Alienware VR Backpack

Alienware’s Mobile VR Backpack The Future Of PC Gaming?

Earlier this week at E3 the folks over at Alienware showed off an early design of their portable VR-ready PC that is built into a fairly slick-looking backpack. Legit Reviews got a chance to see it in the booth on the show floor and it looks pretty good. Alienware is one of a handful of companies that …more

Alienware Area 51 Desktop Gaming PC E3 2016 (6)

Alienware Displays Area-51 Desktop Gaming PC at E3 2016

Alienware promoted their Area-51 Gaming PC among other products at their station during E3 2016. The Area-51 is a high end gaming PC which features Intel’s i7 processor with each model in the line starting at $1,699.99 USD to $4,999.99 USD for the higher end model. The display information stated that the new Area-51 line …more

E3 2016 Nyko SpeakerCom

Nyko Debuts Xbox One and PS4 Controllers at E3 2016

Nyko debuted two new products during this year’s E3 Expo: The Nyko’s Intercooler Grip for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and the Nyko SpeakerCom for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Intercooler Grip utilizes fans within the unit (attached to the console controller) to provide airflow to the hands of the gamer. The Intercooler Grip is …more


Nintendo Takes the “V” Out of VR with Pokemon GO

Nintendo Takes the “V” Out of VR with Pokemon GO One game that I am personally excited for, as I am sure any die hard Pokemon fan would be, is Pokemon GO. Nintendo takes the “V” out of VR (Virtual Reality) games and just leaves the “R”. Classified as a RWA game or Real World …more


Alienware Displays 13-inch OLED Notebook at E3 2016

  During E3 2016 Alienware promoted their new 13 inch OLED gaming laptop (starting at $1,299.99 USD) which features the 6th Generation i5 processor, 8GB of memory, and the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M with 2GB GDDR5. The $1,399.99 model includes the Graphics Amplifier and provides users with the i7 processor rather than the i5, 16GB …more

elder scrolls legends

E3 Attendees Test Elder Scrolls: Legends, Free Beta Available!

Elder Scrolls now has a card game to go along with their franchise: Elder Scrolls: Legends (published by Bethesda Softworks and developed by Dire Wolf Digital) which was displayed for users to test during E3 2016.  The game has the feel of Blizzard’s Hearthstone but definitely has elements which provide noticeable contrast. One which stood …more


A New Direction for Call of Duty Shown at E3 2016

A New Direction for Call of Duty It has been quite obvious that for the past four years the Call of Duty franchise has been going downhill regardless of which developer gets their hands on it. With their fans barely holding loyalty by a thread, Infinity Ward promises to return Call of Duty back to …more

Sony psvr

Sony Shows Its Strength in Virtual Reality at E3 2016

Sony Takes Lead on Virtual Reality Front As video games enter the dawn of easy accessible virtual reality Sony has done more than enough to solidify their spot at the top. Although Sony already stole the show with God of War and Horizon, their main show floor showcased the Playstation VR. In terms of hardware …more

King of Fighters XIV

King of Fighters XIV Debuts at E3 2016

King of Fighters XIV Debuts at E3 2016 The King of Fighters franchise has not always been the most popular fighting game series in the United States. Despite its small fanbase KoF XIII was widely praised for both its gameplay and art direction and became well known in the the fighting game community. That was nearly …more

AT&T Missouri Outage

AT&T Cellular Service Outage in St. Louis, Rolla and Columbia

If you live around St. Louis in Missouri and have AT&T as your mobile carrier you might have noticed that you don’t have any data or voice service today. Impacted areas include Wentzville, Clayton, Lake St. Louis, St. Peters and O’Fallon. We noticed the issue when we went to lunch as some metro areas are …more


Alienware Displays New Alpha Compact Desktop PC at E3 2016

At E3 2016 Alienware has models of their new Alpha Compact Desktop up for display for enthusiasts to test. The new Alpha starts at $599.99 USD and features the 6th Generation Intel Core i3 processor, Windows 10 Home, and 8GB Memory. For $350 ($949.99) enthusiasts have the selection of the Alpha Compact Desktop with the …more

Nyko Charge Block Duo E3 2016

Nyko Displays New Charge Block Duo at E3 2016

Nyko’s new Charge Block Duo (displayed at E3 2016) features two charging stations within one device. Each station is designed for either an Xbox One or PS4 controller but can be connected to each other to create a charge block for both consoles. The Charge Block Duo can also be separated for individual use. The …more

Nyko Charge Block Solo E3 2016

Nyko Displays New Charge Block Solo at E3 2016

Nyko’s New Charge Block Solo is on display at their E3 2016 booth. The Charge Block Solo is sold individually as opposed to its counterpart (Nyko Charge Block Duo) which allows for an easy plug and charge for individual controllers. The Charge Block Solo’s front panel can be removed to connect to the back of …more

Alienware Gaming E3 2016

Alienware Shows Off New Aurora Desktop PC at E3 2016

Alienware Shows of New Aurora Desktops on E3 Floor Alienware puts their new Aurora Desktop PC up for display at E3 2016. The line of desktop PCs starts at $799.99 USD and the higher end model sells for $1,949.99 USD. The $799.99 USD Aurora Desktop features the 6th Generation Intel Core i3 processor, Windows 10 …more