Kingston SMS200S3/120G mSATA SSD

Kingston mS200 120GB mSATA SSD Review

Kingston SSDNow mS200 120GB SMS200S3/120G Now that mSATA drives are really starting to grow in popularity, we are seeing more models pop up from various SSD manufacturers. Kingston has the latest one we’ve received powered by a SandForce controller paired with Toshiba NAND. The SSDNow mS200 line is part of their ‘System Builders’ series which …more

DashDrive HC630

ADATA Announces DashDrive Choice HC630 Portable Storage Drive

ADATA Adds Mystique to External Storage OptionsCompany’s New DashDrive Choice HC630 HDD Shimmers with Allure Taipei, Taiwan – October 8, 2013 – ADATA Technology, a leading manufacturer of high-performance DRAM modules and NAND Flash application products, has added another attractive storage gadget to the company’s popular DashDrive Choice family. With a USB 3.0 interface, the …more

Corsair Force LS 240GB

Corsair Force LS Series 240GB SSD Review

The Force Is With You – Again There have been a number of incarnations of the Force Series drives from Corsair with the first having the SandForce 1200 series controller. Hence the name. Most have been performance focused and were the Corsair flagship drives for a time, a title currently held by their Neutron GTX …more

Vantec NexStar HDD Duplicator Box

Vantec NexStar HDD Duplicator Review

Hassle Free Drive Duplication. We’ve seen our share of hard drive docks and even a few from Vantec, but this time they have something a little different. The NexStar HDD Duplicator also does as its name implies, it can duplicate drives on a sector-by-sector basis. The beautiful part is that it can do it independently, …more

WD My Passport Slim 1TB

WD My Passport Slim 1TB Portable Hard Drive Review

WD Gives The My Passport A High-End Luxury Makeover Chances are you have an external portable hard drive that uses the USB interface to backup your personal data. Devices like this have been around for over a decade and we are finding that most companies are having a hard time bringing new features and concepts …more

Intel Shows Off SSD Overclocking

Intel Shows PAX Attendees SSD Overclocking!

The Intel Developer Forum is next month and on the agenda is a workshop on SSD Overclocking with a new prototype Intel SSD! We were expecting to learn all about that next month, but it appears that Intel wanted to get some community feedback before IDF and they are showing off SSD Overclocking right now …more

Samsung 840 EVO

Samsung 840 EVO 500GB SSD Review

Samsung Continues To Exert Pressure Samsung has boldly inserted themselves into the forefront of the consumer SSD market with apparent ease thanks to some innovation and a few outstanding drives. Just a few years ago, no one would have even mentioned their name in the same sentence with ‘SSD’ but now they are very much …more

Affordable Portable Storage

HGST Touro Mobile Pro 500GB USB 3.0 External Hard Drive Review

An Affordable Portable USB 3.0 Drive For Back To School HGST, formerly Hitachi GST and now a Western Digital company, isn’t a brand that we often look at here on Legit Reviews, so we jumped at the opportunity to take a look at the Touro Mobile Pro 500GB USB 3.0 external storage solution. Inside this …more

Plextor M5M 128GB mSATA SSD Review

Plextor M5M 128GB mSATA SSD Review

Not too long ago, Plextor stepped out of their comfort zone and added SSD storage to their list of products. Now they’re one of the few manufacturers to delve into the mSATA SSD space which should help them get a good foothold into this market space. Of course, performance and price will have a significant influence on sales so have a look at our review of their M5M series of drives to see if they have what it takes.

Corsair Neutron GTX 240GB SSD RAID 0 Performance

Corsair Neutron GTX 240GB SSD RAID 0 Performance

Most find the speed of a single SSD to be plenty for their needs but there are some whose expectations go a little higher. For those, a pair of Corsair Neutron GTX drives in a RAID 0 array is probably more what they have in mind. We throw a couple on our test bench to see just how fast we can push them. Have a look at the article to see the results!

Icy Dock MB882SP and MB982IP Hard Drive Converter Reviews

Turn your 2.5″ SATA and SSD hard drive into a standard 3.5″ SATA drive in minutes with the ICY DOCK MB882SP-1S-1B. With universal mounting holes, the ICY DOCK MB882SP-1S-1B will fit into most common PC cases, 3.5″ HDD duplicator, 3.5″ SATA HDD enclosure, mobile rack, and backplane modules, without the need for any attachments for the 2.5″ drives. Read on to find out if a converter like this is right for you.

Seagate 600 240GB SATA III 6Gbps SSD Review

Most everyone has has owned a computer in the past few decades stands a good chance of having used a Seagate drive in their system. They’ve been a giant in the hard drive storage arena and are now turning their sights on the SSD side of things. Their 600 series is rolling out with the Link_A_Media Devices LM87800 under the hood which we’ve already seen put out some solid numbers. See how it fares on our test bench.

SanDisk Extreme II Series 120GB, 240GB and 480GB SSD Review

SanDisk Extreme II Series 120GB, 240GB and 480GB SSD Review

SanDisk follows up on it’s high performance SSD Extreme series with its launch of the Extreme II drives that take advantage of the newest Marvell 88SS9187 controller. They kick performance up overall to compete with some of the hottest drives on the market. Have a look at the article to see if it flies or flops on our test bench.

Vantec NexStar WiFi Hard Drive Dock Review

There’s a lot of hard drive docks available but few have wireless capabilities like the Ventec NexStar dock. This means expansive storage for virtually any device capable of wi-fi access. Even better, Vantec has apps for both the iOS and Android platforms making expanding storage for smart phones and tablets a snap. Have a look to see what our overall impressions were.