PowerColor Red Devil Radeon RX 570 4GB Video Card Review

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VRMark is a relatively new benchmark aimed at those that might be thinking about buying an HTC Vive or an Oculus Rift and knowing what hardware will give them the best VR gaming experience. VRMark includes two VR benchmark tests that run on your monitor, no headset required, or on a connected HMD. At the end of each test, you’ll see whether your PC is VR ready, and if not, how far it falls short.

The Orange Room benchmark shows the impressive level of detail that can be achieved on a PC that meets the recommended hardware requirements for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. If your PC passes this test, it’s ready for the two most popular VR systems available today. The orange room rendering resolution is 2264 x 1348, which is 1132 x 1348 per eye and the target desktop frame rate is 109 FPS.

Benchmark Results: All three cards were able to best the 109 FPS target that is ‘needed’ for VR gaming, but you can see that all the cards are getting above that mark. The PowerColor Red Devil Radeon RX 570 was getting 144.9 FPS. 

The Blue Room is designed to be a more intense test with a rendering resolution of 5012 x 2880 (5K) and the goal is for a desktop PC to maintain a consistent frame rate of 109 FPS or above without dropping frames to pass this test.

Benchmark Results: None of our cards can get close to passing this test as the EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 FTW was only able to average 28.5 FPS and the PowerColor Red Devil Radeon RX 570 averaged slower than that with a 23.4 FPS average. This is one tough benchmark that no single-GPU powered system has yet since this benchmark came out 6 months ago. 

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