Corsair Obsidian Series 700D Full Tower PC Case Review

Corsair is getting ready to announce its second PC case, the Obsidian 700D. The new 700D is positioned slightly lower than the 800D which the company debuted last year. We found the 800D to be one of best cases we have ever looked at, so we have really high hopes for the lower cost 700D. Read on to see what we think of the Corsair Obsidian 700D PC gaming chassis!

By Shane Higgins

GMC H-80 ATX Mid-Tower Gaming PC Case Review

GMC’s slogan is “Design and Innovate” and their H-80 definitely shows a lot of innovative design features. The GMC H-80 is an ATX Mid-Tower case that is solidly built and has plenty of features to make for a great system build. Four included fans provide plenty of airflow to keep even high powered systems running along nice and cool.

By Dan Boothby

NZXT Hades Black PC Gaming Case Review

The NZXT Hades is a great mainstream case with room for any video card on up to ATI’s 5970, plenty of massive high-CFM case fans, a nice simple look and high end features including three thermal sensors and screwless drive bays, all for $99.99. If you want airflow you’ll love the 5 fans as it a 200mm intake fan, dual top 140mm fans, a side 200mm fan, and a rear 120mm exhaust fan!

By austin

NZXT Tempest EVO Mid Tower Case Review

The NZXT Tempest EVO is an all black colored steel mid tower chassis that was developed with gamers in mind. Building off of the original Tempest’s design, the EVO brings advanced cooling power, expandability, and cable management. The Tempest EVO maximizes airflow circulation with Dual 120mm intake, dual 140mm top exhaust, side 120mm, and a rear 120mm fan. NZXT even redesigned the fan blade design to reduce fan noise levels and the price remains at $89.

By Dan Stoltz

Antec P193 Mid Tower ATX Case Review

Antec has a successor to the mid tower P190 case with their gunmetal gray P193 chassis. Will the upgrades put in place overcome some of the shortcomings of the original design? We build it out with some of the largest components available to see how it fares on a system build that mirrors what any gamer our enthusiast would build if they buy one of these cases!

By Joe Evans

Thermaltake Level 10 Super Gaming Case Review

If you are tired of computer cases that look like just about every other chassis out there, then Thermaltake and BMW Designworks USA have the case for you. The Thermaltake Level 10 Super-Gaming Modular Tower Chassis is the culmination of performance, design and innovation in computer chassis. Actually, this case would qualify as a super case as it is in a league of its own!

By Shane Higgins

Thermaltake Element V Full ATX Tower Case Review

The Thermaltake Element V is a full tower ATX enthusiast class case with a deceptively reserved exterior. A combination of 230mm, 200mm, and 120mm Colorshift fans provide for a unique aesthetic effect while thoroughly ventilating the case. Read on to see how this case handles our Intel LGA1366 system build and if it should be considered for your next system build!

By chris

Cooler Master HAF 932 AMD Edition Full Tower Case Review

In collaboration with AMD, Cooler Master has released an AMD edition of the critically acclaimed HAF 932 which transforms your machine into an AMD themed eye catching PC case. The HAF 932 AMD edition adds racing red to the front and is branded with the AMD dragon on the acrylic see-through side panel. Read on to see how this full tower case does in our system AMD system build!

By Dan Stoltz

Antec Nine Hundred Two Ultimate Gaming Case Review

The best-selling Antec Nine Hundred offers gamers an unbeatable enclosure, one that delivers a combination of cooling, performance and convenience that is better than most competing cases in the same price range. The newer Antech Nine Hundred Two builds on this design with improved airflow and dominating style.

By Ken Brown

AZZA Helios 910R ATX Mid Tower Case Review

The Helios 910R gaming case from AZZA is engineered to satisfy the needs of PC Enthusiasts and Gamers. With today’s gaming components producing so much heat, AZZA gave the case a 140mm fan on the top, a 230mm fan on the side panel, a 140mm on the front panel, and a 120mm fan on the back panel. Read on to see how this case does!

By Legit Staff

Thermaltake Element G Gaming Case Review

In the computer chassis industry, Thermaltake is well-renowned for their professional engineering and high-performance products. When designing the Element G case, Thermaltake engineers opted for a classic, yet dramatic look with the option to switch on a variety of case lighting effects. Read on to see if the Thermaltake Element G is the right case for gamers and enthusiasts!

By Dan Stoltz

NZXT Beta Evo Mid Tower Black Steel Computer Case

The NZXT Beta EVO is a mid tower black steel chassis that comes at a budget price of $29.99. Beta EVO features advanced cooling performance with support for up to 6 120mm fans with an option of a 140mm fan at the top. Beta EVO also provides external dual radiator support along with a meshed front panel allowing for enhanced cooling potential.

By bgiacoletti

Thermaltake SD100 mini ITX Home Theater Chassis

Thermaltake introduced the SD100 to target the Mini-ITX home theater HTPC market. With a sleek, glossy black exterior and well ventilated interior, the SD100 is designed to be functional while blending into the rest of a high tech home theater setup. Read on to see what we think of this budget friendly $85 case!

By mcollins

Cooler Master Storm Sniper Black Edition Case

Today we will be looking at the Black Edition Sniper from Cooler Master. The new and improved Sniper Black Edition includes all the features and functionality of the original Sniper, and raises the bar by including an all-black interior coating, full 2.5” SSD support and three huge Storm Force 200mm 142CFM fans!

By Shane Higgins

nMediaPC HTPC 8000 Wooden HTPC Case

nMediaPC recently introduced the first retail Wooden HTPC Case! The classic looking HTPC 8000 case not only will meet your HTPC needs, with its smart internal design, it can easily meet most any gamer’s expectations. It supports full ATX motherboard, ATX PSU and all full length video cards to boot.

By Shane Higgins