Cooler Master ATCS 840 Case Review

The Cooler Master ATCS 840 case is one of the newest available from Cooler Master for enthusiasts. The aluminum construction not only allows for a lighter weight but complements the thermal design seamlessly with three 230mm fans, dedicated air duct for graphics card cooling and HDD cooling module for superb cooling. Take a look at the article and see if this full tower case and see if your wish list of features was fulfilled!

By Joe Evans

Antec Skeleton Open Air PC Case Review

The Antec Skeleton is a truly revolutionary enclosure. With a unique design that allows for unprecedented airflow, a front 92mm fan, and a top three speed 250mm fan with multicolor LED customization, the Skeleton goes utterly unmatched in stylish cooling. Is the Antec Skeleton going to be the enthusiast case of the year or will it need a redesign? Read on to find out.

By Shane Higgins

AeroCool AeroRacer Pro PC Case Review

The AeroCool AeroRacer Pro PC Case is one of those cases you have to do a double take when looking at since it looks so unique. With a gigantic 400mm fan there is no doubt that the AeroRacer Pro Case is going to have good ventilation. With a tool-free design and a car-style ‘Engine Start’ power button will the AeroRacer Pro have the features you want or will it blow you away?

By Shane Higgins

Antec Veris Fusion Black HTPC Case Review

For the many consumers looking to build that Home Theater PC this holiday season, be sure to check out the Antec Veris product line. The Veris Fusion Black offers an elegant, quiet and power efficient solution that makes this HTPC case stand out from the crowding market. Read on to see if the Antec Veris Fusion Black Media Center case is right for you!

By jw

Tagan A+ Curbic Mid Tower Case Review

The Curbic is the latest mid tower chassis from Tagan and is part of their A+ case line. The Curbic is an entry level mid tower, but you can’t tell that with the sweet looking front mesh grill or side fan. Tagan designed this case to be friendly on the pocket book, but still packed with all the features you would expect in a top dollar case. Read on to see if the Tagan Curbic computer case can offer you want you want for under $60.

By Shane Higgins

NZXT Rogue Crafted Series SFF Gaming Chassis

Today, we look at the Rogue performance gaming SFF case from the NZXT crafted series. The Rogue is just that, a rogue, not quite a mid tower and not quite a traditional small form factor case. Built with a 3mm aluminum frame and fitted with the best cooling possibilities like five 120mm fans, the Rogue offers the best performance and quality for M-ATX gaming systems on the go.

By Shane Higgins

Lian Li PC-A7010 All Aluminum Full Tower Case

Today Legit Reviews is looking at the PC-A7010 full tower case from Lian Li. Lian Li is known for there high end all-aluminum cases and the new PC-A7010 is no exception. The Lian Li PC-7010 features a SATA Hot Swap HDD Cage, which means you can enjoy the ‘plug & play’ with SATA hard drives, to make your life easier! Read on to see why Lian Li is considered to be one of the best for high end cases.

By Shane Higgins

Antec Twelve Hundred Gaming Case Review

Today we bring you the Antec Twelve Hundred, the newest case from Antec’s gamer case line. The Twelve Hundred is the replacement to the Nine Hundred released last year. Antec says that the Twelve Hundred is the “Unbeatable Gaming Case.” With 12 drive bays, 7 expansion slots and space for even the largest graphics cards it just might be. Join us as we take a look and see if it is.

By Shane Higgins

Tagan Aplus CS Monolize Full Tower Case Review

Today we are looking at the CS-Monolize case from Tagan. Everyone may know Tagan for their power supplies, now they expanding to the realm of enthusiast cases, and they went big. The Tagan Monolize features a pair of huge 250mm side blue LED Fan with control on the side door for some serious airflow!

By Shane Higgins

Thermaltake Armor+ MX Midtower ATX Computer Case

The Thermaltake Armor+ MX we will be looking at today is different from the Armor cases of the past as it is not a full or super tower case, but a mid tower. THe Thermaltake Armor+ MX VH8000BWS Mid Tower Case was designed to accommodate the Thermaltake Big Water line of water cooling kits, which makes it nice for those building a DIY gaming system. Read on as we take a closer look at the Thermaltake Armor+ MX and install a water cooler in it.

By Shane Higgins

Booq Boa Laptop Case Review

Today, we take a quick look at Booq’s newest briefcase-style case for laptops, the Boa Case. We have seen evidence of Booq’s high quality and functionality when we reviewed their Python XL Backpack case. Unlike the Booq backpack, the $215 Boa Laptop case is much more conservative case looking more like a traditional laptop carrier. For this price, the Boa has to be special. Read on to see what this case is all about!

By Ken Brown

NZXT Tempest Mid Tower Gaming Case

The NZXT Tempest features breakthrough features in every category satisfying the high performance demands of PC Enthusiasts and Gamers worldwide. Tempest stakes its claim as Airflow King with 6 fans including dual intake(120mm), dual exhaust(140mm) with additional side and rear fans(120mm) all of which are included.LR takes a look at the Tempest to see what the ‘king of cooling’ is all about. Retailing for under $99 this might be one of the most popular gaming cases for 2008.

By Shane Higgins

In Win B2 Stealth Bomber ATX Computer Case

In Win has been developing some pretty interesting cases lately and the B2 Stealth Bomber is the latest ATX tower from the Xtreme Series. With an auto-sensing front door and a touch sensitive mechanism to activate the front cover this case is far from what one would expect in a computer case. Join us as we see if this tool-free case can be as stealthy as the plane its named after!

By Shane Higgins

Rosewill R6XR8-BK Black ATX Computer Case Review

The Rosewill R6XR8-BK ATX mid tower computer case is one of the latest cases from Rosewell and features a screw-less design with dual 120mm fans for good airflow. Legit Reviews takes a look at this black case to see if the beauty is only skin deep. Read on as we crack this case open to see if no tools are really required and to see what we think about the case after we install a system into it.

By ben

Vaja i-Volution SP – Leather Case for Apple iPhone Users

Ever since we received our Apple iPhone for Christmas, we have been looking have been looking for the perfect case accessory to protect our new mobile baby. With the large screen and thin design of the iPhone, you don’t want to just put it in your pocket or throw it in your backpack. In 2008, we have seen a slew of new products for Apple’s market-leading mobile device. Today, we take a quick look at the Vaja i-Volution SP, a high-end, $80 luxury case for the Apple iPhone.

By Ken Brown