Armor Revo Gene can be found online for under $130 shipped and for a case with all the latest features, that isn’t bad. Read on to see what this case is all about and to figure out if it is right for your next build!

By Legit Staff

Nanoxia Deep Silence 1 Mid-Tower Case Review

Do you like your PC case to have a simple and timeless elegance? The Nanoxia Deep Silence 1 mid-tower case was deliberately designed to look simple on the outside, but the inside is another story. simple in design. The Deep Silence 1 case is equipped with two soundproof doors, a good ventilation system and all the modern features that one would want today. Read on to see what we think about this new case that was made in Germany!

By Legit Staff

In-Win GRone Full Tower Chassis Review

In-Win has recently announced an arrival of another full-tower chassis that comes in two different color variations, and all-White, and all-Grey. This chassis is fully capable of handling the larger E-ATX sized motherboards, or the smaller mATX motherboards. This chassis comes standard with five 140mm fans, two front USB 2.0, and USB 3.0 IO ports. Let’s go ahead turn the page and look at the GRone.

By Legit Staff

Cooler Master Storm Scout 2 Case Review

The Storm Scout 2 is a newest addition to Cooler Master’s computer mid-tower chassis line up and is available in either black and gunmetal grey. The Storm Scout 2 is an advancement of the original Scout, so you’ll gain front panel USB 3.0 connectors, a removable storage drive cage and enough room to fit an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690 or AMD Radeon HD 7990. Read on to see if this $100 mid-tower chassis a good candidate for your PC!

By Legit Staff

Fractal Design Define R4 Case Review

The Define R4, by Fractal Design, is a modern day mid-tower chassis that comes in three color variations, Black, Titanium, White, and it just happens to be fairly large in size. Now we need to ask our selves one simple question, “Does the Define R4 chassis have what it takes to become a great chassis, or does it fall short”? So lets go ahead and step inside to see what the Black Define R4 mid-tower chassis has to offer us.

By Legit Staff

Sentey Extreme Division GS-6050 II Halcon Black Case Review

The Sentey Extreme Division GS-6050 II Halcon is a basic all black mid-tower gaming chassis that comes with six 120 mm blue LED fans for under $60 shipped. This case supports 2.5″ storage drives, has a front SuperSpeed USB 3.0 port, and is ready for external or internal water cooling solutions. Read on to see more about the Sentey GS-6050 II case and see if this budget gaming case is right for your next system!

By Legit Staff

Cooler Master Storm Stryker Case Review

The Storm Stryker is another addition to the Storm series of chassis by Cooler Master. Not only does this chassis come in two different color variations, an all White chassis, and an all Black chassis; this chassis comes with a lot of different options for you to customize this chassis to your specific requirements. Lets turn the page and see how the Storm Stryker compares to all of the other full tower cases.

By Legit Staff

Cooler Master Elite 120 Advanced Mini-ITX Case Review

Cooler Master recently announced the Elite 120 Advanced mini-ITX PC case and we have a full review of it for you today! The CM Elite 120 Advanced supports full sized video cards, a 5.25” optical drive, up to 5 HDDs or SSDs, SuperSpeed USB 3.0 front panel ports, and a standard sized power supply. The best part about this case is that you can buy it for under $50! If you are thinking about going small for your next build, then you need to check out the Elite 120 Advanced!

By Legit Staff

MSI Barricade Mid Tower PC Case Review

The MSI Barricade is an all black mid tower chassis that has a ton of features and costs under $60 shipped. This PC case features a side window, fan speed controls, a USB 3.0 port, a built-in SD card reader, tool-less drive bays and is setup for water cooling and large video cards. Read on to see if this case is the right one for your next build!

By Legit Staff

BitFenix Prodigy Mini ITX Case Review

Earlier this year BitFenix launched the Prodigy, which is the first Mini-ITX chassis designed with enthusiasts in mind. With support for long graphics cards, tower coolers, and even watercooling radiators, Prodigy offers unparalleled flexibility in a compact Mini-ITX form factor. We put this PC case to the test when we build a water cooled Intel Z77 based system with it using the ASRock Z77E-ITX Mini-ITX motherboard.

By Dan Stoltz