NZXT Beta Evo Mid Tower Black Steel Computer Case

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The Beta Evo PC Chassis

NZXT Beta Evo Mid Tower Case

How many times have you gone out looking for a new case for your computer, only to find that all of the cool looking cases are way out of your budget range? Yep… just about every time you go, am I right? I have always thought to myself, “Why can’t someone make a case that has all of the looks and the features I want, and not charge me a fortune for it?” Or, better yet, remove some of the features of the case that have been grossly overdone and sell it to me for a reasonable price. Do I really need you to include twelve case fans when I really only need two? Let’s be real, I want a computer case that can keep my system at a reasonable operating temperature, not a freaking jet engine where I have to scream over the fans to talk to my family.

Well, I have a little secret for all of you. What if I said I knew of a cool looking case that wouldn’t even come close to blowing your budget? Let’s look at this from a financial point of view for a second. We are all trying to hold on to as much of our money as we can with the current economic situation, and NZXT has come to rescue us from having to buy an ugly computer case just because we don’t have or don’t want to spend a fortune on a “COOL” looking case. How does $29.99 shipped after rebate from sound?

NZXT has been around for as long as I can remember. As a matter of fact I have had the pleasure of reviewing some of their other cases in the past and was not let down. They have been making quality cases at great prices for many years and the NZXT Beta Evo is no different. I know I should wait until later in the review to point this out but I am just too excited to wait anymore. The entire case is black, yep you heard it right! The entire case is black, inside and out. OK, now I can settle down. I am a huge fan of black computer cases, but as you know most “black” computer cases are silver on the inside. So the fact that the inside of this case is black makes it cooler than regular cases by a factor of 1000. Oh yeah, I was talking about NZXT…. I think the beginning of their “About Us” from their website says it all, “NZXT, a company built upon gamer’s dreams, hopes to create products that put consumers first.”

Ok, enough of the formalities — let’s get to looking at and into this case. So, to start let’s look at the specs, shall we:

CASE TYPE: Mid Tower Steel
DIMENSIONS: (W x H x D)    200 X 430 X 501 mm / 7.87″ x 16.9″ x 19.7″
FRONT, 1 X 120mm Blue LED (included)
REAR, 1 X 120mm
SIDE, 2 x 120mm
TOP, 2 X 120/140mm
Screwless Rail Design
MATERIAL: Steel with black finish
WEIGHT:    7.28 KGS (W/O Power)

  • Fits ATX Standard Motherboards and Power Supplies
  • Fits large 10.5″ performance graphic cards
  • Expanded cooling directly cools video cards and CPU
  • Support for up to 6 120mm fans with the option of dual 140mm at the top
  • Screwless installation for hard drives and external 5.25″ drives
  • Black Internal finish for sleek look
  • Meshed front panel allows for better airflow than traditional cases
  • Superior wire management with bottom mounted :: PSU and CPU punchout for heatsink removable
  • Removable PSU filter
  • 180 degree Turned HDD for a cleaner internal finish and better wire management
  • External Dual radiator support
  • Top mounted USB/Audio for convenient usage

NZXT Beta Evo Mid Tower Case

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