Corsair Carbide Series 400R Case Review

Corsair Carbide Series 400R Case Review

Corsair has recently manufactured some great top end PC cases. Now the Carbide Series will follow up in a more affordable fashion allowing more PC builders to touch upon and utilize the main functions of the Obsidian and Graphite series. Simply put, this is a case built for builders and won’t break the bank when building your new rig.

SilverStone Precision PS06 PC Case Review

SilverStone wanted to push the thermal performance envelop of their popular Precision case series to next level, so they took their award-winning 180mm Air Penetrator fan (AP181) and put it into the PS06 tower chassis. With the AP181 and an included silent 120mm fan, the PS06 is capable of reaching the cooling levels usually reserved for chassis with twice the cost. Legit Reviews takes a closer look at this case today to see if it is worth the asking price!

Sentey GS-6000 Optimus Mid Tower Case Review

The GS-6000 Optimus ATX mid tower PC case by Sentey stands out from the crowded case market by offering bold looks and a sub $50 price tag. The Sentey Optimus comes with four case fans and is aimed at gamers that are looking to build a PC on a budget. Read on to see if the Sentey Optimus is a decent inexpensive case or if they made it too cheap and is something that you should avoid.

AZZA Toledo 301 ATX Mid Tower Case Review

AZZA Toledo 301 ATX Mid Tower Case Review

AZZA is a relatively new player in the computer market, not being around as long as some other case giants like Thermaltake or Antec, but made big waves with their Solano 1000 and Hurricane 2000 cases in their high end selection. Today we get to look at one of the mid-range budget options from Azzatek, the Toledo 301. Coming with standard case features like black interior and bottom mounted PSU, let’s look at how well this case holds up to our testing.

BitFenix Shinobi Window Case Review

Named after some of the most feared assassins of the modern age, Shinobi Window is the latest and greatest budget friendly enthusiast PC case from BitFenix. the company wanted to equip the Shinobi Window with the tools you need to get the job done without breaking the bank. Legit Reviews will put that design goal to the test today in our review of the Shinobi Window!

Thermaltake eSports Armor A30 mATX LAN Case Review

Thermaltake eSports Armor A30 mATX LAN Case Review

Today we have the spiritual successor to the Lanbox in the Thermaltake eSports Armor A30 LAN Gaming Case. The Thermaltake VM70001W2Z Armor A30 Case supports Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX motherboards as well as high-end graphic cards up to 13” in length. With two 60mm, one 90mm blue LED and one 230mm blue LED fans, the Armor A30 should also provide enough cooling despite being only 10.5-inches tall and 18-inches deep.

Corsair Graphite 600T White Special Edition Case Review

The Corsair special edition white version of the 600T mid-tower is an updated version of the original gun-metal gray Corsair 600T that was launched back in September 2010. The special edition is identical to the original 600T except that it features a beautiful white exterior, with both glossy and satin black accents, as well as an all-black interior and windowed side panel.

In-Win BUC PC Gaming Case Review

The BUC from In-Win is a great little PC case with simple styling and features that make installation nearly effortless. Carrying a price tag under $100 we found that features like hot-swap drive bays an SuperSpeed USB 3.0 make this case one that is hard to ignore when shopping for budget gaming cases. Other features make the BUC a joy to use, so read on to see what the In Win BUC is all about!

Thermaltake Chaser MK-1 Case Review

Thermaltake Chaser MK-1 Case Review

Today we are looking at the newest addition to Thermaltake’s case line up, the Galaxy Episode Chaser MK-1. The Chaser MK-1 is what Thermaltake is calling an “extra big” ATX tower. The Chaser MK-1 has many features like an external drive dock, fan controller, internal USB3, and it supports water cooling. So join us as we see just how big “extra big” is.

Corsair Obsidian Series 650D Mid Tower Case Review

Corsair has been a new player to the computer case market, and has been taking it by storm with their Obsidian Series of cases. With the 700D and 800D featuring full windows, brushed aluminum front panels, all black cables & interior with plenty of cable holes, most folks could not find a thing they wanted to change about these cases. Today we get to look at the new member of the Obsidian family, the Corsair 650D Mid-Tower; read on to see this case at work.

Thermaltake Level 10 GT Full Tower PC Case Review

Last march we looked at the single most expensive case we had ever seen at Legit Reviews, the $699 Thermaltake Level 10. This year we get a look at the more affordable rethink of the Level 10, the new Level 10 GT that costs just $269. Join us as we look at the new Level 10 GT as we want to see what Thermaltake and the BMW Group DesignworksUSA has been up to!

NZXT Classic Series H2 Silent PC Case Review

Today we are looking at the newest ‘Classic Series’ midtower offering form NZXT, the H2 Silent case. The H2 has a lot of features like sound dampening material, external hot swap bay, whole case fan control, and a few other features. Join us as we look over what this new sub $100 offering from NZXT has to offer and you might just be surprised!

Rosewill Thor XL-ATX Full Tower Gaming Case Review

In the PC building community we’re all enthusiasts, and no matter how much time you spend building, you always end up needing more space to build in. Rosewill is a company here to answer that need you have. Their recently released Thor case is an XL-ATX tower able to support the extra large motherboards like the EVGA X58 Classified 4-way SLI, Gigabyte 890FXA-UD7 and others. This XL-ATX case enters a rank in terms of size that few other cases venture to, so let’s see if it can hold up to the competition and rise above the rest.

Enermax Hoplite Mid Tower Case Review

Today we are looking at the newest mid-tower case offering from Enermax called Hoplite. On paper the Hoplite has loads of features like hot swap bays, hard drive dock, and even ability to have a 2×120 radiator installed internally. So join us as we give the Hoplite a good looking over and see just what it does have to offer.