NVIDIA Announces Enthusiast System Architecture

NVIDIA today announced the Enthusiast System Architecture or ESA for short. ESA is the new and exciting initiative to enable PC components to communicate operational information in real-time via internal USB ports to provide enthusiasts with unprecedented software control to manage the conditions within their high-end system.

By Nathan Kirsch

Folding on the Intel V8 – Eight Cores of F@H

As we know, the Intel V8 Platform features some serious processing power. In an effort to put such power to good use, we utilized the V8 system to test various Folding@Home configurations to determine which setup yields the most points per day! Read on to find out just how many PPD the V8 can get and which of our folding configurations came out on top!

By jw

How To Install Windows Vista Ultimate With RAID

Everyone wants to see Vista information and today Legit Reviews completes our installation of Windows Vista Ultimate on one of our personal machines that is running a RAID Array. Follow through as we have over 19 pictures that will walk you through installation of the 32-bit version of Vista Ultimate! This is a must read for anyone that is thinking of installing Windows Vista.

By Nathan Kirsch

In 2006 The PC Industry Shrunk and Prices Went Up

It is around this time at the start of a new year that people believe they can get off to a fresh beginning. While most people are running out getting gym memberships or buying magical patches to stop smoking, I took some time to reflect on 2006 and ponder what 2007 will hold for enthusiasts and gamers in the PC industry. Read on to check out the editorial ramblings if you dare.

By Nathan Kirsch

Dream Machine: Kentsfield + 8800GTX SLI + 680i SLI

Too much hardware has been recently launched for Legit Reviews to benchmark in such a short period of time, so we took all the products and built one killer test machine with a price tag pushing north of $4,000. The hardware is the best money can by and this is one of the only articles on the web showing a pair of XFX GeForce 8800 GTX graphics cards running in SLI.

By Nathan Kirsch

Running Folding@Home on ATI Graphics Cards

Last week Stanford University released a beta version of its Folding@Home client that runs on ATI’s Radeon X1900 and X1950 series graphics cards and today Legit Reviews takes a look at the new client. LR covers why to fold, how to fold on your GPU and how to speed up GPU folding by running 3D clock speeds on your video card. To top it all off LR announces a contest that will give out a couple of ATI Radeon X1900 series to a couple lucky people.

By Nathan Kirsch

Looking At the ForceWare Release 90 Beta Drivers

Today we take a look at NVIDIA’s new ForceWare Release 90 v91.28 BETA drivers and takk a look at the latest control panel from NVIDIA. Featuring innovative multimedia, application, and display management, as well as gaming features this is worth a look. Come take a look at what these beta drivers look like and see if it is something you want to ty out!

By brian

ASUS’s AGEIA PhysX P1 Card

Today Legit Reviews has the ASUS PhysX P1 card on the test bench, which adopted Ageia’s all-new PhysX Processing Unit (PPU) that hopes to take gamers to a completely new level of video realism. Read on and see what the card does, how much power it consumes, what games will be supported, and our general thoughts on a PPU.

By Nathan Kirsch

Dell XPS 600 Renegade Systems Sell Out

When Dell launched their $9,930 XPS 600 Renegade system last week many gamers had a new dream system, but that dream system is now sold out. We talk to Dell about the success of their XPS 600 Renegade Gaming System and tried to figure out just how many of these systems were made.

By Nathan Kirsch

Building Your Own Computer (DIY) Guide

Now that Legit Reviews has been doing system guides since the start of 2006 one of the most asked questions is how to put one of these systems together. We recently had a reader in the St. Louis area order in our March 2006 Do-It-Yourself Mainstream Intel System and we were there to document the build.

By Nathan Kirsch

LR’s Monthly Editorial: January 2006

It is around this time at the start of a new year that people believe they can get off to a fresh beginning. While most people are running out getting gym memberships or buying magical patches to stop smoking, those in the tech industry find themselves trekking out the first week of the year to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

By Nathan Kirsch

The Future of Computer Memory: 2GB+

Today we have an editorial by Nathan Kirsch on the future of computer memory and what he believes is the right memory for you. With Windows Vista due out in 2006 and time running out in 2005 his recommendations for system memory has changed for professional users, gamers, and enthusiasts. Read on to see what made him change his mind.

By Nathan Kirsch

Is Mobile Processing For Enthusiasts?

In terms of notebooks they have advanced greatly over the past couple years. They have gone from bulky black suit cases to small wireless workstations that can easily play current game titles. If you say “Centrino” everyone knows what you are talking about, but are notebooks worthy enough to be considered by enthusiasts?

By Nathan Kirsch