Jen-Hsun Huang Kicks Off GTC 2014

NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang Talks GeForce GTX 970 Memory Specifications

NVIDIA took a beating when gamers found out that the GeForce GTX 970 video card has a different memory architecture than the GeForce GTX 980. NVIDIA was fairly quite on the situation, but did explain why the performance drop was happening and pointed out that it was an oversight between some folks internally as to …more

FCC Logo

FCC Pressed to Release Net Neutrality Rules

Key lawmakers have asked the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Tom Wheeler to make public his proposal for Net Neutrality regulations before Thursday’s commission vote on the measure. Widely seen as a partisan vote, Congressional Republicans have been fighting to quash any proposal introducing rules and regulations on Net Neutrality.  This latest tactic attempts to …more

Intel Core i7 Processor

Rumor: Intel Likely To Delay 14nm Skylake Desktop Processors

Digitimes is reporting that Intel might be pushing back the release of its 14nm Skylake desktop processors along with the associated Intel 100-series of chipsets that are needed for motherboard vendors to build platforms for the upcoming processor. Leaked roadmaps showed that Intel was originally planning on releasing the processors around the time of Computex …more

Petri Korhonen

Finnish Overclocking Legend SF3D Calls It Quits After 12 Years

We just learned that Petri ‘SF3D’ Korhonen is calling it quits from overclocking. He’s been overclocking a making headlines for over a decade, but is best remembered from AMD’s PR stunt in Las Vegas back in 2009 where Sami Makinen, Sampsa (Sampsa) Kurri, Petri (SF3D) Korhonen, and Pete Hardman used liquid helium to push an AMD …more

Intel NUC replaceable lid

Intel Releases 3D Printing Files To Make Your Own Intel NUC Replaceable Lids

Do you happen to have a 3D Printer and are a fan of the Intel NUC? The latest Intel NUC models have replaceable lids and Intel is wanting people to create their very own replaceable lid if they have the desire to do so. Intel has some open internal headers on the latest Intel NUC kits …more


Online University Students Give Up Privacy Thanks To ProctorTrack

Online Students at Rutgers University are finding that attending online classes might not be as easy as they originally thought. Rutgers Univeristy uses ProctorTrack software that requires students to record their facial features, knuckles and personal identification details (photo ID) to verify their identity. Think that is bad? Once the software biometrically confirms who you are it …more


The Federal Government Might Start Tracking Your Couch Time

The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) released its final report of recommendations to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Thursday. The report was done by the committee consisting of 14-members and is the result of 18-months of work. The report is of interest to many as it …more

SR-64HXA Adapter

Sony Releases SR-64HXA microSD Card Designed For Premium Sound

Sony has launched a 64GB microSD card aimed at audiophiles that are looking for the best audio quality possible. While the storage capacity and speeds of the card haven’t changed, Sony has sorted the parts and materials in this card to optimize the sound quality. For example they used precious metals to plate the contacts of …more

TT Pacific DIY Water Cooling Parts

Thermaltake DIY Water Cooling Parts Now Available at Newegg

At CES 2015 our friends over at Thermaltake unveiled new DIY water cooling kit parts. We just found out that those new pumps, reservoirs, and water blocks are in-stock and available to purchase on Newegg! The rather unique looking Thermaltake Pacific P1 Black D5 pump (part number CL-W026-PL00BL-A) is the heart of the new DIY …more


NVIDIA To Allow GeForce 900M Overclocking in Notebooks Again

NVIDIA taketh away and NVIDIA giveth back. Earlier this month NVIDIA released a new GeForce driver build (GeForce Driver 347.29) that disabled the overclocking features on some notebook users with GeForce GTX 980M graphics. NVIDIA played it off by basically saying that overclocking should have never been enabled in the first place. “Unfortunately GeForce notebooks were not designed to …more


Current Dropbox Users Eligible For 100GB of Free OneDrive Storage

Microsoft is currently giving out 100GB of free OneDrive storage for 1 year to anyone that currently has a Dropbox account in the United States.  Microsoft is calling it a ‘gift’ to current Dropbox users for installing OneDrive. To get the 100GB of cloud storage you’ll need to visit the hyperlink above and verify both your OneDrive …more


NVIDIA GRID Gaming Service Almost To 40 Game Titles

NVIDIA launched the GRID on-demand gaming service in November 18th, 2014 with 20 games. NVIDIA promised to add new game titles every week and it looks like they have kept their promise. Since the cloud gaming service was rolled out NVIDIA has released hit game titles like Batman: Arkham Origins, Psychonauts, Stacking, Revolver 360 RE:Actor …more


Lenovo Bloatware Called Malware – Remove ‘Superfish’ From Your Laptop

Lenovo, the world’s largest PC maker, has been busted by having a pre-installed bloatware program that was found to be very virus-like. The software was made by a company called “Superfish” and is basically an Internet browser add-on that injects ads onto websites you visit.  This software also opens security holes that make your laptop more vulnerable …more

mark cuban

Mark Cuban Says Net Neutrality Will ‘F*ck Everything Up’

Mark Cuban is no stranger to technology and thanks to his popularity and Billionaire status, his no holds barred comments get big time media attention. Mr. Cuban spoke and the Code/Media conference on Wednesday and the conversation went to what the FCC is planning on doing with net neutrality and things got very interesting. You …more