MSI to showcase future of PC gaming at CES 2016

MSI to showcase future of PC gaming at CES 2016

  Las Vegas – January 6th, 2016 – MSI Computer Corp, a leading manufacturer of computer hardware products and solutions, showcases the future of PC gaming technology with an award-winning selection of ultra-portable and desktop-replacement laptops, gaming AIOs, compact desktops, and more; including CES Innovation Honorees GS40 Phantom, Gaming 27XT, and Vortex Gaming Tower. “Gamers …more

Rise of The Tomb Raider for PC, coming January 28

Rise Of The Tomb Raider PC specifications revealed

Square Enix, publisher of the extremely popular Tomb Raider series of games, has just made the PC release of Rise of Tomb Raider official, announcing January 28 as the release date, though this was the speculated release date for quite some time.  What is now is clear are the system requirements for the game, which …more


CES 2016 – NZXT Shows off New SFF Case

NZXT Shows New SFF Case at CES 2016 NZXT, best known for their great case designs took a select group of media to an offsite location to show us their new case design which has been in development for several years.  Not much information was available, as it is all under wraps for a couple …more

D-Link Ultra Wi-Fi Router

D-Link Launches New Router Line and Unified Home Wi-Fi Network Kit

D-Link made several announcements today during CES in Las Vegas including a new high-performance line of Wi-Fi routers as well as a Unified Home Wi-Fi Network Kit with Adaptive Roaming Technology for enthusiasts, gamers, and DIY users. One of the most exciting things coming from the D-Link camp is the new line of EXO Routers …more


Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Gaming Mouse Announced With Pre-Order

The extremely popular Logitech G502 Proteus Core gaming mouse has now been updated with RGB lighting. Now slightly renamed as the Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum, the refresh recolors the mouse’s teal accents to black and the two LED light zones at the logo and DPI indicator now have customizable RGB lighting. Logitech has made it …more

Rise of the Tomb Raider free with NVIDIA GPU purchase

Rise of the Tomb Raider free with NVIDIA GPU purchase

Rise of the Tomb Raider, already a hit and only available on the XBOX ONE platform currently due to an exclusivity deal between Microsoft and Square Enix, is gearing up for launch on the PC at the end of this month, to the joy of PC gamers everywhere.  It has been long known that Rise of …more

Wi-Fi Alliance

Longer Range 900MHz Wi-Fi HaLow Introduced

The Wi-Fi Alliance has introduced an extension to the upcoming IEEE 802.11ah specification aimed at the “smart home” users and business. Dubbed, HaLow, this new specification will extend Wi-Fi into the 900 MHz band used back in the day by  home cordless phones and will allow low power connectivity necessary for smart home applications including sensor and wearable …more

Intel Optane 512GB

Intel Shows Off 512GB Optane Drive With 3D XPoint Technology That Fits in DDR4 Slot

Yesterday afternoon at Storage Visions Bev Crair, Vice President and General Manager, Storage Group at Intel Corporation was speaking and just happened to hold up an early mechanical sample 512GB NVDIMM that  utilizes 3D XPoint (Intel’s upcoming non-volatile memory technology) on the DDR4 memory interface to communicate directly with the CPU. This was particularly exciting for us as it …more


Zotac Showcases New Small PCs and PCI-E SSD at CES 2016

In a press announcement, Zotac has revealed a number of new products to be showcased at CES 2016 including several small form factor PCs and a PCI-E SSD. The new PC highlights are an updated C series ZBOX with a Skylake Intel Core i5-6300U and integrated Intel HD Graphics 520 processor and an updated M …more


Linksys Shows Off EA9500 Max-Stream AC5400 Tri-Band MU-MIMO Router

  The show floor at CES 2016 is already packed with convention folks and new products, but there are a few products getting a ton of attention. The Linksys EA9500 Max-Stream Tri-Band AC5400 Wi-Fi router is one of those products getting tremendous buzz. Even before the router was officially announced, Nate was given an exclusive look …more

Intel RealSense Drone

Intel acquires German drone manufacturer and design startup Ascending Technologies

In a pre-CES announcement featured on their official blog, Intel has signed a definitive agreement to acquire German manufacturer and designer of drones and their accompanying technology, Ascending Technologies.  Intel previously partnered with Ascending Technologies to produde RealSense 3D technology, demonstrated in the video below. While the move isn’t quite final, as the acquirement is still subject to customary closing …more

AMD Polaris GPU

AMD Reveals Polaris GPU Architecture – GCN 4.0

AMD’s Polaris Architecture was almost kept quite before CES 2016, but now AMD’s Radeon Technologies Group  has lifted the embargo holding back some of the first details of its new Polaris architecture for 2016 Radeon GPUs. AMD will be previewing the new GPUs that are said to offer solid gaming experiences at 61 percent less …more

Maingear Logo

Maingear Creates Buzz with 18-Core All-In-One Gaming PC at CES 2016   

As announcements continue to roll out from CES 2016 in Las Vegas, Maingear caught our eye with an extreme gaming machine that they are debuting. Normally, gaming machines are not anything special or unusual at CES, but this new machine from Maingear is built around a 34-inch curved Ultra-HD display. When we say, ‘built-around’ it …more


Netgear Targets Gamers and Smart Home Users at CES 2016

Netgear Targets Gamers and Smart Home Users at CES Netgear has unveiled their 2015 CES lineup with a number of announcements at their showroom suite in the Marriott Las Vegas. Many of the products announced are targeted directly towards gamers as they are the ones who mainly care about network traffic and wireless usability. The …more