Vaja i-Volution SP – Leather Case for Apple iPhone Users

Vaja i-Volution: Welcome to Luxury

Ever since we received our Apple iPhone for Christmas, we have been looking have been looking for the perfect case accessory to protect our new mobile baby.  With the large screen and thin design of the iPhone, you don’t want to just put it in your pocket or throw it in your backpack.  In 2008, we have seen a slew of new products for Apple’s market-leading mobile device.  Today, we take a quick look at the Vaja i-Volution SP, a high-end, $80 luxury case for the Apple iPhone.

Vaja i-Volution SP Case

Vaja cases is based out of Argentina and has been protecting electronic gadgets and other devices for years now.  They make protection from not only mobile phones, but also for laptops, cameras, MP3 players, and any other gear that can fit in their all leather cases and bags. Each of their products are handcrafted with attention to the smallest detail and can even be customized and personalized to your taste.  All of this handcraftsmanship comes at a price though with their most basic case starting at no less than $60.

The quality of the i-Volution SP that we are have is immediately apparent when you open the box.  The aroma from the Argentine leather is incredible.  The quality of the leather is very, very nice and features full grain cowhide. Taking a closer look at the hand-picked leather, stitching and craftsmanship, you can see why Vaja cases comes at a premium.  This is not a low-end case.

Vaja i-Volution SP Closeup

Vaja i-Volution SP Closeup

Vaja’s goal is to protect the gadgets we use each day while still retaining style and sophistication.  The i-Volution SP achieves this with ease.  When closed, the case covers the corners of the iPhone and protects the screen from potential damage.  The lid closes into place pretty easily with a strong clip that will not come open on its own. 

Vaja i-Volution SP

With the case installed, the Apple’s iPhone is still quite functional.  The front flap opens enough to let you use the phone or touchscreen easily.  Even though the flap was out of the way enough for me to hold the phone up to my ear, sometimes the flap would brush my face and become irritating.   Ideally, for me, I was able to use the phone with my favorite Bluetooth headset without opening the flap at all.

I had one other slight problem with the i-Volution SP – when I wanted to sync the iPhone on the charging station, I had to remove the iPhone from the case and place the device on the charger.  This is essentially the same complaint I had about the iSkin Revo. 

Back of the Vaja i-Volution


Obviously, the workaround is to use the charging cable instead of the cradle, but the point must be made for anyone like me who uses the cradle daily.  Actually, Vaja already has a solution for those of us who can’t go without a cradle, the Vaja Retro Dockable.

Of course the iPhone is not the only case that Vaja protects and if you’re interested in the ultimate protection for your mobile device (or notebook, MP3 player, etc), you should visit Vaja’s website to see what they have to offer.  After perusing the catalog, you will certainly see why the designers and engineers at Vaja are earning their pay. 

Vaja i-Volution SP

Legit Bottom Line:

At $80, the Vaja i-Volution is a stylish and functional, high-end leather case that will pamper and protect your Apple iPhone.  If you want the ultimate in luxurious, functional device protection, look no further than Vaja Cases.

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