Gigabyte BRIX S BSi7-6500 Front Panel

Gigabyte BRIX S BSi7H-6500 Ultra Compact PC Kit Review

Gigabyte’s BRIX Mini PCs Get Skylake Processors Today we have Gigabyte BRIX S Ultra Compact PC Kit in the hot seat. This isn’t the Gigabyte BRIX S BXi5H-5200 Ultra Compact PC Kit that we reviewed last year, but rather the Gigabyte BRIX S BSi7H-6500 Ultra Compact PC Kit. This is one of the many revamped …more

Intel Compute Stick - Intel Atom x5-Z8300 Processor

Intel Compute Stick STK1AW32SC Review with Cherry Trail

Intel Compute Stick Gets The Latest Intel Atom Processor – Cherry Trail The Intel Compute Stick was introduced in April 2015 and received a luke warm welcome as the tiny HDMI computer stick certainly had a number of faults.  Most people need to keep in mind that the Intel Compete Stick was a first generation product …more


Intel NUC NUC5PGYH Review – Complete Mini PC w/ Windows 10

Intel NUC NUC5PGYH – The First NUC That Comes With Windows! The Intel Next Unit of Computing (NUC) mini PC debuted in 2012 as a barebone kit that consisted of just a mainboard with a 22nm Ivy Bridge Processor, CPU cooler, enclosure, VESA mounting bracket and an external power supply. Over the past several years Intel …more


ECS LIVA X2 Review – Fanless Mini-PC Powered By Intel Braswell

ECS LIVA X2 Fanless Compact PC Review When the ECS LIVA Windows Based Mini PC Kit came out in the summer of 2014 it was a pretty nifty little system that ran pretty good considering it only cost $135. Without breaking the bank you could purchase an ECS LIVA, assemble the included hardware and then put …more

G.Skill Ripjaws V and ASUS Z170 Deluxe

Intel Core i7-6700K Cache Overclocking With DDR4 3600 MHz Memory

Last week I looked at DDR4 memory scaling from 2133MHz to 3866MHz on the new Intel 6th Generation Core i7-6700K ‘Skylake’ processor. Since that article was published I’ve received a number of kind and helpful letters from the overclocking community, board makers and memory companies with ideas on how to get even better memory performance. …more

Intel Core i7-6700K CPU

Intel Core i7-6700K Skylake Processor Review

Intel Core i7-6700K Processor – Our First 14nm Skylake CPU Review! Intel today launched the 6th Generation Intel Core i7-6700K and Core i5-6600K processors along with the Intel Z170 at Gamescom in Germany. Intel released these two new 14nm ‘Skylake’ unlocked K-Sku processors at Gamescom to show that Intel remains dedicated to PC gaming. Intel believes …more

AMD A10-7870K APU

AMD A10-7870K Godavari APU Review

AMD Introduces The A10-7870K Kaveri APU Back on May 28th, 2015 AMD introduced the new A10-7870K  Accelerated Processing Units (APU) as part of the Kaveri refresh. Legit Reviews just got our hands on the AMD A10-7870K APU and it’s our first ‘new’ APU that we’ve been able to test since our Kaveri launch article in July …more

2015 Broadwell Build

Moving From Intel Ivy Bridge 3770K to Intel Broadwell 5775C

Our Final Intel Z97 Build with Broadwell – Z97’s Last Hurrah Back in 2012 we built a custom mini-ITX gaming PC that featured an Intel Ivy Bridge processor, Intel Z77 motherboard, NVIDIA Kepler GPU, SuperSpeed USB 3.0 and water cooling. The original build cost on our system in 2012 was $2600, so it was a …more

Intel Core i7-5775C Processor

eDRAM Overclocking on the Intel Core i7-5775C Broadwell CPU

When we reviewed the Intel Core i7-5775C ‘Broadwell’ processor with Intel Iris Pro 6200 graphics we completed the review with the 128MB of eDRAM locked at 1800MHz. The eDRAM cache in the 4th and 5th generation Intel Core Processors is a 16 way cache which can cache data from both the CPU and GPU. After the …more

Intel Core i7-5775C Processor

Intel Core i7-5775C Broadwell Processor Review

Intel Core i7-5775C – Broadwell Gives 9 Series Boards Last Shot At Glory Earlier this month Intel launched their 5th Generation Core ‘Broadwell’ processors for both desktop and laptop solutions. This processor series is the first to be built on the 14nm manufacturing process and is a ‘tick’ in Intel’s tick-tock cadence that they have …more

AMD’s 6th Generation A-Series Mobile Processor – Carrizo

AMD Launches their 6th Generation Mobile APU On Tuesday, June 2nd AMD launched their 6th generation A-Series processor designed to enhance the tasks that users of mid-range laptops most commonly use; such as email, music, video streaming, content management and online gaming. In addition, with Windows 10 coming very soon, AMD has worked closely with …more

Broadwell CPU Die Shot

Intel Launches 10 Broadwell CPUs – Two Socketed for Desktop

Intel has finally launched their 5th Generation Core ‘Broadwell’ processors that for socketed desktop and laptop platforms! Intel already has Core M and Broadwell-U processors on the market built using basically the same 14nm manufacturing process and architecture, but they had to stagger the complete processor release due to rumored yield issues that caused production …more

Intel NUC5i7RYH


Intel NUC Gets It’s Very First Core i7 Processor! The Intel Next Unit of Computing (NUC) was released in 2012 to little fanfare, but Legit Reviews quickly fell in love with the tiny little PC and thought that there was potential in the potent little systems after the first time we used one. Over the past …more

Intel Compute Stick

Intel Compute Stick Review – Windows 8.1 PC For Under $150

Intel Compute Stick Will Make Your Dumb TV Smarter Than Ever! How we access the internet on a daily basis has drastically changed over the past five years and there has been a clear shift away from the desktop PC. Intel knows that the market is changing and doesn’t want to miss out on the shifting …more