Galaxy S7 Preorders Coming Bundled with Samsung Gear VR

During the unveiling of their new flagship smartphones, Samsung disclosed that each preorder for the device (Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge) will come with a shiny new Samsung Gear VR headset. They are also including multiple Made-for-VR games worth an estimated $50 USD to all preorders in the U.S. Preorders for these devices have already started. 360 …more

Unreal Engine and Vulkan API Demo On Samsung Galaxy S7 Smartphone

Unreal Engine and Vulkan API Demo On Samsung Galaxy S7 Smartphone

Epic Games revealed ProtoStar, a real-time 3D experience built with the Unreal Engine 4 game engine at Mobile World Congress 2016. The demo was run on the brand new Samsung Galaxy S7 that was also unveiled at MWC. From what we understand, ProtoStar is the first application down in public that was successfully running the the …more

LG 360 VR

LG Enters Virtual Reality Market With LG 360 VR Goggles

LG’s Flagship G5 phone Has A VR Headset Option – LG 360 VR When it comes to cell phones, you typically have only two choices when it came to using Virtual Reality. You have the Samsung Gear VR, and Google’s Cardboard, which is literally just a piece of cardboard with plastic lenses that allows you to power …more


HTC Vive Consumer Edition Pre-Orders Start Next Week At $799

HTC and Valve are finally ramping up to a consumer version release of their Head Mounted Display product known as the Vive. Reception of the new product’s pricetag was mostly agreeable, compared to the uproar for the preorder price of the competing product, Oculus’s Rift. This could be due to the fact that developers of …more

Verizon logo

Verizon 5G to Deliver Gigabit Speeds with Ultra-Low Latency

Verizon has announced that its super-fast 5G wireless broadband trails have started with the company working with Ericsson, Intel, Nokia, Samsung, and Qualcomm. Verizon says that their tests mimic real world scenarios and show their new 5G will top 1 Gbps! There are many people and companies who think Verizon’s being a bit premature, since nobody technically …more

SteamVR Performance Test

SteamVR Performance Test Released – No VR Headset Needed

Today Valve released the SteamVR Performance Test, which just happens to be the first VR performance test that we know of. This test allows end users a a free and simple way to find out if your system is ready for Steam VR? The SteamVR Performance Test features high quality 2-minute sequence from the Aperture Science Robot …more

Intel Logo

Intel Cannonlake Added To LLVM’s Clang – AVX-512

One of our readers just pointed us to a story over at Phoronix that states the future Intel desktop processors will support Clang (C language family frontend for LLVM compiler infrastructure project). We aren’t talking about Kaby Lake, the successor to Skylake referred to by many as the Skylake refresh that is due out 2H …more

ARMA III Eden Update

ARMA 3 Eden Update Brings NVIDIA HBAO+ and More!

Bohemia Interactive today introduced the Eden Update for ARMA 3!  The goal of the Arma 3 Eden Update is to enhance the game’s core usability and to cater to custom content creators in meaningful ways: Eden 3D Editor – Retaining the beloved simplicity of creating scenarios, the new editor finally adds the third dimension and a …more

nVidia GP100 Specifications

Rumor – NVIDIA GP100 Pascal GPU To Have 4 TFLOPS of Compute Peformance

Gamers and enthusiasts are getting excited about NVIDIA’s upcoming next-generation flagship GP100 GPU based on the brand new ‘Pascal’ GPU architecture. The folks over on the forums found a slide by NVIDIA CUDA Fellow Manuel Ujaldon that shows rather impressive double-precision floating-point (DPFP) performance! The slide shows 4 TFLOP/s when it comes to double precision compute performance, which …more

Paragon Gameplay Trailer

Epic Releases New Paragon Gameplay Trailer

Today, Epic Games revealed an all-new “Rush the Core” gameplay video for its upcoming MOBA, Paragon. The new video features Heroes Sparrow and Gideon rushing towards the enemy core, while Dekker gets help from Steel and Grux to defend. The gameplay footage looks rather impressive and you can possibly get a closed beta key by …more


Tim Cook and Apple in Defiance Publicly Speak Out Against Encryption Backdoors

A letter posted on Apple’s website titled “A Message to Our Customers” and dated February 16 is calling for a public discussion on strong encryption and backdoors. The letter, electronically signed by Apple CEO Tim Cook, defiantly states that Apple will not “build a backdoor to the iPhone” despite being mandated by the FBI to …more

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 Reference Card

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 LP Rumors Gain Momentum

Rumors are floating around VideoCardz that claim NVIDIA is working on releasing a new variant of the GeForce GTX 950 graphics card. Months ago we heard some whispers about a GeForce GTX 950 Ti might be coming to join the GeForce GTX 950 that debuted in August 2015, but they never really gained any steam.  The latest rumor is …more

Sega Jet Set Radio Logo

Sega offering the PC versions of Jet Set Radio and Golden Axe for Free

It’s Valentines season and Sega wants to share the war, not the love, with PC gamers by offering some classic titles up for free on Steam as part of their “Make War, Not Love 3” promotion.  Popular Sega games Jet Set Radio and Golden Axe are both available for free download, in addition to games from …more

The Talos Principle Vulkan

AMD and NVIDIA Release Vulkan 1.0 API Beta Drivers

Vulkan is the new generation, open-standard and cross-platform API for high-performance graphics that promises to end the software bottlenecks and unleash a new, rich visual gaming experience. Vulkan gives unprecedented access to all of the systems resources, which removes a lot of graphics driver overhead that which lead to higher CPU overhead and sub-optimal hardware utilization for years. This means that Vulkan …more