Gunnar Sues Upstart Gaming Glasses Company NoScope

Gunnar Optiks have brought a legal claim against NoScope Glasses claiming that NoScope has infringed on Gunnar’s patents.  These patents included technology centered around tented lenses and curved frames.  On the surface, this doesn’t seem to be enough for a huge legal dust up, but just below the surface, this could be a reaction from …more

Image Courtesy of Fudzilla

AMD Next Generation Graphics Codenamed Caribbean Islands

Long time friend and fellow PC hardware lover Fuad over at Fudzilla believes that AMD Next-Gen Graphics will be called Caribbean Islands. His sources say the new GPUs will be ready to launch in the summer of 2015 if all goes as planned. We expect to learn more about AMD’s roadmap during their February 2015 …more

ASUS X99A Intel X99 Motherboard Layout

Intel Pulls RSTe Drivers For Haswell-E X99 Platform Due To Issues

Intel has reportedly removed it’s latest Rapid Storage Technology drivers (RSTe Version that allowed Intel X99 motherboards to support up to ten SATA III 6Gbps drives at a time. That leaves Intel X99 owners only the ability to download and use Intel RST 13.1 ( V13.1.0.1058) client storage drivers that support up to 6 ports …more

conflict mineral miner

Intel Meets Goal For Conflict-Free Minerals in 2014 On Consumer Microprocessors

Enthusiasts love Intel desktop and mobile processors, but chances are they are not thinking about what materials were used to make that processor when they are gaming or overclocking. The honest truth is that for decades many of the minerals needed to make processors came from conflict regions where the violence of war and oppression …more

Intel NUC

Intel NUC 2.0 Rock Canyon Broadwell System Images Posted By Intel!

The Intel NUC (Next Unit of Computing) has been a hit for Intel, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that NUC 2.o is right around the corner. Intel hasn’t been good at keeping things quiet though and a ton of information has been leaked online about the upcoming Broadwell powered NUC 2.0 …more

Corsair Neutron XT 240GB SSD

Corsair Releases Neutron XT SSD Series Pricing

The Corsair Neutron XT 240GB SSD looked pretty good when we took a look at an early production sample last month, but we weren’t given any guidance from on pricing. Overnight we received word that the official estimated street pricing before any sales or rebates would be as follows. Corsair Neutron XT 240GB – $149.99 …more


Windows 7 KB3004394 Update Causes Driver Issues For Many

Overnight we got word from AMD that a recent Microsoft Windows update has been causing video card driver installation failures. Gamers have been telling us that they are having issues installing AMD’s recently released Catalyst Omega driver and it looks like the driver was to be blamed. AMD has been looking into the issue and …more

2014 golden globes

Amazon Beats Out Netflix For Golden Globe Nominations!

Netflix and Amazon will face off for a Golden Globe! The nominations for the 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards have been announced and Netflix has received seven nominations and Amazon has received two. The nominations are seen as a huge victory for Amazon, which received its first major award nominations ever for its first series, …more

Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay – Plundered Again

The much maligned and troubled yet popular bit-torrent web site The Pirate Bay has once again been shut down after a raid by Swedish authorities. Police seized servers in Stockholm after a complaint was filed by the Rights Alliance, a group targeting Internet crime. The investigated which had been ongoing “for years” led to the …more

Rosetta Comet

Did Earth’s Water Originate From An Asteroid?

The water vapor analysis from trail of the comet being observed by the Rosetta spacecraft indicates that comets couldn’t have been the source of the water found on Earth today. It suggests that water was likely delivered by asteroids instead eons ago. The conclusion is based on the molecular study on the two types of …more

iPod Classic

Remember That Old iPod You Threw Away?

It could be worth big bucks. Like fashion, electronics tend to come back popularity long after they’ve been discontinued and can end up costing substantially more than they sold for when they were new. Such is the case with the iPod Classic which many have ditched long ago for one of the several svelte new …more


Soarigami Could End Armrest Fights on Airplanes!

Can a small plastic divider called Soarigami end the battle for the ever so important armrest on airplanes? Soarigami is said to make flying a little more comfortable in early 2015 when the device will be made available for about $30. The creators found inspiration from a simple origami airplane and are hopeful that it …more

Ralph Bae

Father of Video Games, Ralph H. Baer, Passes Away at 92

Ralph H. Baer passed away over the weekend from an unknown cause at the young age of 92. His death was confirmed by his family. If you’ve ever played video games and enjoyed it, you need to thank Ralph Baer (Wikipedia). He was known as “The Father of Video Games”. In the late 1960s, Baer …more

Samsung Gear VR

Samsung Gear VR Coming To AT&T On December 12th For $199

AT&T has become the first carrier to offer the Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition over-the-head virtual video and gaming device! The Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition is powered by the Galaxy Note 4, which easily locks in to the headset with a microUSB connection, to generate both the content and provide battery life. The Galaxy …more