Intel Pentium G4400 Processor Review – Budget Skylake

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Intel Pentium G4400 Skylake Processor – A Low-Cost Gamers Skylake Processor?

When Intel releases a new processor family, we immediately start seeing reviews and opinions on the enthusiast grade processors such as the i5-6600K and the i7-6700K, both of which are great processors, however there is a downside; they are some of the more expensive processors.  Not everybody wants to spend a lot of money on a new processor nor does everybody need the added features and power of these processors.  Because of this, Intel releases a range of processors that start at $64.99 with free shipping, such as the Intel Pentium G4400, and quickly moves up in price depending on your need.

Intel Pentium G4400 Box

Intel Pentium G4400 Retail Box

Why would somebody want to look at a processor such as the Pentium G4400?  For a low cost processor, its specifications are pretty decent for an average home use type processor.  It is a dual core processor that can handle 2 threads at a time at 3.3GHz with a TDP of 54W.  Beyond that, it has many of the features of other Skylake processors such as support for up to 64GB of DDR4 or DDR3L memory in dual channel.  Integrated graphics are provided by the Intel HD Graphics 510, that will utilize a maximum of 1.7GB of memory, in addition it provides for resolutions up to 4096×2304 @60Hz using Display Port in addition to supporting up to 3 displays.

Other more advanced technologies that is supported by the G4400 is Virtualization, AES N-I, and Secure Key.  What it doesn’t support though is Turbo Boost, vPro, Hyper-Threading and a few other Intel Technologies that many home users will have little use for.

Intel Pentium G4400 CPU

Intel Pentium G4400 SR2DC CPU

Taking a look at the Intel Pentium G4400, the Integrated Head Spreader has the typical markings on it.  Here we see the S-Spec of SR2DC and the clock speed of 3.3GHz.  We then find the batch number which is X540C198.

Intel Haswell versus Skylake Pins

Intel Haswell versus Skylake

Taking a look at the bottom of the processor, it looks identical to other Skylake processors, which makes sense as it uses the same motherboard chipset.  The Pentium G4400 is a LGA 1151 socket processor.  Like other recent Intel processors, it has the capacitors in the middle, with the usual pins arranged around it.  As we expect, with each new chipset, Intel changes the pin and key location to make sure you are installing the processor into the right socket.

Intel Pentium G4400 CPU Cooler

Intel Pentium G4400 CPU Cooler

The Intel Pentium G4400 includes a basic CPU cooler that is designed to keep the processor running within it’s thermal tolerance.  Those that are familiar with coolers know that the include CPU cooler doesn’t do a great job at cooling the processor, but it does work.

Intel Pentium G4400 Installed

Intel Pentium G4400 Installed in EVGA Z170 FTW

We will be using the EVGA Z170 FTW motherboard to benchmark and test the Intel Pentium G4400.  Let’s take a quick look at the test system for the Intel Pentium G4400 before we get to doing some benchmarks.

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  • PoorGam3r

    What is the best pentium processor?

    • George

      Pentium G4560 is all-around great choice. Neat i3 level Performance. It supports hyperthreading, and thus yields 4 threads of processing.

  • Hello.

    I’m pretty sure this statement is wrong: “No power management, means you can’t increase the voltage to the processor.”

    I’m currently running a G3900 on a Gigabyte GA-Z170MX-Gaming 5 motherboard with BIOS version F4d, and I’ve manually set the CPU’s core voltage at 1,28V. The reason why I set that exact voltage is, because I’m running a second configuration with a Gigabyte GA-Z170X-Gaming G1 motherboard and an i7-6700K, and I’ve measured with a digital datalogging multimeter on the dedicated measuring points on that motherboard, that the maximum voltage it supplies for the i7-6700K under full load is 1,28V, so I decided to OC my G3900 to 4200MHz (the speed i7-6700K is running at by default) with that voltage and it’s working like that 24/7 for about 2 weeks now, no BSOD’s or any other problems for now. So I’m not sure what’s the situation with your test motherboard, but you should be able to set your CPU voltage manually through the BIOS and maybe get better OC results with your G4400.

    Good luck :).

  • Silgiolo

    What motherboard (NOT expensive!) and what bios to overclock a G4400 ?





  • This is a good budget processor by Intel and a good contender for a budget gaming rig. However, I’ve used an i3 in my 500 dollar gaming pc build:

  • Amit Chakraborty

    intel 4400 is 64bit?

  • Scott Sting

    Great review and amazing amount of information on the processor. I was a little shocked when I looked up the video card that you used. The price of the video card seems a little excessive for a budget computer build. How well do you think the Pentium 4400 would do with a budget card like a Ti960 or something that costs around $100.00 or so. Would I see better gaming performance with an i3 processor paired with the Ti960 graphics card. I would love to get the card you mentioned but that would cost about 95% of what I wanted to spend on my new budget mini itx system.

    • Ray

      Hey! Since with a GTX970 there’s such a small gap, with a lower end card you will be even more safe. Games are 99% GPU bound, and if you’re looking for the best price/performance ratio the lower you go on the Intel line, the better value you get. Get a Skylake or Haswell Pentium. I’d say even a Celeron will be fine. Just keep your budget on the GPU.

    • Tom Anderson

      For a “gaming” rig, I’ve heard that at least 25% of the budget should be on the GPU, if not more.