BIOSTAR Hi-Fi A85W Motherboard Review


Hi-Fi A85W Packaging

Hi-Fi A85W Box Main

Biostar keeps the packaging of the Hi-Fi A85W motherboard pretty simple. We are giving just enough information to let you know what this particular motherboard is capable of providing us, and its primary key feature. This main feature that is predominate on the Hi-Fi A85W motherboard is the high quality sound system: the onboard audio. Also Biostar lets us know that this motherboard is Windows 8 compatible, and this review will be run on Microsoft’s newest Operating System Windows 8.

Hi-Fi A85W Box Opened

Biostar keeps the accessories pretty simple; there is not a whole lot that gets included, just the absolute basics just for us to get this motherboard up and running. I will go more into what gets included in a few.

Hi-Fi A85W Box Motherboard

As is the traditional style of packaging, the Hi-Fi A85W motherboard is wrapped inside of an anti-static bag, which is placed on the lower compartment of the box itself.

Hi-Fi A85W Accessories

As I mentioned earlier there is not a lot that comes with this motherboard. We get 4 SATA cables, a Driver disk, an instruction manual, and finally the rear IO plate cover.

Hi-Fi A85W Motherboard

This is what the Biostar Hi-Fi A85W motherboard looks like once it has been removed from the confines of the box and the anti-static bag.

So far my first initial thoughts of this motherboard are rather pleasant. The board does appear to be well laid out, but we will go more into detail on the layout on the next page.

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