Antec P190 Black Mid Tower Case Review

Bigger and better than the rest, the P190 has room to handle even the biggest hardware: Extended ATX, multiple graphics cards, quad-core processors, and liquid cooling are all no problem for the P190. Powering all your hardware in this case is the unique 1200W Neo-Link dual power supply system. Read on to see if this new offering from Antec’s performance series is what you need for your next system. With Intel SkullTrail platforms coming out soon this case might be perfect for it!

By Shane Higgins

Ultra M998 Midsize Black Tower PC Case Review

The Ultra m998 is an all aluminum midtower with a classic styling on the outside, but is packed with new technology on the inside. The Ultra m998 offers 11 drive bays, along with front eSATA, Firewire, and USB audio ports all in a 1.5mm thick aluminum case. Is the m998 as tough as the military truck its named for? Read on to find out how the Ultra m998 does in our testing.

By Shane Higgins

AeroCool AeroEngine-Plus ATX Case Review

The AeroCool AeroEngine Plus is an attractive mid-tower computer case with a massive 140mm blue LED front intake fan and an even larger 180mm side fan; and lets not forget the 120mm rear exhaust fan. There aren’t many cases out there that can boast this kind of air flow right out of the box. Read on as we take one of these cases for a test drive and find out how it does in the real world with a system installed in it!

By ben

AI Technology Cool Silver Thermal Interface Material

If you were to ask just about PC enthusiast “What thermal paste should I use” you would always get one answer. Today we looking at a new thermal paste from AI Technology that is looking to dethrone that one answer, read on to find out if it can. We try it out on a couple different heat sinks to see how it performs on of our test systems.

By Shane Higgins

In Win F430 Red Mid Tower ATX Gamers Case Review

Are you looking for a new case with a great looking paint job that looks custom but is actually off the shelf? Then the new Ferrari inspired F430 from In Win Development Inc. may be for you. The In Win F430 is accented with silver mesh and streamlined ventilation on side panel that has brilliant, mirror-like sheen to it thanks to automotive paint. Read on to see what LR thinks of the In Win F430 as we use one to build a system in.

By Shane Higgins

In Win BK623 Mt. Jade Tiny Tower Case Review

The In-Win Mt Jade/BK623 Tiny tower case is a mATX slim form factor chassis that is just half the size of many desktop mATX PCs. This case is designed to work with micro ATX-sized motherboard and full height audio and video cards. The chassis uses Partition Plate cooling technology, which separates the CPU fan from the heatsink to reduce back draft. With this design no case fan is needed which means better acoustic performance. Read on to see if this case is what you need!

By Shane Higgins

Sunbeam UFO Clear Acrylic Case Review

The Sunbeam UFO Acrylic Cube Case is a translucent gaming case. Featuring a top mounted, desktop style motherboard layout with space conservative placement of the power supply and input drives, the UFO is a strange marvel. Read on to see how the Sunbeam UFO Acrylic Cube Case does as we install it and use it with our quad-core gaming system.

By Nathan Kirsch

Aerocool Zero Degree ATX Computer Case

Legit Reviews brings you a look at the Aerocool Zero Degree, which is one of the more recent computer cases from Aerocool. This case is aimed at gamers and enthusiasts that are looking for great cooling. The Aerocool Zero Degree is different from most standard ATX computer cases as the motherboard actually mounts upside down. Read on to see if this case is right for you!

By Nathan Kirsch

The Antec Nine Hundred – Ultimate Gamer Case

The Antec Nine Hundred is one very hardcore black gaming case that is well worth the look. This case is designed to be used with high end gaming hardware that produces a lot of heat, as the case has been built for maximum cooling. With a perforated front bezel, three 120mm fans and a top-mounted 200mm fan this case is unlike anything that has been available on the market in recent years. If you are trying to find a case with good airflow and cooling read on!

By brian

CoolIT Systems USB Beverage Chiller Review

The next must-have computer accessory is here. The CoolIT USB Beverage Chiller is said to keep your beverage chilled thanks to a TEC cooler that is built inside. Just seconds after plugging the chiller into your computer’s USB port, the coldplate chills to 45 degrees Fahrenheit, the perfect temperature for keeping your beverage chilled. Legit Reviews puts the CoolIT USB Beverage Chiller to the test and makes sure it works.

By Nathan Kirsch

The Antec P150 Quiet PC Case Review

The Antec P150 Quiet PC Case is one of the latest cases in Antec’s Performance 1 series and packs a mean punch for under $115. With a modular 430-Watt Neo HE power supply, sound-deadening panels, a selectable 3-speed 120mm case fan and good looks the P150 might be what you are searching for.

By Nathan Kirsch

Thermaltake Matrix VX All Aluminum Case Review

The Termaltake Matrix VX is rumored to be Light as a feather, but solid as a rock. Today we take a look at Thermaltake’s new all-aluminum Matrix VX VD3000SWA computer case. The stylish mesh front panel provides maximum ventilation for the packed room at your local LAN party. Read on to see if the Matrix VX is worth your money.

By Legit Staff

Xion II Steel ATX Mid Tower Case Review

The Xion II case is a steel mid tower case that comes with everything you need in a case. This includes a 450W power supply, front and rear 120mm ball-bearing fans, and another 80mm ball-bearing fan in case window, all this at a price under $50.00. Read on as we assemble a system in the case and see what it can do.

By Legit Staff

AOpen Nouveau B-350B Case Review

The AOpen Nouveau case is an aluminum ATX Mid-Tower that screams infidelities. With a 350W proprietary Slientek power supply, a clear coated paint job, and speed controlled blue LED ball-bearing fans this is clearly a top of the line case. Read on as we assemble a system in one and give our thoughts.

By jw

Aerocool Masstige Mid-Tower Case Review

Today we look at the Aerocool Masstige, which is a mid tower case that comes in silver in black. The name according to the Aerocool box comes from ?Massive Capacity, and Prestige Design.? Take a look and find out if this storage beast has what it takes.

By yves