Interview with ATI’s Terry Makedon



Today we have a special treat for all our readers out there. We got the chance to have an interview with Terry Makedon from ATI! Terry is in charge of most all decisions that go into each release of ATI’s Catalyst Graphics Drivers, but that didn’t stop us from asking him about items not related to graphics drivers.

I won’t delay with much of an introduction here, I think the questions we ask are pretty self-explanatory. I have divided the questions into 3 categories: Introductory/Random, Catalyst/Gaming, Future/Final. Enjoy!

Introductory/Random Questions :

Legit Reviews (LR): Terry, thanks for shariing your time with us today for this interview!

Terry Makedon (Terry): Thanks for your interest in talking to ATI and me in particular. We appreciate you giving us the opportunity to interact with the readers of Legit Reviews.

LR: Please tell us a little about yourself and your position at ATI.

Terry: I am ATI’s Software Product Manager. What that means is I am responsible for two areas: 1) External marketing of ATI sofware. I inform people about our CATALYST driver suite. 2) Internal product definition. I decide what features go into CATALYST and when.

LR: What was your biggest accomplishment while working at ATI?


Getting an interview at And a close second would be inventing, launching and promoting CATALYST.

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