Antec P180 Advanced Super Mid-Tower Review

Today Legit Reviews brings you the final installment in our series on Antec’s 2005 product line with a look at the P180 Advanced Super Mid-Tower. With a name like that, you have to expect something pretty special! Read on to find out what LR thinks of the P180 and see if it deserves to be used on your system.

By Legit Staff

Antec Sonata II ATX Case Review

Can Antec take one of their most popular cases and make it better? We take a look and the new Sonata II from Antec and try to figure out if they made it better or worse. With a 450W power supply and improved cooling methods you may be pleasantly surprised to see that Antec did with the original design!

By Legit Staff

Antec TX640B ATX Mini-Tower Case Review

Over the past month we have looked at some pretty fine cases from Antec, today we look at the next case in the TX Performance series, the TX640B. This is a mini tower case thats looks stout like its bigger brother the TX1050B. Take a look and see if the TX640B is a case that you need for your next build.

By Legit Staff

The Antec Performance TX1050B Case Review

Today we continue our look at Antec’s 2005 line of enclosures with an in depth look at their Performance TX1050B Server Case. The Performance TX happens to be Antec’s third generation of cases and has been updated to include the latest technologies. All models are designed to meet Intel’s Thermally Advanced Chassis (TAC) design guide and come with ATX12V v2.0 power supplies.

By Legit Staff

ThermalRock Circle Full Tower Case

Thermalrock has an interesting case that will appeal to those that are looking for artistic impression with a PC case. Some will love it, some will hate it. Either way you know you want to get a good look and find out what all the noise is about. Read on to find out what the ThermalRock Circle case is all about!

By yves

Antec Titan 550 Server Case

The Antec Titan 550 aims to set a new standard for server grade systems. Antec designed the Titan 550 to meet the needs of consumers in the server and workstation markets. Today LR looks at the case and see if the features are appealing to enthusiasts.

By Legit Staff

Thermaltake SHARK aluminum tower case

Thermaltake has been expanding product lines. Where they were once simply associated with heatsinks, they’re now building some ergonomic gems in aluminum cases and power packed PSUs. Themaltake has also expanded into watercooling and their design philosophy is one of cohesion. Thermaltake cases are designed to house their watercooling systems and today we’ll delve into their SHARK aluminum tower case.

By Legit Staff

The SkyHawk IMC6375 EchoQ SFF PC

SkyHawk traditionally is known for their PC cases, however they do manufacturer other computer products, one of which is SFF PCs. Today we look at the SkyHawkThe IMC6375 SFF PC that features the Intel 865G (Springdale) and the ICH5 chipset w/ dual-channel DDR400, SATA-150, 6 channel audio, integrated Intel Extreme Graphics 2, and more.

By Legit Staff

The Cooler Master Centurion 5 (CAC-T05-WWA)

Cooler Master is among the industry leaders in high quality cases. From the TAC T01 Wave Master to the incredible CM Stacker, Cooler Master has produced some of the best looking and sturdiest cases available. Today we take a look at the Centurion 5 case and see how it fits in the Cooler Master product line.

By Legit Staff