BIOSTAR Hi-Fi A85W Motherboard Review


RAM Disk Performance Testing

RAMDISK is a free utility where we can allocate a portion of our memory and convert that to a Volatile storage device, and we can use this Volatile storage device for various things that can help improve our overall computer’s performance. We can use this volatile storage as a ready boost (for those who are using HDDs for their Operating Systems) or use RAMDisk temporary files for windows or for specific programs to utilize as a temporary folder.

Crystal Disk Mark

Hi-Fi A85W CDM RAMDisk

During our RAM Disk testing we can see the superiority of Intel’s Quad channel X79 based platform. As we compare the older Llano APU to the newer Trinity based APU, we can see that even though the memory bandwidth of the Biostar Hi-Fi A85W motherboard is hindered, it still manages to outperform the older Llano APU based platform.


Hi-Fi A85W HDTune RAMDisk Read
Hi-Fi A85W HDTune RAMDisk Write

Looking at HDTune’s performance testing of RAM Disk reconfirms that the Trinity APU clearly is outperforming the older Llano APU based platform.

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