Xbox One Wireless Adapter Is Available For Purchase

It’s been roughly 2 years since Microsoft debuted the well awaited Xbox One. The console had a completely redesigned controller for a better gaming experience. On the other hand, due to hardware limitations, the wireless controller would not be compatible with a PC based systems, unless used with a wired connection and the appropriate Windows drivers. …more

Intel Logo

Intel To Invest Up To $5.5 Billion More Into Non-Volatile Memory

What is Intel up to? The chip giant today announced plans to increase its investment by up to $5.5 Billion USD  in its non-volatile memory plant in Dalian, China over the coming years.  Intel and Micron introduced the jointly developed 3D NAND and 3D XPoint technologies earlier this year.  Intel has been working diligently on …more


SilverStone Raven RVX01 Mid-Tower Chassis Sneak Peek

Today, TechPowerUp has received an exclusive sneak peek of SilveStone’s latest Raven series ATX mid-tower chassis, the Raven RVX01. The RVX01 is aimed mainly for the enthusiast gaming community, with the internal components of the system being rotated by 90 degree to provide better thermodynamics for all the hardware components inside the chassis. This top-oriented motherboard design …more

Microsoft Easy Trade Up

Last Day To Get $200 From Your Six Year Old Laptop – Microsoft Easy Trade Up Program

The Microsoft Easy Trade Up program is coming to an end today. The program was designed to get people to purchase a new Windows 10 system. If you purchase a qualifying system that is over $599, you’ll get $200 for your old Windows laptop or $300 for an old Macbook by sending it to them. The lowest priced qualifying …more


Intel’s Fully Configured “Braswell” NUC (NUC5PGYH) is Now Shipping

With Mini-PCs on the rise, and the greater need for small, low powered systems, Intel finally released their first fully configured Next Unit of Computing (NUC) mini-PC, the NUC5PGYH. Intel’s Braswell NUC system comes pre-installed with Windows 10 on a board that features the low power (6W TDP) Intel Pentium Processor N3700, with a 1.6 GHz processor …more

PC says what?

PC Does What!? The Huge $70M Advertising Push To Promote PCs

Intel, Microsoft, HP, Dell and Lenovo have teamed up for a PC campaign that would help promote how much better PCs have become in recent years. The group of companies have teamed up to produce a $70 million ad push called the “PC Does What!?” campaign. The campaign, scheduled to begin October 19th, 2015 in the U.S. and China, will …more

fallout 4

Fallout 4 Trailer Released – The Wanderer Trailer

Fallout 4 is set to be released by Bethesda on November 10th and they have released a live-action trailer for the game on Youtube that looks great. The one minute long trailer shows the official Fallout 4 TV spot according to the Bethesda Softworks Twitter account. Fallout 4 is so close, we can almost taste it! The …more

NVIDIA Geforce Experience

NVIDIA GeForce Experience – Changes How You Get Game Ready Drivers

NVIDIA held a press briefing yesterday hosted by Henry Lin, product manager for GeForce Experience, that covered some new features that are coming to the NVIDIA GeForce Experience (GFE). The tweaks to GeForce Experience include updates on Share, Stream, and how you get NVIDIA’s Game-Ready drivers. The big news from the new changes is that NVIDIA is going …more

Inateck FE2008C

Inateck FE2008C – 2.5-inch Drive Enclosure With USB Type-C Coming Soon

If you’ve been waiting for an affordable 2.5-inch HDD/SSD enclosure that features USB Type-C connectors your wait is almost over. We have learned that Inateck has launched a new portable tool-free drive enclosure, model FE2008C, that is currently shipping to retailers around the world. Inateck says that they came out with the FE2008C since the …more


Deepcool Tristellar PC Case Mod by Bill Owen Slowly Selling

When we first learned that Deepcool was releasing a limited number of limited edition Tristellar S PC cases that were modded and signed by Bill Own at Newegg for $599 plus $19.99 for shipping shipping, we were very curious to see how fast they’d sell.  Don’t think for a second that we are questioning the work of Bill …more

AMD Logo

NVIDIA Hires Phil Rogers After Being With AMD For 21 Years

AMD has been making some internal changes in recent weeks with the most notable being that they reorganized itself to create the Radeon Technologies Group so that their graphics division and its employees were together again in one single group. AMD selected Raja Koduri to head the new Radeon Technologies Group and this move was seen as largely positive. …more

AMD Ruby

AMD Catalyst 15.10 Beta Video Card Drivers Released

AMD has released Catalyst 15.10 Beta video card drivers! This driver improves the DX12 quality and performance on Ashes of the Singularity and resolved issues on the aforementioned game title as well as Star Wars: Battlefront Beta. The driver also fixes a TDR error that some were experiencing while watching 4K YouTube video clips, playback issues on Cyberlink PowerDVD …more

nvidia gsync

NVIDIA GeForce 358.59 Hotfix Video Card Driver Released

NVIDIA released GeForce Hotfix video card driver 358.59 yesterday that fixes a performance issue that was impacting NVIDIA G-Sync when run in both full-screen and windowed mode. If you are running panel that has NVIDIA GeForce G-Sync technology you’ll want to download this hot fix driver and give it a shot! Some users are also reporting …more


Netgear To Release Patch to Fix Wireless Router Vulnerability

Users affected by a vulnerability in certain Netgear Routers, most recently highlighted by a BBC report, will be provided with a firmware update on October 14, according to Netgear.  Representatives from Compass Security, a Swiss internet research and security firm, say that the vulnerability allows attackers to gain access to the router settings without needing to provide …more