BIOSTAR Hi-Fi A85W Motherboard Review


SiSoftware 2013 1919 Memory Performance

The motherboard with the lowest memory divider determined the base frequency of the memory. This will give us a better comparison with each of the tested computer configurations. In this case it was the MSI A55M P33 motherboard that could operate the memory at a maximum speed of 1866MHz with 10-10-10-30 2T timings. All other tested platforms will be using the same exact memory and frequency.

SiSoft Memory Bandwidth

The Sisoftware Sandra 2012 SP3 benchmark utility just came out a few weeks ago and we have started to include it in our benchmarking. Sandra 2012 comes with support for Virtualisation (Virtual PC/Server, Hyper-V, VMware) and GPGPU (OpenCL, DirectX 11 DirectCompute), but today we will be using the program to look at memory and CPU performance!

Memory Bandwidth

Hi-Fi A85W Memory Bandwidth

Looking at SiSoft memory bandwidth testing we can see that the AMD Trinity 5800k has a bit lower overall memory bandwidth than its predecessor the AMD Llano 3870K APU. The question remains, will this slight memory performance loss effect the overall outcome of our computers?


Hi-Fi A85W Memory Latency

Once again SiSoft prefers the AMD Llano 3870K APU over the newest APU the Trinity 5800K when it comes to the latency of the memory.

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