Antlion ModMic 5 - Modular Microphone Turns Any Headphone into a Headset

Antlion Audio ModMic 5 Modular Microphone Review

Antlion ModMic 5 – A Microphone For Any Headphone The PC and console gaming headset industry often sees manufacturers prey on uninformed consumers and sell overpriced units that simply don’t sound good or feel comfortable when compared to a decent pair of headphones from manufacturers like Sennheiser or Grado. That isn’t to say that every …more

SteelSeries Rival 310 Gaming Mouse

SteelSeries Sensei 310 ESports Gaming Mouse Review

SteelSeries Sensei 310 – Ambidextrous Eight Button Wonder Starting business over a decade ago as a mousepad manufacturer, today SteelSeries competes with the likes of Razer and Logitech in the PC gaming peripheral industry, manufacturing keyboards, headsets, mice and more. SteelSeries is a sponsor of several esports teams and often touts that their products have …more

HS50 Stereo Gaming Headset - Blue

Corsair HS50 Stereo Gaming Headset Review

The moment I start looking for a headset, I usually bypass anything less than $100, because the typical pricepoint that equates a high level of performance with an outstanding in-game experience is at least $100.  At least. That doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Corsair has done some great work in appealing to a gamer …more

Corsair ML Pro RGB - If NASA Decided To Make RGB Fans

Corsair ML140 Pro RGB Fan Kit Review

Corsair ML140 Pro RGB – Magnets Get Attractive As LegitReviews looks forward to the technological developments that 2018 will bring and I assess the year that has passed, it stood out that many of the peripherals that I reviewed over the year featured RGB lighting. I had a talk with a friend of mine the …more

CORSAIR GAMING PBT Double-shot White Keycaps

Corsair PBT Double-Shot Keycaps Review

It all started with a post in the Corsair User Forums back on February 5th, 2016 by Corsair Henry. Henry asked the Corsair community who wanted to buy double shot key caps if they available to purchase and how much money would they be willing to spend. That forum topic has garnered over 300 posts …more

CORSAIR GAMING ST100 RGB Premium Headset Stand

Corsair ST100 RGB Premium Gaming Headset Stand Review

Corsair ST100 RGB Premium Gaming Headset Stand Corsair is one of the premier peripheral and component manufacturers in the PC gaming industry and we’ve covered their products quite a bit here at LegitReviews. In their noble and righteous quest to introduce RGB lighting to every computer peripheral imaginable, Corsair recently released the ST100 RGB Premium …more

SteelSeries Rival 310 - The Best FPS Gaming Mouse?

SteelSeries Rival 310 Ergonomic Gaming Mouse Review

SteelSeries Rival 310 – The Best FPS Gaming Mouse? SteelSeries is one of the most dominant computer peripheral manufacturers in the e-sports scene and they make various products designed with the needs of competitive PC gamers in mind. The SteelSeries Rival 300 is regarded by many consumers as a great all around gaming mouse, so …more

Patriot Viper V570 RGB Blackout

Patriot Viper V570 RGB Blackout Gaming Mouse Review

Patriot Viper V570 RGB Blackout Edition Laser Gaming Mouse California-based Patriot has been in business since 1985 and while their gaming division Viper might not carry the name recognition of Logitech or Razer, they are aiming to grow their market share with unique, quality products aimed at PC gamers. I recently had the opportunity to …more

Viper Gaming LED Mouse Pad w/ USB Cable

Patriot Viper Gaming LED Mouse Pad Review

Patriot Viper Gaming LED Mouse Pad The computer peripheral lighting craze hit full steam this past year, with countless manufacturers releasing RGB peripherals designed to give users more customization options for their workstations. For years, peripherals like mice and keyboards have had RGB lighting implemented, but this year we saw the RGB craze extend into products …more

Cougar Gaming Puri TKL Keyboard

Cougar Gaming Puri TKL Mechanical Keyboard Review

Cougar Gaming Puri TKL Mechanical Keyboard When looking at the PC peripheral landscape today, we can find a variety of mechanical keyboards available from many manufacturers, some of them billion dollar companies with huge R&D budgets, others smaller companies looking to carve out a piece of the market for themselves. I recently looked at a …more

Logitech G603 and G613 Wireless Combo

Logitech G603 and G613 LightSpeed Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Review

Logitech G603 and G613 LightSpeed Wireless Peripherals LegitReviews recently had the opportunity to review the Logitech G703 LightSpeed Wireless Gaming mouse, along with the new PowerPlay Wireless Charging System, with both earning some awards along the way. The G703 LightSpeed has an amazingly comfortable shape for right handed users, along with very responsive Omron switches …more

Logitech PowerPlay Wireless Charging System w/G903

Logitech PowerPlay Wireless Charging Pad Reviewed With G903 and G703 Gaming Mice

Logitech PowerPlay Wireless Charging System Back in July, LegitReviews had the opportunity to review the flagship wireless gaming mouse from Logitech, the G900 Chaos Spectrum, which turned out to be an evolution in wireless mouse design. With the G900, we finally had a wireless mouse that could be used for any task, including competitive gaming. …more

HyperX Cloud Alpha Side View

HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset Review

HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset When it comes down to it, for any PC or console gamer who is interested in playing multiplayer games, a headset of some type is not just recommended, it borders on a necessity. Communication with your team will be ruined if a proper headphone and mic combination isn’t used, as …more

Corsair Void Pro RGB Wireless SE

Corsair VOID PRO RGB Wireless SE Gaming Headset Review

Corsair Void Pro Wireless SE RGB Gaming Headset Introduction Corsair has put out a number of gaming headsets over the years which have continued to evolve and improve as all products do to remain relevant. The Void line of headsets were well received though faced some stiff competition, especially since the gaming headset market space …more